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    W.M. Canada Supertach Syn. $14.97

    Just saw the online flyer, various grades of Supertech are on sale for $14.97. I have never used ST before, but at that price I will get a few jugs.
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    Took the Fumoto Vave Off

    I had a Fumoto F106N valve on my 2011 Kia Optima since the first oil change. I will be trading in the Optima some time this year and wanted to make sure I remembered to take the drain valve off. I let the oil drain for about 45 minutes until the dripping had almost stopped. I then removed...
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    Battery Charging Compatibility

    This is a marine application but I thought I might get more reads and knowledge if I put it here. The Interstate group 27 deep cycle battery in my boat called it quits last fall. It didn't owe me a thing as i have had it for eight years. I purchased an AGM replacement for it yesterday and...
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    Motorcycle Battery Charging

    I usually charge my motorcycle battery every month over the course of the winter. The battery has a vent tube. Do I need to remove the cell caps when slow charging even if it has the vent?
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    2005 Civic Horn Replacement

    It seems I have had this car forever and all of that time I have wanted to replace the wimpy horn. I am not much of a mechanic but do change the oil on my two cars as well as my two kids cars. I have tried to find something online but it is for newer Civics. I know that I have to take the...
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    Silver Wax Nano1 Ceramic

    Has anyone used this ceramic coating before? I am looking at a new vehicle purchase this year and found the Ceramic Nano1 used by new car owners on a couple of other forums with good short term reviews. There were no reviews after one year of application. Anyone used it or have an opinion?
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    Winter Tires on Forte5

    My daughter just purchased a 2015 Forte5 SX with the 1.6 turbo engine. She will need snow tires shortly. The tire size is 225/40R18. My son also has a 2015 base model Forte5. His winter tires are 205/55R16. I don't know the exact size of his summer tires besides that they are 16 inch...
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    Daughter just bought 2015 Kia Forte5

    My daughter just purchased a used 2015 Kia Forte5 with the 1.6 l turbo engine. Has anyone had experience with these engines? How reliable are they? I have never done maintenance on a turbo vehicle. I have an Kia Optima and am hoping that the Forte5 uses the same oil filter .
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    Looking for a Hatchback

    My daughter is going to upgrade from her 2007 Mazda 3 sedan. She wants a hatchback again. She totaled her 2005 Matrix a few years ago and loved that car. The Matrix is no longer made and she is looking to buy a new 2019 or used 2018. What do you think are the best hatchbacks out there?
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    The cloth liner on the door on my 2005 Civic is starting to separate from the plastic door panel. I don't want to use a spray adhesive as it will make a mess in a very small area (the outer 1\2 inch by 6 inches long is starting to roll back). Is there anything that I could brush on. I was...
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    Car Door Fabric Glue

    Part of the fabric on the door of my 2005 Civic is pulling away from the door. Can I use E6000 on this and could I use it in an unheated garage that is just above freezing?
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    Grade of Fuel for Snow Blower

    I have a 2009 Toro 2 stroke single stage snow blower. I have always used regular gas for the mix. Would using a higher octane be better? Would it start any easier ?
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    Mazda 3 vs Toyota Matrix

    My daughter hit a huge raccoon in her 2007 Mazda 3 and the car may be a write-off. She is looking at replacing it with either a 2011 Mazda 3 hatch or a 2010 Toyota Matrix. The price and mileage are similar for both. Any advise one way or the other?
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks. It is supposed to hit 90 degrees today. Good day to be on the boat.
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    Painting Winter Rims

    The winter rims on my 2011 Kia Optima are staring to rust. Numerous spots on the outside and all along the weld on the inside. When I changed the tires a couple weeks ago to my summer tires, I sanded the rusty spots to bare metal and painted the whole rim with RustDestroyer primer. Any...
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    Charging Battery - -Amps?

    I have a 2005 Civic and the battery has been struggling the past couple of weeks in the cold weather. I have only taken short trips with the car the past month. I have a smart charger which allows me to charge at 2, 4 or 6 amps. I am not in a rush. Is it any better to charge a battery at 2...
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    Cleaned Intake Now Revs Are Limited

    I cleaned the intake in my 2005 Honda Civic with the 1.7 l engine. As per instructions I reved the engine after a few hours to help clean it out. The engine would only rev to 4000 - 4200 rpm. When I drive the car however it will rev above that point. I have cleaned the intake before and did...
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    Change The Oil?

    I only put about 1000km (600 miles) on my 450 Nighthawk this year. The days are getting shorter and cooler now and I am going to be putting it into hibernation within the next couple of weeks. Should I change the oil/filter or leave it in for next season? The oil in it is Rotella T 15/40...
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    Canadian Thanksgiving

    I hope all of my fellow Canadians enjoy Thanksgiving tommorrow with family and friends. We have much to be thankful for.
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    Minibike Oil

    I have a 1986 Honda 50 minibike in my basement. My son last rode it about 20 years ago. He is 27 now. I am saving it for grandkids, should they have any. I think I did everything correctly for long term storage when I put the bike away 20 years ago. About ten years ago I changed the oil but...