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    Ugh....failure to finish a strut job on 2001 Civic

    I did the struts on my 01 Civic a few times (OEM one blew, installed the KYB AGX, blew one of those..). That tie-rod end is a killer, I ended up trashing one and having to install a new one. The strategy that worked for me was getting a small jack (like the one in the trunk of the car) and using...
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    Tell me about a Mac.

    Of course, on a modern Mac you can install Windows with BootCamp or Parallels and you've got any app without a good OSX equivalent. Parallels has allowed me to not only convert at home (where I had already been using an old G5 for about a year and a half) but now also at work. I can run the...
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    Mazda 6 vs. Honda Accord

    The V6 Mazda6 just felt gutless compared to the V6 Accord during my test drive. The interior wasn't as nice, and I personally like the more conservative look of the outside (it's a 4 door family sedan, not a show car). Not to mention the 6 speed manual option in the Accord, I was sold. It was...
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    Gasoline odor in cabin of 97 Buick Park Ave

    Update: Just a few days after my first post the car started running very poorly and was taken to a local shop. They have replaced the plugs and wires to solve that problem. The gas odor problem has been traced to a faulty connection to the charcoal canister - that will be replaced tomorrow when...
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    KYB Shocks Question

    I had KYB AGX struts on my last car, they were OK. One of the fronts blew after only 15k miles, but thanks to my KYB dealer (, great guys), I was able to do a cross-ship so I wasn't left with the car on jackstands while KYB approved the claim. ImportRP refunded me once KYB approved...
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    Gasoline odor in cabin of 97 Buick Park Ave

    Hello fellow bitogers: My friend has a 1997 Buick Park Avenue Ultra, 3.8L V6 Supercharged. Lately its developed a troubling problem: a very, very strong gasoline odor will randomly come into the car's interior. Literally you'll just be driving along and all of a sudden the fumes are so...
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    For the Volvo Geeks

    You have to do it! She might be a little upset with you at first, but a little TLC and that should work itself out. I've always wanted an older Volvo (240 or 740ish). I had the opportunity to borrow a 740 GLE recently and it made me want to sell my 5 month old 07 Accord. So much character and so...
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    Recommend a sub 5k newer vehicle for my brother.

    I think you're on to something with the Buick/Pontiac/Chevy 3.8L V6 powered cars. I'd include the Impala on that list too, lots of good deals on those floating around. I think the Saturn SL2 might be too small for him, especially since I'm assuming he's using that rear seat to carry around...
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    98 Olds Bravada - questions, some are just GM Qs

    My brother's 97 Blazer (that has been in the family since new) eats serpentine belts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No one has any idea why either - tensioner and a bunch of the belt-driven accessories were replaced while it was still under warranty. Thankfully there is a local shop we take...
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    Too "senior" for the job?

    Could it be because the young, naive new recruits can be treated like #@$%! and assume it to be normal? Smaller raises, less frequent raises, benefit cuts, longer hours, etc? Folks that have been in the industry longer probably know what fair compensation is and wouldn't put up with something...
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    2006 Odyssey and VSA/ABS/ orange triangle

    It sounds like it could be a wheel speed sensor. This would explain why all 3 lights are on - ABS can't function because it depends on comparing the rotations of each wheel to the others, same with VSA (which is spread across both lights, the triangle and "VSA").
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    Honda Accord 6 Speed?

    I've had my 07 V6 6MT Accord sedan since August, and there hasn't been a single moment that I wish I'd gotten the automatic instead. The car was very difficult to find, but when I finally found one and drove it, I bought it the same day. As for the CL-S, it is a great car, but the only feature...
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    Moonroof long-term durability

    Just dress the seal with a good rubber/vinyl dressing (not armor-all) every so often and you'll be fine. If you end up with that Civic you're looking at, you'll hear it creak over bumps (the glass panel actually moves slightly, causing the dry seal to rub against the roof). That's your sign to...
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    Rode in three cars: Civic, Azera, and Camry Hybrid

    I remember back when I bought my 01 Civic EX... At the time I wanted a reasonably well equipped reliable car (it was August 01, didn't have to worry about gas prices yet, but it was nice to get 400 miles to a puny tank!). I liked it better than the Sentra and bought it. Fast forward to 2004 or...
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    Rating 5 speed transmissions

    I liked the setup in my dad's 98 Camaro. It was accurate, average length throws, and just felt well-suited to the car. My 01 Honda Civic in stock form was too light and throws were too long, but a short shifter took care of that. My 07 Accord V6's 6 speed is heavier feeling, probably my favorite...
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    Is 300K miles unreasonable?

    Wow, I wish I could run more highway miles on mine - My 6MT trans would eliminate the AT troubles from the equation. I just don't do enough driving (15k/year mixed) to get to 300K without the POS factor setting in. To echo some of the other posters - always use the Honda ATF, and 30k change...
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    Accord or Camry?

    I also recently purchased an 07 Accord V6 EX-L, only mine has the 6 speed in it. I didn't cross shop many of the "comparable" cars, because I insist on the third pedal and a V6. If I was in the market for a car with a 4 cyl/automatic combo things would have been a lot more interesting for sure.
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    Civic EX Coupe vs. Civic EX Sedan

    I had to get rid of my Civic EX coupe (2001) because I couldn't take the overall lack of utility. For being the most practical car I've ever owned, it was the least practical. Getting stuff in and out of the back seat was near impossible. Be careful with the headroom in the rear of the 8th gen...
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    Ford Focus ST

    22/31 MPG!? Out of a 2.3L 156hp 4 cyl! I'm having a hard time even comprehending that, my 3.0L 244hp Accord gets 22/30! I've been averaging about 26 mixed mpg too. Don't get me wrong, I love the Focus and Mazda3 (haven't driven an ST, sounds even better!), but come on Ford. The reason why you...
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    light on my dashboard

    That's probably your upshift indicator light if your car has a manual transmission. To test, let the car rev up in a gear longer than you normally would - the light should come on and stay on until the revs drop (you upshift or slow down).