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    Fake Amazon reviews and what you can do

    I've come to learn that a lot of product reviews on Amazon are fake - even when involving "verified purchasers". I was looking at bluetooth earbuds and found a product at a great price with lots of reviews and and a high rating. For some reason I started clicking on the profiles of the...
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    Battery Failing?

    The battery in my Outback has some small evidence of dried acid on the top of the case. Otherwise, it's acting normally. In fact, last week one of the dome lights stayed on for close to 20 hours with no ill effect. It has a date sticker from 2012, so it's got some age on it. The main reason...
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    Off-vehicle injector cleaning - worth it for PM?

    I've read about people removing their fuel injectors and having them cleaned/reconditioned by specialists. I'm wondering if it is something to consider for a vehicle that isn't exhibiting problems, but may be old and/or high mileage? The cost of the service doesn't seem prohibitive at all, and...
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    Toro snowblower issue - what to look for?

    I have a Toro 2-cycle snowblower, circa 1997, that has an issue I'd like to fix when I finally get it out of storage. A few years ago I put on new paddles and scraper bar and the engine still runs fine, but the problem I have is that I have to really push the handle and tilt it forward to get...
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    Diagnosing Kohler ignition coil/module

    I have a Craftsman lawn tractor that won't start. It cranks and is getting fuel. I removed the plug and it had some gas on it and even replaced it with a used one, but it won't fire. I began trouble shooting, suspecting the ignition switch, but it's OK. I disconnected the kill wire to the...
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    A Quick Question for ebay Sellers...

    I have a question about ebay selling. I very rarely sell on ebay but recently listed a couple of items. On one of the items that sold (auction style), so far the buyer hasn't paid or done anything. The email notice to me from ebay just says it sold and to wait until the buyer pays before...
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    Using saved Brake Fluid

    I know that brake fluid absorbs moisture and we always want to use fresh fluid, but I have a situation that I'm curious about and would be interested in others' opinion. A couple of years ago I flushed the brakes in one of my cars using ATE 200 fluid. I used one can and only about 15% of a...
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    Can you blend polyurethane finish?

    I had a quick question maybe someone can answer. I'd like to put a semi-gloss finish on a small piece of furniture. I have a part full gallon of Varithane satin and a part full quart of Varithane gloss. What will I get if I mix some of each? Semi-gloss or a mess?
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    Offshore car production question.

    With some things in the news today I read a question that I have no idea of the answer to. We know that U.S. automakers assemble cars outside of the country for sale in America, but are any of the U.S. built Japanese, German, etc. vehicles imported into their respective "home" countries? If...
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    SpaceX rocket explodes during fueling tests

    Apparently happened during a fueling test at Cape Canaveral. <a href="" target="_blank">Explosion rocks SpaceX Launch Site in Florida</a>
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    Hex screw on HF 3/8" torque wrench

    Today I was comparing my torque wrenches and noticed that the Harbor Freight 3/8" (clicker) has a plug covering a hex screw, about midway on the shaft. I believe it is calibrated like the 1/2" model that doesn't have that screw (using calibration sleeve below the scale.) Any ideas - I have no...
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    303 Aerospace protectant question

    After reading a lot of good things about 303 AP, I finally got a bottle for my 2008 Subaru Outback. I noticed a short time after the initial application that the dash had a white residue and felt sticky. Thinking that I might not have buffed it well enough, I did a reapplication last year and...
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    Any suggestions for caulk guns?

    I'm looking for a new caulking gun. I have a cheap, Home Depot one that's worked OK for Acrylic, Latex, and Silicone caulks. However, recently I've been using more Polyurethane caulks and the orange gun takes a LOT of squeezing to lay a bead. I'd like to find one that makes dispensing the...
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    3 oz cartridge suggestions

    I have a small grease gun that uses the little 3 oz. tubes. I'm looking for suggestions on replacement cartridges. Here's my info: - Practically all use is for lawnmower zerk fittings. Cartridges usually last for a year or more. - Because of above, I don't have to reload the gun often...
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    Sloppy muffler bolts on Tecumseh 2-cycle...

    Today as I was preparing to put away my Toro CCR 2400 CTS snowblower I noticed that the muffler was very loose. As I had had the same issue 4 years ago I took the shroud off and saw that both muffler bolts were loose and the gasket was in two pieces and lying on the interior of the housing...
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    Anyone had furniture reupholstered?

    I have a sofa and recliner that are older, but solidly built. They both have damage from use and kitty claws. When I was a kid we had some chairs and a sofa reupholstered and I have been wondering if it is an economical approach today. Any experience with having thing reupholstered and how...
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    Avoid FedEx

    OK, this is in jest - partially. Over the weekend I purchased a new cell phone online. The distribution center is located about 20 miles from my house with a large hub nearby. My package was picked up by FedEx on Monday at about 1:30 pm and is scheduled to be delivered some time on Thursday...
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    Finally, YouTube channel on Roku 2

    I haven't seen it mentioned here, but yesterday I noticed that the YouTube channel is available for my Roku 2. Not the greatest interface, but they have a way to queue up videos from your PC. Sorry if already posted.
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    Any opinions of Icedragon/Dragon browsers?

    I've been reading about these Comodo free browser versions (Icedragon/Mozilla, Dragon/Chrome). Sounds interesting and perhaps worth trying out. I'm curious if they might be a safer alternative to Pale Moon.
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    A Mityvac failure

    I was using my mityvac to do an oil change on the generator today and after extracting most of the oil I pumped the handle only to have oil begin sputtering out of the shaft at the T-handle. Has anyone seen this happen? The canister was less than half full at the time. Seems like some valve...