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    Upgrade from HDD to SSD

    Just a month ago or so I used Macrium Reflect to clone a Windows 10 installation from a 250 GB 5400RPM 2.5" drive to a 240 GB SSD. Due to the small size decrease I had to resize the main data partition during the clone. It went smooth as butter though, and wow what a huge improvement in speed...
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    Current when jump starting a car

    Originally Posted by Donald Clamp on DC ammeter. You can also connect up a DC amp probe to an oscilloscope. Clamp to the battery cable and crank car. You can see the compression of each cylinder compared to the others. That's a neat idea. Anyhow, thanks for the input, all. It seems like my...
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    Current when jump starting a car

    Wife's Toyota Sienna was left in accessory mode for several days - battery quite dead. Jump-starting it from my car, I was wondering how much current is flowing into it? It would seem like it could be quite a lot - source battery is rated over 500 CCA, cables are 8-ga, 10 ft. My hunch is that...
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    2001 CRV no restart when hot

    Originally Posted by SubyRoo Might want to check the main relay as well. They are a known issue in the older Hondas. The solder points have a tendency to lose their connection. I second this. We had a 2001 Accord and the fuel pump relay board had bad solder joints causing a very similar issue...
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    30W ND motor oil observations

    I had the same thought. The guy who mentioned the price must've done a Google search for the pistol.
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    Had a Honda rock made

    VTEC just kicked in, yo!
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    6.8mm to Replace Some 5.56 and 7.62

    Now I don't know exactly what the army is looking for, but I can't help but think that the .224 Valkyrie, or something along those lines, would be a better choice than something as large as a 6.8. It could be loaded on the light side with the existing M855A1 bullets for a relatively small...
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    6.8mm to Replace Some 5.56 and 7.62

    This article ( says that it's a brand new cartridge (not 6.8SPC) but doesn't give any information on the round itself.
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    6.8mm to Replace Some 5.56 and 7.62

    I wish the article had more information on the round itself. It sounds like this is traditional ammunition, not caseless?
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    Engine Rebuilder's view of GDI intake issues

    Originally Posted by racin4ds He doesn't even mention the massive rate of turbocharger failure when these chunks of carbon begin flaking off and getting spit out through that tiny turbine wheel spinning 100,000 rpm... We began seeing a lot of early failures on several different makes and brands...
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    Frame style wipers better than beam style?

    I've always had the best results from OEM wiper blades.
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    Payload capacity is there for a reason...YIKES!

    My favorite part was the pallet in the back, and how the loader operator put the rock perfectly in the middle of it!
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    A/C not working as well as last year

    I'm not sure on the age... The house is 25 years old and the A/C is probably original. It uses R22 if that helps date it. How would I tell if it needs to be recharged?
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    A/C not working as well as last year

    Thanks. I'm going to check all of the vents to see how much air is coming out. I'm thinking I'll also try to measure air temp right at the air filter, then I'll know if it's sucking in warm air from somewhere.
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    A/C not working as well as last year

    Our A/C has been having trouble keeping up this year. We only run it when the temperature inside the house gets into the mid 80's, which has happened the last few days. IIRC, last year on a 90-ish degree day the A/C would run almost, but not quite constantly, but was able to maintain 75 degrees...
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    Looking for a Non-DI vehicle that gets 35+ MPG

    Originally Posted By: Olas Anything smal and light will break 40. My current daily driver is a B9 Audi A4 (turbo) averaging 44.1mpg Imperial gallons are 20% larger than US gallons, so your A4 gets 37 mpg-us.
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    "daily driver" term is comical

    Originally Posted By: flinter I am talking about people who own just one car and call it their "daily driver." It still makes sense in the context of an auto forum. They're calling it that to succinctly convey its usage profile, since many who frequent auto forums do have secondary cars that...
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    Do you wear a watch anymore?

    I hadn't worn one in years but my wife recently bought me a fitness focused one and I have to say I really like it.
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    Chevy Cruze diesel question

    From what I understand, the bulletproof reliability of diesel engines is somewhat a thing of the past now that they're more complicated and computerized. I don't have any specific information regarding the reliability of the Cruze diesel, but my thought is that if you're switching from a Civic...