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    Rust in cooling system
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    Does Coolant Capacity Include Overflow Tank?

    Drain it, flush it fill it. Test with a hydrometer. Caveman comes to mind.
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    Warren Distribution sold to Equity Firm

    Big news for anyone in the installer market. I can tell you that fill rates, delivery times, and customer service have all taken a hit when dealing with Highline (PrimeGuard) or Service Champ in the past few years.
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    Briggs oil vs synthetic car oil

    The only thing that killed my 500 hour B/S 17 HP was not adjusting the valve clearance. The push rod coming through the head was due to my negligence . Rotella T6.
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    Chinese digital calipers and battery life

    I remove the battery when not in use.
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    Check Those Baseplates!

    The dreaded "Double Gasket" has ended many a lube techs career. Wipe the base off! It's like wiping your butt. You do it without thinking. Even if you knew or could see it was clean, you still wipe it off. I always look at the filter coming off for the old gasket, wipe the base, oil the new...
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    Hours on riding mower , tractor , etc..

    Had 500 hours on my Home Depot Deere. 17 hp single. I never adjusted the valves and a pushrod went clean thru the head.
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    Amazon still ships GF-5 oils

    You should call the 877 number on the back of the container for "Health" emergencies.
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    Teaching Number One Grandson How to Shoot

    Great job. I introduced my daughter thru the NRA Jr. Marksmanship program. Ruger 10/22 with some sight and trigger upgrades.
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    Yamaha dry sump PWC and oil level sensitivity.

    2009 Yamaha 1800 FX SHO here. Mine consistently reads a bit overfilled and never had an issue.
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    Best 2 stroke oil?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by krismoriah72</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Pennzoil Marine XLF Extended Life Formula "Developed for marine engines that are "seasoned" or have been in service for a few years" </div></div> My 20 year old Johnson...
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    Is this an issue with cartridge filters (fitment)

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by wemay</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The Passat is my first go around with a cartridge filter an i've never experienced fitment issues with spin on's. During my recent oil change i purchased a NapaGold 100024 (made by...
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    Iron Duke Cartridge Filter

    Messy oil change. Some came with a drain plug along side of the metal oil filter housing. They were very problematic if over tightened. Here's the tool used to remove the housing when the filter is over torqued.
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    Windshield replacement costs!??

    If you are OK with a Safelite replacement go to the website and ask for a quote. Enter year/make model, etc. Then do nothing. They will provide a quote. In the days/weeks following they will send you discount after discount on the replacement. Check your insurance policy as many have a zero $...
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    Too much oil consumption

    Head gasket. Valve adjustment at required interval.
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    User Name Meaning

    URSATDX Havolines 15w40 HDEO. I was a branded Texaco StarLube then Texaco Xpress Lube.
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    Stongest Filter Body? 💪

    Might be best to relocate the filter. Add a section of hydraulic hose from the reservoir and mount the filter next to the pump under the I beam.
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    Lord Willing, I'm Gonna Buy a Tundra

    2011 CrewMax 5.7 LTD here. OEM cartridge. Mine seems to prefer the Castrol 0w20. The 4x4 has 5 grease fitting in the driveline.
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    How about some positive news during theses times

    The earth is vibrating less. Flights are grounded. Fewer trains are running. Rush hour is gone. The world - particularly in cities - is looking drastically different during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. According to seismologists, that drastic reduction in human hustle and bustle is...
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    First vehicle you ever purchased?

    1968 Chevy II Nova 250 cu in 6 cyl. 1bbl Shackled leafs and mag wheels. Thrush muffler. Jensen Triaxials