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    Trailer tongue "jack" question

    I did not use the trailer much last year. The trailer has a tongue jack, 1200 pound fixed fulton type (labelled cequent company ) bolt on mount. The up down movement works well, just turn the crank, no rust on the up down tube. And the wheel that is on the ground rolls fair- I think I can knock...
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    grease gun problems

    what next- another weird problem? my grease gun (a big lever operated one) does not this year want to suck the grease into the pump piston. seems the grease is too thick or too viscous or maybe too dry, . kept in grage been 55 degrees at night, not used in a year. its almost like the grease has...
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    Headlights- where is toothpaste on the abrasion scale?

    50 100 400 800 1500 2000 3000 higher? thanks
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    why michelin changed their tire lineup?

    seems the ltx, and x have gone away. they now have defender and premier- whats that all about. costco said a premier for my 04 highlander I got great mileage off the ltx for - several sets of tires over 15 years.
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    how do you mark your name on key fob?

    The plastic key things. I tried address label, it wore off real quick
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    electric cars

    Maryland planning on 5000 charging stations in next 5 years. are they a standard connection for all electric cars? how fast do they charge (know it varies what does it cost to use a charge station they mention 50 KWH how far will that get you?
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    infinity variable compression engine

    how is it working out- sounds complicated to me.
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    new car - when wax

    how long to wait to wax a new car (Japan built Toyota)
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    Toyota license plate bolts/screws

    question is what are the length and size threads on the rav4 license plate bolts? why do I ask? , dealer put the temp tags on our new rav4 with 2 inch long bolts even when screwed down tight thebolt heads do not tounch the paper temporay tag and it tries to blow off (rips out on one side) and...
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    old honda generator, new refrigerator

    the old generator puts out "dirtier" power-- the refrigerator has a touch panel on the door- is there any way to clean up the old honda generator output - or do I need to buy an inverter generator
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    Yard bench- need replacement bottom support rod

    wife bought one at a yard sale, a slat wood bench with cast metal side pieces- previous owner had replaced the side to side support rod with an all thread rod which of course rusts badly. where can I buy a replacement rod, that is steel. and has an inch or so of threads on each end? approx 3/8...
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    99 BMW 330 battery caps question

    relative has a 99 BMW , has just today put a size 49 battery in it. we want to check the cell water level. the cells have flat screw in plugs, this on a large super start o reilly brand battery. what tool is used to get the plugs out? thanks oreilly says it may be a sealed battery?
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    parking car outside is "bad"?

    its instinct I think, that to park a car in a garage and its "better" - dryer, maybe less electrical problems? anyone ever seen any studies/reports etc?
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    Any recommendations for a corded (Electric) string trimmer?

    weed eater? Many have an automatic string feed which people complain about- I want a bump head model
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    looking for a weed eater without automatic string feed

    you know, old style bump feed. all the automatic feeds seem to give trouble, looking for a corded one but mayhave to get a battery one. what are your recent experiences please?
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    Really great indie Toyota service

    Driving with wife and a friend and 04 Highlander started skipping badly and 3 dash lights came on. 165000 miles on it. zero repairs since new except one brake light switch. . Have done maintenance like brakes and timing belt.. Was in town, turned around went back near my neighborhood, at about...
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    Bosch air handler

    was in an 8 story high rise , 25 years old, 2 bed room apartment, the HVAC seemed to have a Bosch air handler in the machinery closet. Didnt know they made HVAC stuff
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    which hood "gas" lift strut is bad?

    any simple way to tell which one of the two is bad? yes I know they are not that expensive but..
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    Printed Material on new cars?

    Are there still magazine/ dealer/ manufacturer pamphlets on new cars? all I see e download stuff- looked on a toyota site - has the "let us mail you info gone away?