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    Tearolator Experiment.

    I've been reading DesertRatR's thread on shorter oil filter intervals and it reminded me that I need to report on my 'experiment'. I have a stash of old Pure Ones for my Cadillac. I decided to run them 2,500 miles (half a normal oil change) and cut them open. After examining the three filters...
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    Jetta oil change

    Forgive me, Father BITOG, for I have sinned. I am confessing that I did not use VW approved oil. My niece's roommate needed her oil changed. Since she is a poor college girl, I got her a Microgard oil filter and five quarts of Mobil Super Synthetic 5w-30. Last oil change was at Jicky Lube. I...
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    More doctor's advice

    Disclaimer: This is a joke from Texas, where we drive Chevys & Fords and marry hot babes. Doctor has completed a series of tests and is giving the results to the patient. "Well, Jim," he begins, "There's no easy way to say this. "You only have six months to live." "Well, I knew it was cancer...