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  1. J

    QS conventional $1.54/qt

    your results may vary but walmart has conventional quaker state for $1.54qt i saw 5w-20 and 5w-30 at this price
  2. J

    5w-20 vs 5w-30

    i don't care about fuel economy, but would like your opinions about when the manual says both 5w-20 and 5w-30 are acceptable. i've always run 5 or 10w-30 in my vehicles. climate is not a concern as i live where it's well-within all of the temp ranges. vehicle is a 2018 santa fe with the 2.4 gdi
  3. J

    2018 charger ?

    well the sonata was smashed by a huge deer. looking at a 2018 charger with the V6 and 8speed auto. anything i should really look out for? it has 47k miles. one owner clean carfax. priced appropriately according to carfax and edmunds. dealer offers a lifetime warranty which i know is BS...
  4. J

    silicone wiper blades

    i know the old infomercial for triple-edge blades was goofy, but they were silicone and were the longest lasting blades i ever owned. anyone tried the new michelin, rain-x, or piaa silicone blades? i'm in texas and the heat/UV bakes regular blades so looking for something better. any...
  5. J

    used truck shopping

    looking at used trucks-- gas no diesels. i know most brands have their issues but which ones should i avoid like the plague? i like the tundras but read a lot about the air pump/valve failures. so kinda wondering what y'all's thoughts are on the following 2008-2015-ish trucks: tundra---5.7...
  6. J

    so ashamed and scared -sonata

    i'm really ashamed to admit this and scared too. i've always done good maintenance on my vehicles and have had cars last a long time without problems--including my 500k mile accord with original trans and engine. however we have a 2013 sonata that hasn't given us any problems (i replaced hpfp...
  7. J

    coolant test strips for exhaust gases

    anyone know of or have used anything to detect exhaust gases in coolant? i might be checking out a truck and not sure if there's a reputable mechanic in the immediate area to pressure test the coolant system. is there anything out there?
  8. J

    2010 f150 5.4 triton

    how many on here have this engine? after reading about the cam phaser issues and spark plug removal problems, i'm a bit apprehensive about buying one. i found a 2010 f150 5.4 triton with 134k miles in excellent condition, one owner carfax with oil changes about every 8k. truck looks like it...
  9. J

    high pressure fuel pump on GDI

    anyone change one of these on a hyundai or kia? i got a code p0087 low fuel system/rail pressure. the car idles fine but when under load/acceleration it stumbles. everything i read indicates it is this pump. i don't trust the local dealership and my mechanic who i use for things i won't do...
  10. J

    electric pressure washer recommendations

    looking for an inexpensive electric pressure washer for occasional use. no big jobs--just blasting the back patio and occasional use on car wheels/tires and torq foam cannon---so would like the fittings on the hose and wand to be the "standard" if there is such a thing.. anyone own the one sold...
  11. J

    anyone have the 12 ton HF press?

    considering the HF 12 ton press. it would only be used for bearings and bushings on our cars---no trucks. anyone have it? problems? size and strength good enough?
  12. J

    earlier civics-- auto trans vs 5 spd

    well after 500K miles on my auto accord (original motor and trans) i am looking at some civics and am wondering about the transmissions. I was very fortunate to not have any trouble with my 95 accord auto trans BUT have heard many people complaining of honda AT's being less than...
  13. J

    long hammer drill bit

    anyone know where I can get a long hammer drill bit or any suggestions? I am doing a preventative termidor treatment by trenching, but need to drill where the sidewalk and patio meet the slab.
  14. J

    which loaner ball joint press

    I am about to replace the ball joints on a 03 ram 1500 2wd. I don't really want to buy a ball joint press and looking to borrow one from advance auto, autozone, or orielly's. I've heard some of the cheaper ones bend or don't have the correct adapters for the dodge... anyone here do this job...
  15. J

    ultra or hyundai oem

    I've been using the oem Hyundai filter on the 2013 sonata from the start but ehat do y'all think of it compared to the ultra? on this vehicle I've heard that it is picky/possible noise with others at startup, but that was before the ultra really gained popularity . running QSUD -engine is...
  16. J

    dodge 4.7 fram problem?

    anyone with the dodge 4.7 have problems running a ph16? I changed oil and filter and suddenly have a pressure drop at idle---previously used a purolator classic without trouble after HG replacement... no problems until this oil/filter change
  17. J

    ok until oil change 4.7 dodge

    had head gaskets done on the 03 ram. ran great and still runs ok, but recently did an oil change and then at idle, the idiot guage drops and the check guage light comes on--then goes up right away...first filter after the HG job was a purolator classic, now I used a fram ph16 and this...
  18. J

    filter paranoia

    I run an oem on the sonata as I've heard they are picky in terms of noise. but for the other 2 vehicles I was running purolator classics but recently came across members mentioning tears. should I switch? looking for a filter in the same price range as the classic that is stocked in...
  19. J

    dodge 4.7 timing chains

    My wife went and bought a 2003 4.7 ram 1500 for oldest daughter, and ignored me insisting on having a real mechanic look at it. so she drives up and i instantly suspect a head gasket leak. Took it to a shop and of course it does need head gaskets and machining. the shop said we should...
  20. J

    over 465k miles---decision time

    ok guys I can't decide. my accord f22b1 and auto trans have over 465k miles. it runs ok but is pushing coolant so a small HG leak is my suspicion. oil is normal and coolant is normal except you can tell exhaust gases are getting in it from air buildup and slight oily carbon-like residue. I...