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    Honda J35 V6 (J35Z4) Sludge and Cam Scoring

    So does muzzling the VCM cause the MM to “think” the oil temperature is cooler than it really is? IIRC, it keeps the ECT1 closer to 70C than 80C.
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    Turkey cooking.....

    I’ve heard great things from people who’ve used the infrared method. My only hesitation with the char-broil IR cooker is it doesn’t have a natural gas version. My patio is plumbed for NG so I’m done w/ the tank exchange dance. We do the brine method but oven roast.
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    Prefilling Oil Filters - Necessary?

    Well, in the crank case they would get filtered out I suppose. I guess if you add to the pre filter side you’re ok. Believe you me, I have no opinion here on the subject matter, just citing, without reference, previous discussions.
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    Prefilling Oil Filters - Necessary?

    I remember reading a thread some time ago where engine failures were attributed to foreign objects getting introduced during the filter pre-fill. IIRC, it was something like bits of foil from the bottle seal getting into the bearing journals. Someone said the filter the oil through a paint paper...
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    2005 Honda Odyssey repeated oil leaks/consumption

    Are we talking about the PCV valve on a K24 (e.g., CR-V) or a J35 ? I don’t know how it works on the latter, but on the K24 it’s a spring valve. It’s often cited as a item to check (it rattled ok on my K24 but didn’t improve oil consumption when replaced) but curious how often it actually solved...
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    Costco is Offering “Wheels Up!”

    Well, according to the article, it does include a $4000 flight credit among other “perks”. But yes, depending on the chartered aircraft, it’s not going to get you very far., time wise.
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    Earthquake in MA/RI

    Don’t live near there but be sure to fill out a Did You Feel It report on USGS!
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    Smoke detectors - Make sure they work! PSA

    The 10 year battery requirement was mandated by CA back in 2014. Given the large market of CA , most manufacturers adopt CA requirements nationally, in addition to other states duplicating the law...
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    Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit Review

    I used 3M headlight restoration kit but skipped the last polish step and applied the 3M clear coat wipes instead. Results were good and no fading in over 6 months, but the Odyssey saw a lot of garage time due to present circumstances… I apply liquid Nufinish every 3 months or so to the lens with...
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    Returning a car to the dealership - is this possible?

    If this was a Tesla, you’d be getting offers above what you paid for it, the premium being the privilege of not having to “hassle” with Tesla (the latter is my take lol)
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    2005 Honda Odyssey repeated oil leaks/consumption

    I have an 06 EX-L with same miles as you. It’s muzzled as of 2 yrs ago. All service done and only a tiny bit of sludge noted on the front valve cover, train itself was clean during the valve cover replacement. Given your situation that you’ve run it dry more than once, you have oil smoke...
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    2005 honda crv oil leak

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a professional indeed.
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    2005 honda crv oil leak

    Lol those are my favorite jobs…being the tool boy assistant! Out of curiosity, what was used to get the crank pulley bolt off?
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    I learned something about how to check the oil level on my 2016 CR-V last week.

    I too always wait 10 minutes to get a reading when hot/operating temperature (2003 Accord K24). After 10 min there is not a significant change in level. I believe the OM says 3 min since they want to encourage you to check when refueling. Hence, it’s better to get a reading vs waiting for the...
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    Phone Choices for Mom

    I would get something a tad newer, like an iPhone 6/6S, verify it works, then pay for the $50 official battery replacement. Best Buy seems to have unlocked 6S for ~150$.
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    2011 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD - oil filter

    This is not an engine that benefits from the “best” media. Slap on an XG, and follow the A/B maint. minder schedule. Drive on :cool:
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    05 Odyssey worth PS pump replacement?

    The white dot was probably a during a transition period 10 years ago, I’m sure they are all updated now. No clue on the warranty extension, maybe call Honda corporate? Edit: A thread on OdyClub seems to suggest that it was an 7yr/100k mi extension. Given you are past that, it’s YMMV. I’d still...
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    05 Odyssey worth PS pump replacement?

    Was your 05 covered by the PS pump warranty extension? Our 06 EXL had the same failure symptom ( hard to steer at low speed) not long after the basic warranty expired. Cost $600 at dealer to replace the pump and “improved” reservoir with white paint dot on the cap. Not long after we got a letter...
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    Are Honda 1.5 Turbos still diluting oil in 2020?

    Well, not quite the entire HVAC systems but the A/C control unit on some units in addition to software updates. The gist is they are trying to warm up the engine to operating temp quicker, or so it’s told. You can see details in TSB 18-147 (or later since they revised it a bunch). I still...
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    Are Honda 1.5 Turbos still diluting oil in 2020?

    I don’t own a CRV or a 1.5T Honda but when I was casually checking the thread on the CRV board, most of the unique reports dropped off last winter after Honda issued a series of product updates in early to mid 2019. Well, the discussion continued between a couple talking heads which is when I...