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    Frantz downstream of Amsoil BMK-13?

    Can I use the right side of the Amsoil BMK-13 billet mount, the side with the plugs in front of the check ball restrictor, to supply my Frantz TP filter? I wanted to see how long I could extemd my changing of the TP element with my Blackstone reports on an '01 Cummins. I already used both ports...
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    Okay, I'm new and need help with the translation!

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />"I am considering replacing the mineral oil in my engine with a synthetic oil. The engine has 50,000 miles on it. I have heard that the mineral oil and synthetic oil are compatible. Is this true?" Generally, the reference to synthetic oil for an engine, means a lubricant...
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    Modified Dodge Cummins-First Blackstone Report

    My first Blackstone Oil Report shows antifreeze in the Rotella at a number value of 30. The leak is my fire ring, headgasket set up needs a re-torque on the studs. My question is the oil, should I change it? Or will my Amsoil Bypass Filter take care of the coolant? Thanks in advance.