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    Autozone Clearance

    As mentioned before, AZ does not show inventory of clearance sku’s. An in-store visit is the only way. Once there, an Autozoner can check nearby stores if they’re willing.
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    Random thought...why do we try to save a few ¢ on oil?

    The Belgian monks spent ages coming up with great beer that travels thousands of miles to be enjoyed all over the world by the few who understand. Oil companies employ young engineers who find the greatest recipe and then the marketing department finds an avenue to bring the greatest profit...
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    How Are Mazda CX-3's

    Small! Since it’s based on the Mazda2 it has virtually no hatch area. the Mazda3 is about the same size on the outside but roomier inside, and more fun to drive. Both are reliable and easy on gas.
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    Autozone Clearance

    Haven’t seen $1 unless it’s been conventional PCMO in many years from AZ.
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    Autozone Clearance

    Clearance products show unavailable but the price is accurate. Visit one store and if they’re not busy they can check nearby stores for inventory. I know Idemitsu is on the shelf around here but none online.
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    Full size spare? Donut spare? Or tire inflator kit?

    My car came with an inflator and sealer bottle. For about $100 I picked up a suitable spare and a new tire. if you’re selling the car do nothing. If my dealer can’t check spare pressure during PDI, I wouldn’t expect a buyer to.
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    Front Jacking Point 2008(-2012) Malibu

    Don't see anything in the front in service instructions. Stick with the Rhino Ramps, they're more than strong enough for a passenger car.
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    Ford AWD PTU lubricant change - first time in 100K miles

    Lots of videos from Makuloco on the subject.
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    What Do You Think About Long-Term (20+ Years) Ownership Potential Of Modern Cars?

    Not true, manufacturers are only required to sell parts during the warranty period. They do not have to stock them, only procure them. Once your bumper to bumper warranty is out on your car you could be out of luck. I’m not keeping my Buick for this reason. It was only made for 2 models...
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    Resurfacing Rotors

    OP, I would at least sand the rotors in a non-directional finish. This removes the existing pad material that’s embedded into the rotor and removes any glaze or polish to the rotor. The rough new surface will help the new pads bed properly and start material transfer. Just make sure they are...
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    Autozone Clearance

    Thank you, in all the years I’ve been here it hasn’t been a problem. We all look forward to the last quarter of the year since AZ is featured prominently in these deals, and they’re national. Hopefully they stick with the past years tactics by halving the price every couple weeks!
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    Autozone Clearance

    Wait a few weeks and it will be half that price
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    MOBIL 1 / 12qt BOX / $25.00!!

    Still $50 here as of yesterday
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    Autozone $4/qt Idemitsu Type TLS and TLS-LV

    Thanks OP. One store had 10 bottles of LV so that will get me through 2 D&F. As mentioned in the AZ brake fluid thread, online does not show the inventory available at stores. After purchase I had him look up nearby stores and there was lots left.
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    Folks with LSD's - Which Gear Lube Do You Use?

    2019 Buick Regal TourX(Vauxhall/Opel Country Tourer) with GKN Twinster, same unit as Focus RS. ACDelco Dexron LS only! Tried Castrol Syntrax LS and it started moaning around right turns. Replaced under warranty so I’m apprehensive to stray again. No additions,ready to install.
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    Pentosin DOT 4 LV 250ml 8.45 fl clearance Autozone 50 percent off

    I picked up 2L (8 clearance bottles) and that should do me. I'll keep an eye out for decreasing prices as AZ typically does this. If it goes to $1 I'll get more. My biggest complaint against AZ is all of the stores showed "unavailable for pickup" online but they had it on the shelves. AZ...
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    Pentosin DOT 4 LV 250ml 8.45 fl clearance Autozone 50 percent off

    I agree, they can be mixed. Low-temp performance of LV would be affected if you top off with non-LV.
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    Pentosin DOT 4 LV 250ml 8.45 fl clearance Autozone 50 percent off

    Thx, I’m due for a change and like the LV for winter. I don’t see harm in using it for any DOT4 application.
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    32 oz Stabil -$8.88- Amazon

    Thx, that’s a good deal for a 2-year Sta-bil. I use the marine version as I don’t need that long and I only need to use 1/4 of the product. More economical if you don’t need more than a year.