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    BITOG Explained

    It has finally dawned on me that BITOG members are not the same. For your consideration, here are the categories they fall into: 1. Extenders - "If I use the right mix of Amsoil and Lucas, I think I can move this OCI from 25k to 30k" 2. Maintainers - "I split the factory OCI reco in half...
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    BMW Service is insane

    I lease a 2013 320i with Xdrive. BMW pays for the service. My car just hit 9,000 miles about a year and a half after the in service date. I got an email from the company dealer telling me to come in for a one-year oil change. The manufacturer calls for 14,000 miles or whatever the service...
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    BMW OCI - Not okay

    I have acquired a new BMW 3. BMW will pay for all oil changes until the car has 50,000 miles, but their recommendation is for 14,000 mile oil changes. The OLM seems to be operating in sync with this time. I would be a heck of a lot more comfortable with a 10,000 mile interval. I note that...
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    Gear Oil - Porsche

    I just bought Mobil 1 GL-5 with friction modifier (LSD) gear oil for the transaxle in my 87 Porsche Carrera. The likelihood is that this oil is going to be in the car for many years. This car does not have the limited-slip differential and while the specs seem to match the owner's manual...
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    Does it make any sense to mix oils?

    Many folks tell us they are using a mixture of two or more oils either to end up with a mid-grade that is not commercially available or to get "the best of both worlds." I recently saw somebody say that when you mix two oils, you get something worse than either oil by itself. This makes...
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    I have heard a few people mention the blotter test, where you take a drop of oil, place it on card stock, and see how dirty?, discolored? the oil is and if the card is charcoal/black in the center, you've gone too long. My assertion is that the color of oil has no real bearing on its condition...
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    High lead in Acura TL Oil

    I just received a UOA from Blackstone, and almost everything looked great on this 10,000 mile oil change of Edge Titanium 5W/30. However, the lead level was 17 ppm against an average of 3 ppm. Blackstone thinks it is most likely a "harmless particle streak" through the bearings. Does anyone...
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    Oil Change Filter mistake

    I just changed oil in my 2001 Acura TL. (Mobil 1 EP 5W30). When I got home from Walmart, I found that I had grabbed a Fram high-mileage filter instead of what I really was aiming for, a Fram Xtended Guard. I am awaiting on a UOA to see if my 10k OCI is going going to work, but wondering if...
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    Has Castrol Lost The Playbook?

    I was out shopping for a 5 quart jug of Castrol Edge, WITH TITANIUM, for my next oil change, in 5W30 specification. All I could find was 1 quart bottles, for just under $10 per. Edge with Syntec is available, as is some other (older??) plain 1 qt bottle of Edge. As much as I love the stuff, I...
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    Half of the "dumb" on BITOG

    Amsoil is the best oil on the market, good for 50k OCI's. It is a heinous war crime to use Fram filters. Every Japanese brand car built since 1965 should be backdated to 0W20. Once a car starts consuming oil, you can quickly move to just changing the filter, because when you are topping up...
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    Quandary on oil level

    Okay, so I have driven 7060 miles on Castrol Edge (Titanium). My oil change is scheduled for 7,500 miles. I have added no oil in this interval (which is a testament to the goodness of the new Castrol product) but am now finding my oil level exactly on the low fill line of the dipstick. the car...
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    "let's pretend" manufacturer recommendations

    I have noticed many individuals on BITOG with pre-2003 vehicles asserting that they are following the manufacturer's reco and using XW-20 oils. I have seen a few folks suggesting that their engines have been "back-specced" by the manufacturer, but there is not a heck of a lot of evidence of this...
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    2001 Acura 3.2 TL OCI Question

    I am planning, using Edge 5W-30, to increase my OCI from 7,500 miles to 10,000 miles. I thought this would be a no-brainer, but I have seen some folks suggest that the v6 Honda engines are not that easy on oil. Any advice, thoughts? Thanks.