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    Discount Tire 5 stars from me

    I've had good luck at Discount Tire in my area. They have brand new Hunter Road Force balancers (4-5 of them), they torque lugs properly to spec with a torque wrench, and the prices are reasonable and predictable. All DTs are corporate owned (no franchises), so in theory they all follow the same...
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    why are ratcheting combination wrenches 12 point

    Tekton makes 6-point ratcheting wrenches.
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    New tool thread

    Yes sir, I bought one a dozen years ago to change a failed oil pressure sensor. Hasn't been needed since and may never be needed again, but it was well worth the money at the time!
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    Oscillating Tools.

    I bought the Milwaukee M12 Fuel version last summer. I've only used it a handful of times but I like it quite a lot. Plunge cuts with these things are unbelievably fast and clean.
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    Hex Screwdrivers

    For straight ends, take a look at Wera Hex Plus screwdrivers.
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    RWD 8-Speed CVT

    Yep, I had a newer Legacy 8-speed CVT as a loaner for 2 days while my LGT was at the dealer for a recall. I went in thinking I would absolutely hate the CVT, but I quickly found that I didn't. It was surprisingly well tuned, and the 8 'speeds' generally did what I wanted them to do. Two days...
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    Undercoating Options?

    Yes, that's it!
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    Undercoating Options?

    I have only used the aerosol cans, since I don't have a pressure sprayer. Edit: I agree, threads like these are great! I learned about these products mostly on BITOG, and I'm happy to share my experience as well.
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    Undercoating Options?

    For late model GM trucks with the black frame wax, you can touch up worn areas with a product called Daubert Nox-Rust X-121B. It works very well. For other exposed metal undercarriage surfaces, the only products I've found that resist washing off are Cortec VPCI-368, and Corban 35. The VPCI-368...
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    Shell Rotella Gas Truck >5k OCI?

    Minimum is 6.9, my last sample read 7.10 (the one before that was 7.29). Yes, 7.1 is still within grade, but getting close to the lower limit. It is a very good oil, but not meant for 'extended' intervals IMO. Feels like this oil was built to perform within the bounds of...
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    Shell Rotella Gas Truck >5k OCI?

    I've run two UOAs on RGT 0w-20; First one was 6 mo., 5,538 mi. OCI, TBN was at 1.8. Second was 4 mo., 5,669 mi. OCI, TBN was at 2.3. No fuel dilution, but viscosity was down into low-mid 7cSt range. Wear numbers were good on both though. I have an 8qt sump. I like the oil, but it is not a long...
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    Analysis of this!!! (Rust)

    Spray the rusted areas with this: It works really well, and doesn't wash off easily like Fluid Film does.
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    Additives settling out of oil. Test results...

    The bottom sample did show about 10% more Mo and 2.5x more Si. To me, it does show additives settling a little, but not nearly enough to worry about.
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    Half Off Tekton

    Agreed, very difficult to retain retail shelf space. Retail consumer/DIY grade tools have been in this downward spiral race to the bottom for quite some time now. Tekton at Meijer was one of the exceptions, but I guess we are losing them now. I'm sure this hurts Tekton/MIT to a degree, but in...
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    Half Off Tekton

    I spoke to a Meijer employee yesterday in the tool section; he said that Meijer is discontinuing the Tekton line and will be replacing it with 'something else'. He also said they were told to go through the back room to make sure that every Tekton tool was out on the sales floor. I asked the...
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    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w20 Manufactured 9/29/2020 is not GF-6

    New TDS from the website says 0W-20 is SP/GF-6A. Pennzoil GF-6 FAQ indicates the PP product line was 'GF-6 ready' by sometime in 2019...
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    Favorite Oil Brand for OPE

    Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-30 or Shell Rotella T5 10W-30.
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    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w20 Manufactured 9/29/2020 is not GF-6

    Maybe they're just using up old labels/jugs? Wouldn't surprise me if they over-ordered labels by a wide margin (with people driving less, and probably changing their oil less). Could well be GF-6A/SP formula in a GF-5/SN Plus jug. Maybe the same exact formula even. Pretty common in the CPG...
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    4-cycle engine and 50:1

    50:1 in a 4-stroke seems a bit strong, although I've never tried it. Probably would be OK in most OPE as long as the spark plug is checked often and changed when necessary. I do use TC-W3 at 500:1 (plus blue Sta-Bil at 500:1) in all my 4-stroke OPE, every tank. Been doing this for about a...