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    BMW F31/F30 328d xDrive Differential Oil

    I have put 40k+ miles on the diffs of a 2013 F30 Xdrive using Liqui Moly 75W90 Fully Synthetic Gear Oil (1 Liter) part # LM2048. No issues here. Changed fluid at around 60k. I did the transfer case at the same time using RAVENOL J1C1125 fluid, also no issues other than it being a pain since...
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    ALUMINUM BLACKâ„¢ metal finish touch-up pen

    Birchwood Casey? I used some on a S&W 915 police trade in I bought. It actually worked fairly well, although some spots needed some fine steel wool before it would take. I can't speak to its longevity, but I was pleased with how it turned out.
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    Mixing Coolants

    I have had 6 or so different mixes of all sorts of different coolants in my basement for the last 2+ years and none of them have had any precipitation or gelling. The only major type I don't have is a dexcool equivalent. I have pieces of steel and aluminum in each jar and there is no weird...
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    Transfer Case Fluid

    Which transfer case does the truck have? If the truck has "4A" as an option on the 4WD knob the transfer case should specify Mercon LV.
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    2015+ XC90 differential and transfer case service?

    Who is the OEM of the parts? You may be able to find some info from similar components are used by other manufacturers. I did the transfer case on a BMW 335 xdrive with no drain plug (just a fill plug) on it. The service manual had you remove the entire transfer case from the vehicle. I...
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    DIY Trans Fluid change on Toyota vehicles.

    I've done a few sealed ZF transmissions and an Aisin A750E. I use a thermal imaging camera and a helper to read pan temperature while filling while the car is running, but I would be comfortable using the laser thermometers you can get for cheap. I pump as much fluid in as I can in until it...
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    Shell Rotella Gas Truck: how many people here are using it?

    I picked up 20 quarts of 5W-30 this afternoon and will be putting some in the F150 in the next few weeks. The only reason I'll be using it is because of the clearance sale, and its the best 5w-30 I have on hand.
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    Maxlife ATF

    I have a 6HP (2010 135i) and had a heck of a time trying to find a decently priced compatible fluid for the car. I ended up using Pentosin ATF-1 (part # 1058206), which so far has worked just fine with no issues. I have about 15,000 miles on the fluid at this point. <a...
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    HVAC starter capacitor leads

    Is there a contactor in there? You may want to replace that as well (and it may possibly be the problem). I have two units at my house from the mid 80's that still run and work fine. A few years ago I replaced a few capacitors and the contactors as preventative maintenance, and keep a...
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    Not All Mid-Grade Blended At the Pump

    I'm not from MD, but I've been in the fuel business for a while. None of the gas stations I've dealt with in the Midwest have midgrade tanks, everything is blended at the pump. We also almost never have ethanol free gas as your typical gas stations, but that would be a separate tank. OP...
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    Educate me on 0w40 please

    I use Castrol Edge 0W-40 in both BMW's, but that is because it is cheap, readily available, and approved by the manufacturer (LL-01). None of the other 0W-40's can beat that combo.
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    ZF lifeguard 6 Atf

    I've had Pentosin ATF1 in mine for the last 12,000 miles with no issues. I would have tried maxlife, but from the research I did the viscosity of the Pentosin was closer to lifeguard 6.
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    when/if to change trans fluid? miles or years?

    I typically don't buy cars that have less than 50,000 miles on them, and I have always drained/refilled the fluid and replaced the filter when I got the car. I've never had a transmission problem either, but that isn't saying anything. Even on cars with low (50-60k) miles, every single pan...
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    Some Shell/Chevron gas station sell unbranded fuel

    Short answer, they can't (legally) do that. To be branded, they are contracted through a branded jobber, who is contracted to only deliver branded gas to the station. Tracers are added at the terminal level, and they can and do check the sites occasionally. And honestly, they can usually...
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    Running higher than recommended octane fuel

    One thing to consider when buying premium gas is where you buy it - a small independent gas station, or a high volume corporate owned chain store. The premium at the small stations can sit for weeks, even months giving it a higher chance of phase separation or contamination. Small...
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    BMW 335xi transfer case fluid

    I'm using "RAVENOL J1C1125 Transfer Case Fluid TF-0870 - Full Synthetic" in the 2013 xdrive - Its about $30 on amazon and has been in the car for 10k miles with no issues.
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    I've used simple tire before, they had the lowest price that I could find on the tires I was looking for. I had no issues, they shipped quickly with tracking numbers and were recent production tires as well.
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    DIY Penetrol, Fluid film, Krown, waxoyl, Sander's, Noxudol?

    I'm using CRC SP400 on my Tacoma - I can't really talk about its longevity, but it did have good results in the informal tests I found when I searched the web a while back. For $10/can on amazon, I thought it wasn't too expensive either. <a...
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    Most amount of miles on vehicle u bought?

    318,000 on a 1994 Camry, bought off the neighbors for $150 after it sat for 8 months. (Neighbors kid got a DUI in it) I did a ton of work on it for fun, and sold it with 321,257 to some friends who are still driving it. Allegedly the engine had been replaced at one point, and I was able to...
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    Removing ethinol from gas

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Don't forget, you're dropping the octane by doing this.