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  1. Dyusik

    How long is too long of a oil line for a remote filter head?

    I have, their placement is typically in the line of fire from the front wheel. Plugging numbers in, my 42 feet of hose (3/4) yields 10 psi less of a loss. Not a better option. Thank you for the suggestion.
  2. Dyusik

    How long is too long of a oil line for a remote filter head?

    Honestly I haven't looked. I'm not a fan of the 1/2 inch hardware. The filter is 1", so my brain defaults to the idea that anything less than that is a bad idea. 6BT is known for the overbuildedness, so some safety margin is there, but I would rather not tempt fate. That's why I asked here. I'm...
  3. Dyusik

    How long is too long of a oil line for a remote filter head?

    The engine bay is...modern. My hope was to get away from the engine bay for simplicity of service sake, but it seems it isn't going to happen. The two filters amount to 2.5 qt, so it's quite bulky. Passenger side where the filter is located, is limited since the turbo is there. Driver side has...
  4. Dyusik

    How long is too long of a oil line for a remote filter head?

    So it's a tad different. Looking at PSI loss, I'm golden with a 3000 psi hose if I was to stick to the 3/4 inch idea, however the 1" will have same cost and the pressure difference of the working load will be heaps lighter. I guess I'm gonna have to tear into the thing and find a good place to...
  5. Dyusik

    How long is too long of a oil line for a remote filter head?

    Half inch line is manageable, but I considered the drag in the lines and decided 3/4, bigger would likely be a routing nightmare. Prefilling isn't hard, less messy than a single oil filter change in that thing, but blowing out oil at oci isn't something I'll do, especially with a bypass filter...
  6. Dyusik

    How long is too long of a oil line for a remote filter head?

    Vehicle in question is the Ram in sig. I bought a remote set up a while back, 1/2 inch barbs, dual head. So my preferred location takes the filters to the front of the bed. That is roughly 20 feet of line each way. Before I make a custom hydraulic line (lost all oil twice due to hose barb...
  7. Dyusik

    Delvac 1300 17k mile; 2016 Ram3500 w/6.7 Cummins 143k miles

    Aisin seems to hate an easy life, it flares and acts up until loaded. Mine flared ( still does to some extent), but put 5-10k load on it and it's happy as a clam. Curiously, granted it is a single anecdote, my buddy hauled with a 68 for about 400k and has been just singing praise about the...
  8. Dyusik

    Ever plugged a tire yourself?

    I've plugged all kinds of tires. Can't do it in a 80 psi tire though, oddly enough a rifle casing holds air just fine. The only one that I can think of that failed is in my Jeep right now, but that's easily a 10 year old plug in a 15 or 20 year old tire. Can't complain.
  9. Dyusik

    Coffee Creamer

    40% heavy cream.
  10. Dyusik

    Older Model Short Tahoe vs. Suburban For Towing

    IIRC it's $12 every 2.5k mi for DEF. Hardly an expense. As a daily, it takes forever to warm up (not gauges, but the fuel consumption), so DD big diesel isn't great, I admit. If your commute is 50 mi or so, then a diesel is certainly a better option.
  11. Dyusik

    Best truck rear pet seat cover.

    Bedliner. Works great. Had a giant Dogloo in there for a year, but had nothing to do with it lol.
  12. Dyusik

    Do you live in an area with "exotic" cars?

    Most exotic thing here is a Jimmy/Blazer that probably has more HP than my Cummins, and John Deere Gator on the other side.
  13. Dyusik

    Can Pentosin LV ATF 1 fluid be used in a older Ford power steering system?

    I don't have any expertise in the matter, but I treat PSF as a simple hydraulic system, and those things take anything from ATF to 15w40. I run Maxlife in my vehicles (based on cost), the jeep is filled with 0w20, since that's all I had when it blew a seal. Oddly enough the seal is holding it...
  14. Dyusik

    How often do you change rear diff fluid

    After initial 15ish k mi, every 50k seems reasonable. Gives me something fun to do since my truck doesn't see heavy use ( tow under 1% total use), and don't haul over 2 tons. I do pull the plugs about every oil change and clean the magnets though. I'd still shoot for 50k if I used it to its full...
  15. Dyusik

    2021 CRV 1.5t Castrol 0w40 6k mi

    Yes, these dilute heavily. They can't warm up for nothing, in a 35 degree day, the heater will drop the gauge back to cold within a drive through visit.
  16. Dyusik

    2021 CRV 1.5t Castrol 0w40 6k mi

    First oci was at 600mi with qs 5w40 That ran 3k, put in some 5w30 ish mix qs and rtgt last one was the same oil. This car sees a healthy mixed driving, including 1 hr hwy runs, has no excuse to yield a 3cst drop in viscosity, but it is an earth dream. Refilled with the same, want to see a sample...
  17. Dyusik

    How far over the MAX oil fill mark...

    Buddy of mine took his XL7 to an indy and was always spot on at oil change time. Scratched my head, because he was always a quart low when I did it. Turns out it was overfilled preemptively. I started doing the same on that thing, perfect every time since 😄. My IS250 wound put a solid quart of...
  18. Dyusik

    How often do you change your drain bolt washer?

    Same. Went over 110k on my IS250, din' fix what wandt broke.🤠