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    Generator Issue

    My next door neighbor called me last night with a Generator Issue, this Generator is probably from Lowes or Home Depot. He told me it was all gassed up and the oil level was fine, but after 10 minutes of running it would shut off. He would start it again and 10 minutes or so it would shut off, I...
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    Master Mechanic 2-Cycle Oil

    I was low on 2 cycle oil, I normally use Echo 2 - Cycle Oil, my Dad picked up 3 bottles of the Master Mechanic 2-Cycle Oil, it says its ashless and it can be used in air-cooled 2 cycle engines including Lawn Boy and Toro. I have an Echo blower and a Stihl trimmer, the Echo 2 cycle oil is Jaso...
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    Ariens Snowblower Price

    I got a call from my friend, seems his neighbor has a 3 year old Ariens 921012, its a Deluxe 27 with a 249cc Engine. I believe it is out of Warranty, seems my friends neighbor paid about $900.00 He was wondering what it was worth, I was thinking as long as it runs and since it is out of...