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    Car Dash Mounted Cameras

    Discuss what you got and or what you would recommend. thanks, enjoy
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    Are you noticing your aging

    Well yes and no.... ............................................... ............................................... .............................................. what were we talking about?
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    New members or old?

    i see QP, thanks,,, i guess we are getting a lot of new members! but if anybody has new and old user name and wants to post. it be nice to know.
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    2017 chevy trax

    starting to look at tires for wife's car, tread is at 4/32 so have a little time. Dealer quotes me the same size as came originally with the car P205/70r16-several brands here. My local tire shop is suggesting a more common and cheaper 215/65r16. He says it's a little wider but about same...
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    window sox

    any body use anything like this to help keep the car cool while it sits out in the sun all day? or when ever or for whatever. results?
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    New members or old?

    I see a lot of new members lately popping up, may be a lot of new members have joined recently. If you were a previous member and started a new user name due to the recent board change over, would you mind posting your old and new user name? I made it with my same old user name but maybe some...
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    Summer BBQ Food

    sure, but canada's a bit of a drive! enjoy, i love those too.
  8. J

    Would you drive 500 miles to buy a 1963 International Loadstar?

    i love the old international trucks 50's to 60's. my dad had a pair when i was young and they were work horses around the farm/ranch. we never had any major issues, just serviced them, put fuel in them and ran them every day.
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    Filet mignon or ribeye in Crock Pot?

    i musta confess... i made a ribeye stew one time and it was awesome!!! don't over cook it, as ribeye will be ready fast. the whole thing was ready in a jiffy. and i didn't add the slightly browned ribeye to rest of stew until all veggies were within 5 minutes of being done. go ahead and...
  10. J

    How acxurate is the OLM on 1.4T GM's?

    my wife's trax is a 2017 and i followed OLM for a while, but am changing to 5k intervals as soon as she gets back to work, just because of the short trips she drives daily. can't find a way to do tranny oil changes, not even a dip stick....any information or links appreciated.
  11. J

    Nothing beats fresh vegetables, out of your own garden.

    rabbits, squirrels and other critters always a challenge, but this weekend is the second time i get hit with strong winds from thunderstorms coming through. my neighbors corn took a beating and i had a tomato plant blown down as it was already weak from previous wind damage.
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    hopefully the steak was better! :whistle:
  13. J

    Motor Oils in Spain - Pics

    very interesting señor, and thanks for sharing. is there a house brand such as super tech at walmart?
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    bitog fix

    a lot of folks stress if they dont get their daily dose of bitog////in lieu of the new forum hang ups. LOL no offense meant, just saying its funny
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    can i change oil without changing my fram ultra?

    no dry start up either by leaving the long life filters in place as they are primed with oil. a minute extension of engine life over time may add up. engine start ups sound smoother too.
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    Please Read: BITOG forums migrating to Xenforo

    is anyone seeing odd symbols in some of the posts/threads? ....sorry if already mentioned.
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    Best refried beans?

    home made pinto beans first, then left over's can be mushed while heating in a frying pan. through the years i have found out that you really don't need extra grease or lard as long as you cook your pot of beans with a ham hock or hog jowl or even bacon.:)