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  1. dnewton3

    Last call

    Welcome, brother, to the other side! Glad you made it. The battle between good and evil is never over; it just changes faces with each generation. As long as you did your part, then take peace and solace in stride.
  2. dnewton3

    One for Vavavroom...his words are always over my head

    Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words. Ironically, it takes a long word to describe the fear of long words. Hence, it's self-fulfilling.
  3. dnewton3

    Residential vs commercial equipment

    The lawn equipment market is rife with VAST and DIVERSE choices; from the cheapest piece of garbage to the incredibly robust. Often when people ask me about buying a ZTR, I encourage them to find a decent used commercial unit and perhaps put a tad bit of money into sprucing it up. It's...
  4. dnewton3

    One for Vavavroom...his words are always over my head

    That's a self-fulfilling prophecy there.
  5. dnewton3

    SuperTech Full Synthetic oil - Anyone doing 10k OCI with it, and any issues with sludge/varnish.

    I ran nearly 12k miles on ST conventional oil in a 2018 3.5L Cyclone Ford Taurus As the UOA results show, there were no issues; wear rates and contamination were well under control. As for the...
  6. dnewton3

    twin-turbo pickup truck issues?

    What we have to acknowledge that "turbo" isn't a word definitive enough these days. There are all manner of "turbo" engine designs. Singles, twins, twin scroll, vacuum wastegate vs electronic wastegate, oil cooled, oil/water cooled, variable vanes, etc ... What's fair to say is that the...
  7. dnewton3

    VOA on several UTF's

    Thanks for posting. Not much surprise there; pretty much what I expected - moderate variation across the market choices.
  8. dnewton3

    '24 Ford Transit 250 3.5 Castrol GTX HM 7800 miles

    Wear rates are fine; nothing to worry about there. The application (Transit) is very low stress on the engine; they downrate the tuning in the vans well below the F-series HP/Torque levels. Hence, the engines in these vans aren't worked hard no matter how much you throttle it.
  9. dnewton3

    twin-turbo pickup truck issues?

    Many modern turbos (regardless of engine format) will have long term issues such as the shaft bore wallowing out, causing codes due to positional misalignment. It's not an assurance on all of them, but it's certainly a cause of R/R on a fair amount of them with high miles. Also, many of...
  10. dnewton3

    Does anyone here celebrate Memorial Day for it's true purpose?

    I fly Old Glory 24/7, 365 out front. On Memorial Day, per protocol, it is proper etiquette to lower the flag slowly to 1/2-staff; it shall remain there until noon. This is to signify the honoring of the fallen (lowered with dignity). At noon, it is sharply raised to full staff position, to...
  11. dnewton3

    Video on Fram filters; BP flashlight "test"

    Oh goodie ... Another junk-science filter video ... :rolleyes:
  12. dnewton3

    Any options or comments about this video I couldn't find any

    This has been discussed many, many times before. Use the search function, please. Locked.
  13. dnewton3

    Mobil 1 vs Amsoil

    IMO (strictly an opinion), the Amsoil product line is going to be more of the upper-end, boutique stuff. Nothing wrong with M1 at all; also good stuff, but more mainstream. The real distinction here is that both of them are overkill for a 5k mile OCI. Honestly, ST syn would be perfectly...
  14. dnewton3

    Kroger and Memorial day

    I do understand the distinction between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. And while the intent to honor separate concepts is often conflated by corporate entities, I cannot have anything but gratitude for those who served, and some who died, for this great country! If Kroger wants to honor the...
  15. dnewton3

    Not sure I should post this, but is MIL passed away........

    Sorry for the loss of your MIL, Pablo. My MIL, despite all the MIL jokes in the world, is a great woman and we'll feel a significant loss when she passes some day.
  16. dnewton3

    Best oil for my engine?

    Your application is very unique and specific; you'll want a direct personal recommendation. You're going to want to reach out to Dave Ward for HPL products or Pablo for Amsoil products.
  17. dnewton3

    Here's More Proof Tesla Faked Its Claims ...

    NOTE: There are/were multiple threads about the same topic going on. Merged threads.
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    this filter is the best

    On top of the spec sheet data for any given brand, let's not forget the general overall perceived filter market downward quality trend. Pretty much every brand has been shown to have significant quality failures, regardless of price and reputation. That's not to say all filters are junk (they...
  19. dnewton3

    Zero turn experiences?

    I've mowed a lot of grass in my days on both riders and ZTs, and I can say for sure that a ZT is by far a quicker, more efficient way to do so. Rather than buying new, I'd look for a decent older commercial grade mower; they are built to last. Unless you're mowing 20+ hours a week (doing...
  20. dnewton3

    Ford 3.5 issues on a 2010 Edge?

    Other than a physical inspection of the pump (inside the cover; a 10-hour job) ... If they have reasonable records from a credible shop or dealership, or real receipts of the parts, I'd be skeptical.