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  1. BeerCan

    The first HDEO engine oil you bought?

    All my first oil purchases were Gulf based
  2. BeerCan

    Favorite Fried Chicken Restaurant

    Gus's world famous fried chicken in Memphis is my favorite
  3. BeerCan

    Ford 6.7 psd oil filter 4.99 @ oreilly

    If you could point me to the extra guard for 3.99 I would appreciate it. That's cheaper than I've seen them by about 10 bucks or more. For example it's 22 dollars at Walmart...
  4. BeerCan

    Adobe Flash going away?

    All I can say is, it's about time.
  5. BeerCan

    Outdated smartphone

    If it is an older Android phone you can see if there is a lineage OS version for it. That would get you security updates.
  6. BeerCan

    Recommend a thick 10w-30

    Hdeo would probably work fine. Also m1 or castrol 0w40 from Walmart would be good choices.
  7. BeerCan

    Ford 6.7 psd oil filter 4.99 @ oreilly

    Perhaps. It's stamped made in USA and looks identical to the wix. I guess we'll see after 10k how it looks. I got 2 of them so I'll have at least 20k of uoa on them. Also those tests were based on a different filter but I see your point. Edit:. That test is based on filters with cellulose...
  8. BeerCan

    Fed Up with Driving a Manual Transmission?

    For me auto for DD and manual for my for fun car. Don't care that the pdk is faster in the Porsche, I like shifting it.
  9. BeerCan

    Finally on board with CK-4

    Personally I think it's pretty hard to buy a bad 15w40 hdeo these days especially if you're going to do such a short change. I just switched to kirkland of all brands lol. Uoa in a few months
  10. BeerCan

    Ford 6.7 psd oil filter 4.99 @ oreilly

    Not sure if this is local to me but oreilly has the MicroGard MicroGard Oil Filter MGD MGL57151 for 4.99 right now. Almost 100% sure this is a wix made filter so I consider this a smoking deal
  11. BeerCan

    Best Inline-6 ever made?

    Gas Ford 300 Diesel dt466
  12. BeerCan

    Turkey cooking.....

    Brined for 24 hours and deep fried in peanut oil. Either that or smoked is the only way I will do it
  13. BeerCan

    Smoking Turkeys for Work Lunch

    Looking good. I like the setup, reminded me of my old weber bullet. I use a clay grill for smoking now but I couldn't fit that many turkeys if I tried. For poultry I usually use apple and oak. I feel hickory is a little to strong
  14. BeerCan

    Pie and cookies

    Sweet potato pecan, apple, blueberry, pumpkin. Shortbread with home made Carmel and chocolate drizzle and a sprinkle of salt.
  15. BeerCan

    2021 F150 Coyote Changes

    What a great idea. I'm going to have to share that with some people I know. They will say thanks. so passing it on now :)
  16. BeerCan

    Subaru BRZ

    LoL that's exactly what I did. 2016 Cayman GTS, drive it every chance I get. But at 6'3" 240lbs I look ridiculous getting in and out of it :)
  17. BeerCan

    Subaru BRZ

    I want to like this car so much but the last gen I drove was a disappointment. Hopefully the bigger displacement engine will help, I wish they would put the turbo in there.
  18. BeerCan

    I think this truck is still looking good :)

    Cleaned up my truck today. 80k of some pretty hard miles at times. Does everything I ask from it and except for a small issue I have with it now has been dependable. Just wanted to post some pics
  19. BeerCan

    Most Expensive Gas Brands

    Exxon and Chevron around here. Glad I have a Costco 😁
  20. BeerCan

    How much is diesel fuel and kerosene in your area?

    I'm getting diesel for 2.29 right now (Tampa). Never really seems to go lower than that. A week or two ago I got diesel for 1.89 outside of Chattanooga