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    Calling retired detailer Rick from Texas

    Does he still visit this forum? I have few questions for him.
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    Is this current state of the art?

    <a href="" title="httpswwwutilitydivecomnewsrenewableplusstoragebidsinxcelcoloradosolicitationcouldsetlowpri514566"...
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    Verizon FIOS direct connect HD local channels

    This used to work. Did Verizon intentionally screwed it up? Now I only get the audio for the local on-air HD channels. I have tried it on multiple TVs and have done the re-scan operation. I don't think they can legally do this but then again unless I am willing to take it up to FCC, there is...
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    Whole House A/C stopped cooling Trane XE1000

    Had been running fine for whole day, increased the thermostat little bit to give it a breather. After couple of hours I realized that it was no longer putting out chilled air. Went outside and verified that the condenser blower fan was working but the Freon line is not chilled. - So we know...
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    Automatic Lens Cap Problems when humid

    The auto lens cap does not open fully when the outside humidity is high e.g. when it starts to drizzle. The camera itself can handle few drops of water but the cap starts misbehaving. Since this happens on vacation, I was short on tools to run experiments with. At first I thought it was salt...
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    This bolt is touching the belt

    so the belt immediately comes off as soon as car is started. The rust bucket 2000 Maxima 3.0 VQ engine. I am suspecting compressor mounting has shifted or worse some front frame member cracked making the pulleys no longer in perfect plane any more. I lost lot of skin and blood trying to...
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    Streamer recommendation needed

    iPhone household and looking to get rid of very aging Roku2 box. The main purpose it serves is to do photo slide show from the desktop. I have been using Plex for years but recently the Plex app on the Roku upgraded itself and is now giving me lot of trouble. Also video streaming from desktop...
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    Explain nitty gritty of mesh wireless system

    So for years and years I avoided taking plunge with mesh network. I prided myself with hobknobbing multiple routers, multiple access points, wifi-extenders etc to take advantage of the CAT5 wiring that I had put in the house when the house was built. But it had been always a nightmare to get...
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    snow blower does not like running for more than 10-15 minutes

    I can feel it losing power after 10-15 minutes. The problem becomes obvious if I put it on the slow idle and just park it. The engine eventually dies after very slowly losing the speed. It is Craftsman 9hp Tecumseh engine. Just before dying if I push primer, the engine gets reprieve until it...
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    Car knows when it is time to replace battery?

    I was concerned when my wife told me that there was message about low battery and red battery light came on. "did you drive with the red light on?" "yes I did". At first I was not told about the red light. So I thought the car was complaining about keyless fob battery. So I start the car...
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    Champion generator with remote start

    #41532 7000 Running Watts (Costco special) After not starting it for few months, the remote start is not functioning. The small LED on the remote lights up implying the remote battery is good. Obviously, I understand this is one of the "1st world problem" but still I am wondering how and why...
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    MPG gauge reading too low?

    This used to be dead accurate for 6 years that I have owned the car. For last couple of fills, the tank MPG has been shown almost 10-15% lower. My real calculations have always been done with miles driven and gallons filled. I have not noticed any performance difference in the running of the...
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    Why am I buying 11.78 second 1/4 mile 4-dr sedan?

    I have absolutely no idea but if I am going to do crazy purchase, why do it only half way? Will have it before end of this month and will post the pictures then, Until that time, I am ordering "My other car is <YourGuessHere>" bumper stickers to cover the rust patches on my existing 3 vehicles...
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    Lowest transient voltage during engine start?

    Since the engine starts instantly, the only way I was able to capture was via PP3 and alligator clip. The three year battery went to 8.4V Does that mean it is done for and I should get a new one before it leaves me stranded? Well, it did leave me stranded today but after tapping at the...
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    Suggest cheap but powerfull router/access point

    I have been pulling my hairs. I have one of the Edimax router turned in to wired access point. When I run tests, it gives good throughput but when I try to stream Amazon Prime, it immediately gets stuck within few seconds and just continues to do that. I can still run the Speedtest with good...
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    Got the Tesla Model 3 Invite

    Now comes the decision time! Do I take it or wait for all wheel drive? Do I wait for shorter range and cheaper car? Do I switch from 3 to CPO S or CPO X? Do I take the money and use it for lots of vacations? I had paid the $1000 deposit two years ago to be able to fantasize of having this...
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    Help with garage door problem

    The garage door(9-feet) wide) has started making bang sound while opening and also while closing but NOT at the same point. I went through every roller and hinge to see if I could determine what was going on. After disconnecting from the automatic opener, I saw that it was hanging just off the...
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    Battery life of small CPE battery

    It looks like the battery on my generator is gone. It is about 5 years old. I purchased Schumacher charger but it was not able to revive the battery. I was not impressed with the charger. It claims the battery is good but putting a voltmeter on it during the cranking tells me that either the...
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    FCA is an LLC ?

    I always thought LLC generally means one man show and generally conducted from the garage or the study room. I have never seen any multi-million dollar business incorporated as LLC let alone a multi-billion dollar business. When Daimler was driving Chrysler, I do not think it was an LLC.
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    Passport Drives Anything which is 100% reliable?

    Every single one on Amazon regardless of brand has about 10% bad reviews and they all involve data loss! All I want is to be able to preserve the videos and photos. It is quite a pain to convert older analog videos in to digital format and I can not afford to lose them. I am looking for 2TB...