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    ALS labs change in fuel dilution test

    Just got the email. ALS is used by WIX, NAPA, and possibly others for UOA testing. They are now comparing used oil to virgin oil for fuel dilution. iirc, they used GC testing prior to this change. Here's the email report: " Fuel dilution is determined by comparing the properties of the...
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    Big thumbs up to Harbor Freight

    From the owner and founder, Eric Smidt: We've decided to donate our entire supply of the personal protective equipment items listed below to front line hospitals with 24 hour emergency rooms in the communities served by our stores. • N95 Masks • Face Shields...
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    Give the gift of auto repair

    Well spoken from C&D <a href="" target="_blank">Give the gift of auto repair</a>
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    VOA-ACDelco 19351882 PTU lubricant

    ACDelco p/n 19351882 aka 10-4105 synthetic PTU lubricant used for my Buick Regal AWD. The PTU unit is made by AAM. Also used in the 2017+ Equinox etc from my research. I posted a DIY on changing the fluid <a...
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    Mazda SkyActiv OE Tokyo Roki cut open

    This came on a friends new 2020 Mazda3 hatchback. 2.5L SkyActiv engine and AWD. This was an early oil & filter change to get the out the newness. No ADBV on these as they are installed base-up. Enjoy! <img...
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    Oil mixing...does density matter?

    Theoretically. This crossed my mind as I was looking at my oil stash spreadsheet(nerd!). If I were to mix my most dense oil, Valvoline Premium Blue 15w40(.880) with my least dense oil, RGT 0w-20(.833) would they mix homogeneously our would they separate if left sit for a period. Just a...
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    Wix WL10290XP CUT OPEN GM 22psi

    AC Delco PF64 equivalence. In use on my Regal 2.0 LTG engine for 7343 miles. Primarily during engine break-in with 2 fills of PPE 0w-40. Removed and replaced with another. Typical Wix sturdy build and base-end bypass and silicone ADBV. Plan going forward is 8-16k filter changes with 4K oil...
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    Let's see how Wix corrects this...

    I have been buying Wix WL10290XP filters from O'Reillys using the $5 off $10 coupons I've collected. Today I go to change the oil in my GM and pour a little oil in the filter and lube the o-ring. I tried to install the filter but it was clear it wasn't threading on. Upon closer examination it...
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    2019 Regal TourX GKN Twinster fluid change.

    Based on Molakule and Jim Allens' advise in past threads I changed the rear diff fluid early in my new Buick TourX. It uses the GKN Twinster differential with has the ability to send 100% of torque to either axle with computer-controlled clutch packs. The Focus RS uses the same diff and 75w-85...
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    Bugatti lied about the Chiron top speed of 253mph

    It's over 300 <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>
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    New car, first oil change. Your choice?

    I picked up a new 2019 Buick Regal TourX wagon and am thinking what to use from my stash for the first oil change. I've already decided I'm changing it early since it was built 09/2018 in Germany and brought here. I don't know when it was first delivered to the dealer but I assume winter. I...
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    I bought a Buick! TourX

    I guess I'm old enough at 47... After getting my kicks in a ‘17 GTI for the last year and a bit, I decided to get back to a little more comfort and room. As may know, Buick has had a hard time selling the Regal TourX because of lack of interest in wagons and poor promotions. Most of them in...
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    Should you buy premium fuel? C&D feature

    <a href="" target="_blank">Premium fuel testing</a> Good information on some common vehicles using acceleration, mileage, and dynamometer testing.
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    Tested the alcohol % in my fuel today

    I bought an inexpensive graduated cylinder set on Amazon for various reasons so I decided to test the alcohol content of my fuel today. The last two tanks were run with E0 91 octane from Kwik Trip. Today I filled up with 11.2 gal(13.5 tank size)of E15 88 octane that I normally use. VW gives...
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    Walked the dog, helped a neighbor with his MB

    Neighbor was out today changing the oil in his new-ish C-Class Merc. He didn't have ramps so he was one wheel on the curb crawling on the ground. I glanced at his choice of oil and noticed he had Mobil Super 5w-30. I asked if I could offer some advice and told him about MB requiring the use...
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    World’s most valuable Ford Fusion

    <a href="" target="_blank">Tire Business</a> "Police intercepted about 400 pounds of meth, with a street value of about $3.4 million, packed into spare tires and hidden in the trunks of Ford Fusion cars built in...
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    ‘17 VW GTI 2.0TSi PPE 0w-40 5k

    2017 VW GTI 6-speed with EA888 gen 3 2.0l TSI DI engine. Just turning 40k miles. First oil analysis was Castrol Edge 0w-30, this analysis was Pennzoil Platinum Euro 0w-40. Both bought years ago during AZ and WM clearances paying no more than $2/qt. PPE 0w-40 was in service during the...
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    Cold weather and DOT4-LV

    I now understand why VW and other manufacturers use DOT4-LV. This fall I flushed the brakes of my GTI with Valvoline DOT3/4 as PM. Since it's been brutally cold here in WI for the last week or so my clutch action has been unpredictable, like I'm a novice manual driver. After some research I...
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    ‘19 GTI specs 0w-20 508 00

    Not my car but I thought a discussion could expand on VW's choice to run a lighter oil. At the <a href="" target="_blank">Mk 7</a> forum a new owner is reporting his new ‘19 GTI specs 508 00 oil. This is a 0w-20 oil similar to so the FE...
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    VW 2017 GTI 2.0 5600mi Edge 0w-30

    2017 VW GTI 2.0 TSi. 5594 miles on oil, 29,900 on vehicle. Previous fills were: factory fill-bulk dealer fill in TN at 9,900 miles-Edge Pro at 12,000 miles before purchase-Edge 10w-40-current full of 0w-30 Edge from AZ clearance a couple years ago, Mann filter. Any element <1 not included...