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    Mercedes CLK-350 reliability

    Drove/looking at a used 2008 Mercedes Benz CLK-350 this afternoon. Car sales are a go in Michigan. This car has 41,000 miles on it and appears to be in fine condition. The 3.5 V-6 DOHC engine is rated for, i believe, 275 horsepower give or take. I was absolutely amazed how nice this car was to...
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    Is this a good time to buy a used car?

    Been considering a 2nd vehicle for a while now and found a couple that catch my eye. Dealers have not reduced the price on either since our current social situation. I keep hearing new/used car prices are going to go down, but as of yet, that hasn't really happened. I got no problem waiting a...
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    A new topper for my truck

    Gentlemen, I humbly seek information from all of your collective knowledge and wisdom. Considering purchasing a new fiberglass topper for the truck noted below in my signature. It will likely be an entry level topper. Local truck accessory dealer's in my area have the A.R.E. , Century, and Leer...
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    2004 Mustang GT

    It's a GT, so it has the 4.6 2 valve s.o.h.c. engine factory rated at 260 horsepower. Ford fixed the intake manifold issue for the '02 model year, but I am wondering if the 2003-04 model year with this engine had the spark plug ejection/stripped threads issue? Please comment if you have any...
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    AT tires for 2wd pick up

    Gentlemen, I would have an interest in your thought's. Looking for a tire good for year round use here in snowy West Michigan for the truck in my signature below. It is a 2 wheel drive with a limited slip rear axle. I live and work in town, so I should not have to worry about deep drifting snow...
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    1995 Ford Thunderbird

    Gentlemen, I became the 2nd owner of a '95 T-bird with the 4.6 V-8 engine this afternoon. Now, before you all start laughing at me you have to understand that I really like this vintage year T-bird/Cougar. They aren't for everybody, but I like them and have owned several back in the day when...
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    Wheel Horse tractor

    So today I bought a 1997 Toro Wheel Horse 312-8 garden tractor with a 42" side discharge deck. Very nice, quiet running machine. Think I am going to like it. These tractor's have an excellent reputation too. The Kohler Magnum M12 engine has 1100 hours showing on the working hour meter. I doubt...
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    Just curious. GM oil life monitor.

    Changed the oil in my Terrain yesterday afternoon. The oil life monitor was at 16%. You guys with late model GM vehicle's, how low do you like to run your OLM?
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    2006-2010 Cadillac DTS

    Gentlemen, I wish to borrow from your collective expertise. Been considering purchasing a luxury car, something not too terribly pricey. Local Chevrolet/Cadillac/GMC dealer has 3 used Cadillac DTS' sitting on their used car lot. I like these car's but also scared to death of the Cadillac...
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    Glock 19 gen 4

    Bought a new one at my LGS Saturday afternoon. Very nice shooter, very nice firearm to own. This is a popular firearm, so I'm interested in hearing from other owners concerning their thoughts and comments.
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    A new Glock 26

    Purchased a new 26 yesterday. Cleaned/lubed it up a little and ran 120 rounds thru it tonight at my LGS. Really liking it thus far, more so than my Ruger SR-9C. I find the interchangeability of all their 9mm magazines (except the 43) a big plus. This is my 2nd Glock and looks there will be more...
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    2004 Mustang transmission service

    Getting ready to service the automatic overdrive transmission in Little Henry and I'm curious what type/brand ATF would be a solid choice in this vehicle?
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    John Deere X500, X530

    My local John Deere dealer has each of these 2 models on their lot for sale. They are used. Nice looking machine's. I am sure the Kawasaki engines and hydrostatic transaxles are quite good, but I just can't get past the cheap [censored]ed "plastic" hoods on these. They had better be an excellent...
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    Reliability of the 1999 Honda Accord 3.0 V-6.

    Gentlemen, Looking for your informed input here. I am considering buying a '99 Accord with the 3.0 V-6 engine/automatic overdrive transmission. How reliable are they? Any known issues with this driveline? This may very well be my first foreign nameplate and don't have a lot of knowledge on...
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    Bought a Glock 19

    Got it from my local gun shop. It is larger than my Ruger SR-9C. You guy's that have this firearm, how do you carry it concealed? Looking for some idea's here. Tell me about holster's too, if you found something you really like.
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    John Deere GT 225

    Thinking about buying a John Deere Gt225 tractor. It has the original Kohler Command 16 hp. vertical shaft single cylinder, air cooled engine. Not knowing a lot about this style of Kohler, I seek your input on how reliable/dependable they are. Are they as good as the tough as nails older K series?
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    Hasty-Vac lawn vacuum

    Got my old, trusty, lawn vac out this afternoon, getting it ready for fall leaf clean up duty. The Briggs Intek 5.5 hp engine is getting tired. Thinking about buying a new Predator replacement engine from my local Harbor Freight. Anyone have any experience with these engines? It is my...
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    Trailblazer transfer case, differentials.

    Thinking I should change the gear oil in the front and rear differentials, and the ATF in the transfer case. The owner's manual does not give a periodicity for the differential's. It does state 50,000 miles for the transfer case, but I think they are referring to the AWD models. Mine has a 4H/4L...
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    Re-surfacing original GM wheels

    Thinking about having the wheels on my vehicle (in signature below) "re-conditioned". Up here in the rust belt, wheels don't always last as long as the vehicle. My Trailblazer has the N75 wheel option and the chrome is peeling off and corroded. Have any of you had oem wheels refurbished? Is...
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    Lincoln and Victor Oxy-Acetylene torch kits

    Gentlemen, I am in need of a small, portable oxy-acetylene cutting torch kit for smaller home owner/hobbyist use. It will be used 2 or 3 times a year for smaller jobs. The local Home Depot has a Lincoln brand cutting torch kit for $184, minus the cylinders. My concern is with the quality of this...