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    2021 Ford 7.3L V8 - E350

    Worried about "little flakes in the oil"? Why not just change the filter and add enough oil to make it "Full" again. Then change the oil and filter after a bit, maybe at 3K miles?
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    motul 8100 vs castrol new edge M

    I will concur that some of your concerns are a bit over-blown in nature. Minute differences in stated specs do not make for much real differences in real worl oil/engine performance. On viscosity, use the lightest oil you can get away with. In the pre-syn days, a __-40 oil could offer better...
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    5w50 in place of 10w60 for BMW M3

    IF the OEM bearings have durability issues, is there an aftermarket brand/bearing material that holds up better?
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    2020 Silverado 1500 6.2L towing

    Before GM will do any warranty work regarding oil consumption, the dealer will do the oil change and the customer will return to the dealer every so often for an oil level check. This is for documentation purposes. Until the next scheduled oil change is needed. The outcome of that will determine...
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    2020 Silverado 1500 6.2L towing

    In one respect, I believe that oil consumption is something to be aware of, IF it is happening, BUT as long as the "Add Oil" message does not display between changes, no big deal. On our parts dept fleet of GM pickups, using the OLM to change the oil (usually a bit past the 0% level), no "add...
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    5w50 in place of 10w60 for BMW M3

    BMW has spec'd 10W60 in some of their engines for decades. Back when only AZone carried that viscosity, other than BMW dealers (when it was common knowledge that BMW came from Castrol, back in the 1990s). One of BMW's "good moves" was their full-maintenance factory warranty, which meant the...
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    Synthetic blend for break in oil

    "Break-in" is a controlled wear-in, plus cure time for new blocks. First recommendation, years ago, was to not use syn for initial break-in as it would not allow enough wear-in activity as normal oil would. By the time an engine gets to the assembly plant, it's already had its 30 minutes of fame...
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    Rotella T4 10w30 VOA

    Found an article at Dated from March, 2012. Some interesting information on "zddp plating", zddp history, zddp types, oil ratings and zddp levels. Plus mention of the cat converter and zddp issue. I'm wondering if the phosphorus...
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    Rotella T4 10w30 VOA

    As for the dual ratings (gas and diesel use) of normally-diesel-rated oils, that was in place for ages. Diesel (main-use) ratings were first, with the gasoline (secondary use) being mentioned second. If the main orientation was for gasoline-use, the diesel rating would be listed second...
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    GM Power Steering Fluid???

    From the early 1960s, both GM and Chrysler had application-specific power steering fluids. Yes, it goes back that far! They were clear and a bit waxy looking. It was common practice in the service station industry to use atf to top-off a power steering system, BUT if the leak was not fixed or...
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    GM #1052271 substitute - Ancient posi trac juice

    Back prior to the later 1980s, when GM termed their limited-slip rear axles "PosiTraction", rather than G80 "Locking Differential", the normal rear axle grease was used with the friction modifier additive 1052271. One bottle was the typical dose. There are TWO types of (generic) P-Tracs, the...
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    Castrol Edge Titanium FST?

    In some respects, Castrol got themselves into the mess of multiple similar products. First there was dino white bottle GTX. A great oil which I used in great results! It was generally considered, in 20W50, a "motorcycle oil" brand in many areas of the USA. It had GREAT heat stability in...
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    Chrysler ms-6395, not very common?

    ONE thing should be remembered . . . that oil specs from OEMs do change from time to time. The particular OEM spec was in place at the time the vehicle was produced, but could well have been upgraded/superceded with later model years. This particular spec was for 2013 model year and possibly for...
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    ZDDP MAXX vs ZDDPlus

    Seems like the syn oils w/1000ppm zddp are the norm for "consumer" synthetic oils, with 1400ppm for non-syn oils. Some of the more-specialized Joe Gibbs oils have much more zddp, but then they aren't designed for 5000+mile OCIs where engine cleanliness and deposit formation are not a real issue...
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    My Seafoam experience.

    The "blip factor" increase IS coming from the oil viscosity being a little lighter with the Amsoil, NOT specifically the brand of oil. I experienced that on a rebuild where the "build" oil was 30 and the "running" oil was 20W-50. Holly doggier, batguy! Went to 5W-40 Rotella and the "eagerness"...
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    E85 and winter storage?

    In reality, it might be best to keep the tank full and run the vehicle every so often so that the internals of the fuel system stay "wet with fuel". The "full tank" leaves less inner surface area of the tank surface to "sweat" or make condensation with temperature changes. Keeping the rest of...
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    E85 and Gasoline Mix Burnt Exhaust Valves

    Thanks for that update on your fuels.
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    E85 and Gasoline Mix Burnt Exhaust Valves

    When you had the cylinder head re-done, how MANY of the valve guides needed "work"? THAT is important in this situation! Certainly, exhaust valves can "burn" due to combustion heat that is higher than the design standard of the valves themselves. BUT what really happens, as my machine shop...
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    Factory Fill

    Engine machining processes are much cleaner and controlled than in "the old days". Oils are much better now than then, too, as are oil filters. Therefore, many of the old "reasons" to do a 1000 mile first oil change just are not there any more (and haven't been for quite some time). Many of the...
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    Aftermarket fuel system

    Only 53psi? What is the normal spec? Reason I mention that is that many OEM GM V-8 FI systems require 53psi as a minimum for the injectors to fire. In cases of "extended crank time" and a failing fuel pump module, you can watch the fuel pressure build slowly, then, when it hits 53psi, the engine...