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    Race Fuel - Worth It?

    itll make a difference in your pocket. Thats about it. Now non ethanol on the other hand...
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    The Big 3 upgrades on the electrical system

    I do like to watch some Eric O. and Mrs. O
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    The Big 3 upgrades on the electrical system

    Say if you upgrade anything or add accessories like fancy stereos. I kind of want to do it just to do it. redundancy is always good. Grounds are always good. Good grounds are great.
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    Need some schooling on Roof fans....

    Man I had attic vents in my attic from the previous owner. I did an experiment. I have gable vents and a ridge vent but no soffit vents. Fans going I checked the temps every day at a certain time. Did this for a couple of days. Then I unplugged the fans and rechecked the temps in the attic...
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    Battery voltage too low?

    Is never got more than 3 years out of a panasonic battery and I've had two of them. You done good but I will think you'll be shopping soon
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    Normal turbo noise?

    I thought that was compressor surge and supposed to be bad. At least that's what I was told with my turbodiesel mercedes. Course that's an older design.
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    Youth .22LR ?

    I'd like a CZ as well. But I went with a Ruger American in youth for my wife. I like it too.
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    fl22 benefit over zerex?

    The only problem I have with taking either in my Mazda is they only come in 50/50
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    2021 Mazda 3 Reportedly Adding Turbo, but No Mazdaspeed Variant

    It still makes me mad I couldn't buy my Mazda 6 with a sunroof and a manual transmission. You can get the 3 top of the line with manual but I don't like the 3. The 6 is almost perfect in every way but no manual.
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    1991 Crown Vic

    That's pretty sweet. I had a 1988 crown vic sedan. I did enjoy it. Braking in wet weather wasn't fun though. I slid through an intersection sideways once.
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    Post your latest parts purchase

    Rear passenger window regulator for the Buick from the Dealer. used to work the parts department there so ingot a good deal.
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    2006 TSX Rad flush - has non-Honda fluid

    If it were me id flush a few times with distilled water. Maybe even remove the thermostat to do the flush and replace with a new OE thermostat after. Since I'm pretty anal about the coolant I wouldnt buy 50/50. You can get Toyota red concentrate or pentofrost concentrate to make the correct...
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    Flushing cooling system with bad water pump

    That's pretty much how I'd do it. My last flush I did on the Buick with distilled water and I took the thermostat out to speed the process up
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    Battery Rebate?

    I brought a group 65 battery to the scrapyard and got $9.90 for it.
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    What's the temperature in your area today?

    I think it got to 99 today. I went into the attic and it was 116.
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    On my wedding day i wore my tux with a Hamilton khaki on a blue and white nato strap. Did it go together? Probably not. I don't care.
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    I have a Hamilton khaki that's currently on a nato strap because I wore out the leather band it came with. Good watch. I'm currently waiting for a spot to open up with a guy to do some work on my dad's old Seiko 6105 diver. The rest are my casios