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    nitro or methanol.

    a few years ago i was mixing my own nitro / methanol for my RC car. now i have a half gal of each in there own cans. but i dont re member witch is which now.
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    i have a schwinn town and country, 3 wheel bike

    i have a 3 wheel schwinn . town and country. in like new condition. are O . E. M parts available. and if i added a 1 hp engine would that butcher it to much.?
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    2016 frontier.

    early last year i bought a 2016 frontier 5 speed auto trans, V6 engine. iam much happier with it than i thought i would be. it had 45,000 miles when i bought it. it has 60,000 on it now. i just had the trans and rear end fluid changed. i once knew a guy that put thicker oil in his race...
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    top fuel flames.

    many years ago i was corrected about how the flames come out of a top fuel engine. i need to be reminded how that works, thanks.
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    i need a new speakers

    first thing is iam not good with computers. my son started me with ubuntu back in 1992-3. in 12-7-16 my GF set up a new computer for me. RC AMD 8A3.1 GHZ 4GB 500GB WIN10 3TR . / ultra durable GA-F2A68HM-HD2. still using ubuntu. all i need is basic speakers. iam NOT in high...
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    my new years resolution.

    my new years resolution. 1280 x 720
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    ww2 small air compressors

    i have done a lot of industrial air and hydraulic systems. but justly have i have seen WW2 air pics. would a air compressor be on a jeep to air up tires. or why would they be on a B-17, or B-29
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    Bugs Bunny

    why is Bugs Bunny all ways wearing white gloves?
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    I am starting a new organization call loafers united. Our purpose is to spread loafing to a fine art. instructions will be coming soon.
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    Why so many bad CVT trans?

    why is there so many bad CVT transmissions sold to the public? and ill not even talk about fords duel clutch mistake.
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    ISLE of man info

    i was just watching video from ISLE of man. was seeing a pic of the tach. 8,000 rpm was lowest number on the tach. as he was running 14,000 to 16,000 RPM was the running range. bike speed around 200 mph.
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    open black walnut trick

    i thought i posted this once. i bought a nut crusher but black walnuts are VERY hard . what trick do you have?
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    more wiper blades.

    i ask for some leeway. do i remember wiper blades made from brass? or is my 70 years catching up with me?
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    my mom 91 years old died this morning.

    my mom 91 died this morning. she has been in a care home 4 her dieing is no surprise. i have friends to help me. mom was not in pain. the nursing staff could not have been better. cant say the same about the bureaucrats that run the place
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    Verizon flaky

    why does Verizon mess up at least 3 times a week? it drops calls, it kicks my friend of when i call her, calls me back after i hang up. of the dozen different ways it could mess up it does at least 3-4 times a week. do i need a land line?
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    i keep finding people on you tube that are still in to 8 bit commodores. i still have a ton of them. and 200-300 magazines
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    girls and mowers

    my GF left the opening on the mower gas can open. out doors. yep you guessed it. WATER. its fixed now
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    Commodore 8 Bit stuff.

    i have a ton of Commodore 8 bit stuff to get rid of. and i mean a TON of stuff.
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    Ubuntu stick.

    please dont laugh. i for got how to use my 128g lexar stick. as you figured out iam not good with linux. but ill never do without linux
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    back up battery upgrade

    i bought a battery back up set up. can i put a bigger battery in the system. i dont realy care if it can go back in the box. back up 650. battery 6 in long, 3.5 tall, 2 in wide.