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    Old cartoons

    calvan and the colonel . 1961
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    Better MPG with pure gas.

    with my 2016 frontier 4.0. it gets 18- 20 mpg with straight gasoline. which is 3-4 mpg more than with alcohol. high way driving 80% of my driving.
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    nitro or methanol.

    a few years ago i was mixing my own nitro / methanol for my RC car. now i have a half gal of each in there own cans. but i dont re member witch is which now.
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    Critique my purchase: 1962 Dodge Lancer

    do move the fuel filter to where it is NOT over the engine / carb manifold.
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    i have a schwinn town and country, 3 wheel bike

    i have a 3 wheel schwinn . town and country. in like new condition. are O . E. M parts available. and if i added a 1 hp engine would that butcher it to much.?
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    Mad mike

    if some one has different ideas i DO like to hear about them. NO matter how crazy there idea is. because we might learn some thing from them. sorry i have to go now they are taking my crayons away now.
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    ZDDP Content

    i had a model A when i was a teen ager. my idea is the stress on that engine is NOT high. I.E low RPM, low compresstion ,
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    2016 frontier.

    i did not by pass the cooler. if any thing i would be tempted to put a bigger one on. i for got to say i had the work done by a trans mec that has been in my town since the late 60s. be for i bought my frontier i looked up and down the internet for any negative things about the frontier...
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    2016 frontier.

    early last year i bought a 2016 frontier 5 speed auto trans, V6 engine. iam much happier with it than i thought i would be. it had 45,000 miles when i bought it. it has 60,000 on it now. i just had the trans and rear end fluid changed. i once knew a guy that put thicker oil in his race...
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    Construction at its finest

    the pole is there to hold the sidewalk in place. LOL. LOL
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    Friendly Canadian visit today

    back in the 50s / 60s Chrysler made some parts in Canadian.
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    self-driving cars and service?

    will self driving cars open up people crashing into them on purpose. to get money?
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    Can we talk cars?

    OH the way I drive. = no tickets. or G09
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    Carburetor Tuning with Wide Band O2 Sensor

    if i remember right on a Holley one jet number i equal to to 2 % change. but Carters dont go by % of change. they just have dia sizes stamped. but i have done the math to see % of change. just remember on a Carter if you change from .060 to .063 is way different than going from .100...
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    Keeping a car at a vacation home in FL

    i saw that peppermint extract will keep rats / mice away. mix with water spray under hood. maybe trunk / interior.
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    Interesting sight this morning.

    hay Bubba hold my beer and watch this.
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    Funnel storage

    i took a small plastic bin 9 x 9 x 6 deep. and mounted it to the inside front of my bed to hold my locking gas cap. it also holds my starting fluid, and cleaning rags.
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    Mixed feelings about retirement

    in a way i was forced into retirement. i was laid off at 55. things have not been easy. my idea is you need a lot of money to retire. iam 71 now. i do ok. but you need a LOT of money to retire
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    Ultra-rare barn find!

    yep an other rare chevy. only 50 million made