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    So, Mobil 1 isn't Group 4 anymore? What?

    What about the regular Mobil 1? Is it Group 3? Is the Mobil 1 Extended Performance totally Group 3 or a mix of 3 & 4?
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    So, Mobil 1 isn't Group 4 anymore? What?

    What about Mobil 1 Extended Performance? Is that a Group 4 oil?
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    So, Mobil 1 isn't Group 4 anymore? What?

    Is this true? Is Mobil 1 no longer a PAO based Group 4 oil? What a waste of money if so!
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    Please summarize Mobil 1 Extended Performance!!!

    Can someone please give me the lowdown on this oil? Such as strengths and weaknesses and performance in UOA's? Is this a worthwhile oil for extended drains? Is it a good choice or is there something better?
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    Question for the board on how long my car will last using synthetic oil

    This is kind of a silly question based on a number of variables but here it goes. I just wanted to see if the experts on the board had any new insights. 1994 Honda Accord EX; Aprox. 128,000 miles on it -Has seen nothing but Mobil 1, Amsoil, and German Castrol since the birth of the car. -My...
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    Help!: Question for someone who has experience with Hondas

    1994 Honda Accord EX Coupe with aprox. 127,000 miles on it. Just took my vehicle to Tires Plus for my lifetime alignment check and they basically said they couldn't align my BACK wheels because the adjustors were rusted out and had seized. They said my steering wheel is set straight but when I...
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    What is the consensus on Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5W-30

    Plan on doing 10,000 mile drains with my 1994 Honda Accord EX with aprox. 126,000 miles on it. My Honda has seen nothing but regular Mobil 1, Amsoil, or German Castrol since the birth of the car. Should I stick with the regular Mobil 1, Amsoil, German Castrol or go over to the Mobil 1 EP 5W-30...
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    Question for the experts on Amsoil ASL 5W-30

    -1994 Honda Accord EX -Aprox. 113,000 miles on vehicle I have aprox. 7,500 miles on my current batch of Amsoil ASL 5W-30. There has been zero consumption on the current batch of oil and the oil is still amber colored with little or no suspended particles (e.g.-oil is not even black yet). I'm...
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    Help! My manual tranny is rock hard in the frigid cold!

    -1994 Honda Accord EX -Aprox. 109,000 miles on vehicle -16,000 miles since last manual tranny fluid change -Current manual tranny fluid: Genuine Honda manual tranny fluid (Owners manual states 10W-30 petroleum oil is recommended) I live in Grand Forks, ND and we regularly see days where the...
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    How does using a engine block heater benefit the engine and oil?

    I just cranked up my 1994 Honda Accord this morning at a temp. of -30 F. My vehicle's engine block heater was plugged in so my baby started with no hesitation. I'm currently running German Castrol 0W-30 with a brand new Sears Die Hard Gold battery. What direct benefits do you get from using...
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    My German Castrol 0W-30 still looks amber after 5 K. What now?

    jsharp: The "normal" service interval for oil changes is every 7,500 miles. Severe service is every 3,750 miles. I should add I always use a Honda OEM filter.
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    My German Castrol 0W-30 still looks amber after 5 K. What now?

    1994 Honda Accord EX (aprox. 99K) (Note: Mobil 1 5W-30 has been used for the life of the vehicle up until I threw the German Castrol in.) Is it reasonable to assume that I can push the German Castrol further because of how clean and amber the oil looks? I know that how "black" an oil looks...
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    The German Castrol works excellent in the COLD!

    My 94 Honda Accord started with no hesitation this morning at a temperature of 5 F. My car always hesitated slightly at these temepratures when I started with Mobil 1 0W-30. There is also very little valvetrain noise at startup in the cold. Hondas are known for their loud valves during cold...
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    Help! Slid on ice and hit a curb pretty hard.

    1994 Honda Accord EX Coupe (Aprox. 99 K) I spun out on some ice Sat. night and hit the curb pretty **** hard with my driver's side front wheel. I took my vehicle to Tires Plus (where I had purchased a lifetime alignmnet) and they told me they couldn't properly align the wheels completely...
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    Why am I getting the best gas mileage ever with the German Castrol?

    1994 Honda Accord EX (aprox. 97 K) I'm getting nearly 3 mpg better with the German Castrol than with Mobil 1. Why would this happen with an oil that's not energy-conserving? The German is 12.1 at 100C. You would think a thick 30 wt. oil like this would reduce gas mileage in a 4 cyl Honda...
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    What is the difference between Mobil 1 5W30 and Mobil 1 10W30?

    The only main difference I can find is that the 10W30 has a slightly higher pour point. Otherwise, it seems as if they are exactly the same oil. I don't think their viscosity at 100 C is much different ethier. Can anyone identify any major differences? [ September 25, 2003, 12:28 PM: Message...
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    NOW READ THIS: Is Castrol Syntec a PAO synthetic once again?

    I just made a trip to the local Wal-Mart and something just startled me. I was looking at the 1 quart bottles of Castrol Syntec 5W-30 and 10W-30 and read that both met the spec A-1. I recognized these bottles as the group 3 "fake synthetic." I then took a look at the 5 quart jugs of Castrol...
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    Does taking long highway trips during the dead of winter help the life of motor oil?

    What kind of advantages are there to taking a 150 mile round trip once a week during the coldest temperatures of winter. Does getting the oil up to operating temperature help the condition of the oil?
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    Would it be safe to run Amsoil ASL 5W-30 at 7,500 mile intervals without a UOA?

    1994 Honda Accord EX (aprox. 96K; has seen Mobil 1 5W-30 for the life of the vehicle except for the batch of German Castrol I just put in) I'm going to try Amsoil ASL 5W-30 for my next drain in the spring (March-April). Amsoil markets their oil as being good for 25,000 miles or 1 year. I should...
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    Would it be safe to run Amsoil ASL 5W-30 at 7,500 mile intervals without a UOA?

    MNgopher: Excellent point!! I could run a drain interval from Dec.-Feb. using the severe service schedule listed in the manual (3,750 miles) just to play it safe. I think the rest of the year would be fine for 7,500 mile intervals. The kind of cold we get in Grand Forks is murder to a motor oil.