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    Its time for a new-to-me truck

    That's a cool project and will be a nice rig
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    Using Impact Sockets only for 3/8” and 1/2” dr

    Also, to extend tool life, you should always use the largest drive size that will fit the application. So as a method when working, 1/2" should be first pick and only size down if it doesn't fit.
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    Rear Pinion Seal Leak 2015 Lexus GS 350 AWD

    Yeah, it looks like the usual mark the nuts position, count the threads. Remove nut, yoke, seal. Install new seal, install yoke, tighten nut a hair past the original position.
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    Subaru Outback vs Forester

    I also feel the AC is undersized. When it's >95 and your in the sun it is only keeping up when it on full blast middle vents only. It's alot of glass that is untinted. I'm sure more tint would help.
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    Subaru Outback vs Forester

    We bought a 2015 forester brand new. Current version is similar but updated. It's been a great vehicle. To me it's the best midsize SUV for Visibility, AWD Fuel Economy, Space, total cost of ownership. Subaru is certainly a more practical design vs. comfort and luxury. That is really the only...
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    Customer service? Duh..... or Serve yourself Customer!?

    The only reason you learned to make change is by observing cash based transactions as a child. Then engaging in cash based transactions over your life span. It is entirely possible for someone to have never observed or engaged in a cash based transaction. They literally have never practiced...
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    What is the single best vehicle to buy if you're a tightwad?

    F150 Supercrew V6 XL trim It will last forever and can do it all. It can haul all the cheap furniture you buy on Facebook, building materials for DIY, used lawnmowers, etc.. Further enabling your ability to be cheap.
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    Oil usage in newer cars

    No, ford truck and subaru
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    U-haul tow dolly without brakes?

    I would not hesitate to do the 1 way tow dolly. I would pick a LARGE uhaul rental center as close to the destination as possible. Even if that is still 100 miles away. This just avoids some gas station in the middle of nowhere that has a junk tow dolly or someone who doesn't know the system...
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    Oil usage in newer cars

    Both our 2015 and 2017 burn around 1qt /5k miles. Bumping up to 5w30 did improve it a bit.
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    Subaru cvt maintenance

    Around 20k miles. I ran the factory fill to 90k miles, then knowing it is out of warranty did my 1st change. I was going to change it again after 50k on the fluid.
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    Rumors about NAR settlement

    Interview them, it was pretty clear to me the ones I wanted in my corner.
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    Subaru cvt maintenance

    FWIW Valvoline CVT from Walmart seems to be a good buy. That is what I used on my forester. Comes in gallon jugs.
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    Rumors about NAR settlement

    I have gotten value from my buying agents. When we found the hot property they got the first showing and we were the first offer in. Then they ensured the sellers didn't backout and we got the deal closed. You need the right agent and know when to Aim and fire. Becuase they know the people...
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    Subaru cvt maintenance

    On mine, I used a temp gun on the outside of the pan to get in the ballpark.
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    F250 and even F150 cost more than F350 (Help with insurance)

    Gas engine - weighs less, costs less, less maintenance cost I don't think you have anything to worry about regarding the commercial vehicle...
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    Walmart Mobil 1 sale on 3x 5qt boxes

    Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5w-30 5qt jugs 3 pack is on sale for $70
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    How do you like the driving aids in today's cars?

    I really like Lane Keep Assist for long highway drives. On low spec KiA rental cars it works great.
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    Buying a ROKU streaming device: beware of this

    This! You don't need a power brick. It includes the USB cable and any newish TV with have a USB port.
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    HF Bauer 20V 1/2" drive impact wrench

    Go for the Bauer. If you manage to wear it out quickly, replace it with a higher-end impact. I use Ryobi and my 1/2" is almost shot. However, for $100 tool it has earned its keep.