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    Half Off Tekton

    FYI. Not sure if this is true at all Meijer stores, but the one I just returned from had all their Tekton tools at half off. They appear to be closing out their tool section. It was fairly well picked over, but I was able to get a $70 socket set and ratchet that rang up for $25. Still a lot of...
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    Mopar Date Codes

    MO-899 I picked up at an Autozone. Any guesses. Thanks.
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    Toro SR Won't Stop Running

    I've had a Briggs powered model 20055 since new in '06. It's been perfect until today when it wouldn't stop when I released the bail. Pushing the lever on the motor that the bail cable pushes forward didn't help. I finally had to pull the plug wire to kill the motor. Lots of YouTube videos on...
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    Did a Stupid Thing

    I have what was a meticulously maintained Craftsman 23 V-twin Intek lawn tractor. 15 years old didn't use a bit of oil. Today I rolled through some dog $hi* and hosed off the front tire before the engine cooled. I knew I shouldn't do that, but figured the water wasn't hitting the engine block...
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    New Starter?

    I've inherited the volunteer job of mowing my church's grounds with a 100 Series John Deere that has a 31F707 Briggs engine. When trying to start it, the starter just clicks but doesn't engage or spin. I installed a new fully charged battery and cleaned all the connections, but got the same...
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    Hellcat OCI

    Can there be any justification for this quote from the Hellcat owner's manual? If mine is parked 4 months a year and driven 3k a year, I'd likely be doing a 500 mile and a 2,500 mile OCI each year. Seems silly, but don't want any warranty issues. <span style="font-style: italic">Under no...
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    Oil catch can opinions

    I've read endless debate on the merits or lack thereof on catch cans. Most of the arguments run from "total waste of money" to "can't hurt" to "beneficial". Could a small amount of oil vapor in an intake ever be a good thing and intentional by design? (Especially in a boosted engine.) Thanks...
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    Best oil for blown LS1 that isn't driven a lot

    I have an '04 GTO that has 38k on the clock and only about 4500 miles on its TVS1900. It felt a little sluggish the other day, and I discovered that the bypass valve was sticky (not closing fully) and therefore losing boost. When I pulled the blower's snout, the bypass blade and throat looked...
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    Strange Brake Behavior

    My '04 GTO has 38k on it and the original brakes. It's an M6 and I set the e-brake every time it's parked. The car hasn't seen salt, snow or even water in three years. I parked it about 3 miles from home and set the e-brake. When I left, I could tell the brakes were dragging. About a half mile...
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    Intek down on power

    I have an eleven year, old 23hp Intek powered Craftsman lawn tractor that starts in an instant, uses no oil, and doesn't smoke. It runs perfectly except for when it's under load and mowing. The engine slows and sounds like it might be running out of gas but doesn't die. So far, I have checked...
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    Dex/Merc ATF in PS

    My power steering reservoir calls for Dexron III. Is it OK to add fluid labeled Dex/Merc ATF? Thanks.
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    5W-30 M1 EP or 0W-40 M1 Euro

    I'd like to get some opinions for an '04 LS1 GTO with a Magnuson TVS1900 with 6lbs of boost and 38K on the clock. The rest of the engine is stock . I don't track it, but enjoy mashing the throttle occasionally through a few gears. I garage it during the winter months in Michigan. I change the...
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    Weapon Shield YouTube Tests

    These comparisons (always on the same test rig) show Weapon Shield beating the snot out of every competitor. For example: <a href="" target="_blank">YouTube Weapon Shield</a> Does these tests have any validity or is it just bovine droppings in...
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    Oil for Stand-by Generator

    What would you recommend for a 16kw, Generac stand-by generator. It does a 5 minute self test once a week, but it could sit for months or years other than that if there's no outage. It's powered by a natural gas B&S v-twin and I reside in Michigan. The manual specifies 5w-30 synthetic. I...
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    Switch to Synthetic?

    I've read numerous accounts of folks switching to synthetic on high mileage vehicles and then developing leaks around seals that supposedly gotten cleaned up. I've been running conventional 30wt in a 23hp B&S Intek v-twin for about 11 seasons (Michigan/half acre) . Do you think a switch to...
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    Which motor oil for AR?

    I've read countless arguments for and against the use motor oil on firearms (especially ARs). Many long time users swear by it. So, if one were going give it a try, what brand and weight synthetic would BITOG'ers recommend? Most of the gun forums just say M1 5w-30, but I'm guessing that's just...
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    Front Diff and Transfer Case

    I have an 05 Trailblazer with 99,000 miles on it. The vehicle has is in 2wd 99.99% of the time. Does it make sense to change the fluid in the front diff and transfer case, or is it mostly an waste of money? Thanks for your thoughts.
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    Wonder which oil she used.

    Hello, Long time lurker, first post. Apologies if it's a repost. <a href="" target="_blank">576,000 miles</a>