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    2009 Mazda 5 - brake pad slap in deteriorating weather

    Installed the winter tires a couple of days ago, and discovered that the front pads, although with lots of meat remaining, were almost through the wear groove. I thought this would be a way better job now than possibly in the winter. Might have made it through to the April, but no guarantees...
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    Weird Shimano shifter mechanism spotted on a Trek bike

    Out for a walk the other day, and spotted this bike, likely stolen and abandoned, at a bus stop. What the heck is that Shimano device near the crank? Is it an automatic shifter, or perhaps a shift-by-wire type? Trek is usually well-regarded, so I figure the shifter thing is a big step up from...
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    2009 Kia Sedona - brake parts - recommendations on brand(s)

    Hello all - We'll be doing the brakes all around on my son's 2009 Kia Sedona van. Well, actually it will be him doing the work - my gimpy hand is still in a splint after a bike crash a few weeks ago. But anyway, I'm looking at the myriad of choices of brake parts out there, and it's...
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    2012 Chevrolet Sonic - Stabilizer Bar End-Links - AC Delco vs. GM Genuine

    Hello all - The title pretty much says it all. I'm ordering front stabilizer bar end-links for my friend's 2012 Sonic. Rock Auto has a variety. He's had bad luck with Brand X sourced locally, so I recommended OEM. The local dealer he tried was pretty pricey - C$82 each, plus tax, IIRC, so...
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    Vehicle Sighting - 1957 Ford Ranchero

    Spotted this classic a couple of weeks ago. I wish the owner had been there so I could have a had a look under the hood. Given the dual exhaust, I presume the engine is a V8.
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    Toyota Yaris badly overheated - any hope?

    My friend phoned yesterday, asking for assistance in diagnosing issues with his son-in-law's commuter car, a 2009 Toyota Yaris. (The Yaris was Toyota's subcompact of the day, succeeding the Echo.) Son-in-law had reported the check-engine light on. I agreed to walk over to my friend's house...
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    2009 Kia Sedona - unusual wear on rear disc brakes

    This is regarding my son's vehicle, a 2009 Kia Sedona van. We replaced the rear brake pads and rotors about 18 months/25K km ago. He and his family are on a road trip. One rear brake started making a bad grinding noise. We've been troubleshooting together by text and phone to try to get this...
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    Helped a passing cyclist with an emergency repair

    I've been laid up for almost a couple of weeks now after crashing my bike. My left (dominant) hand and forearm are in a cast while my reattached thumb ligament heals after surgery a week ago. Glad I finished overhauling my friend's bike a few days before my accident, because I can't do much...
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    Ford F-150 w/ EB V6 - internal chain-driven water pump?

    Guys - Talking with a friend earlier today, who was pretty sure that the Ford F-150 Eco-boost engines (2.7 and 3.5 l) all have the dreaded internal chain-driven water pump. I was skeptical; I thought that only the Duratec V6 engines had the internal water pump, and only when the engine was...
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    Mayochup Saw this in Safeway a couple of days ago ... felt sort of queasy just looking at it. Could be quite good though - has anyone here tried it?
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    25 mm wide rim - go wider than a 32 mm tire?

    Hello all. Brought my 2010 Kona Dew Deluxe hybrid out of retirement, mostly because I hate to see it just hanging there, unused. Our roads are such here that the mountain and fat bikes get most of the mileage. Anyway, the Schwalbe 700 x 32 mm tires feel awfully skinny after the other bikes...
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    Vehicle sighting - 1959 Chevy El Camino

    Out for a walk with friends a few days ago, and spotted this beautifully restored '59 El Camino. The original powertrain has been replaced by a 350 crate motor/4-speed automatic. Talked to the owner who did the work over four years. He farmed out the body and paint to a friend, but did the...
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    Checking out older minivans

    We went down to one vehicle a bit over a year and a half ago, when we gave our big van ('09 Kia Sedona) to our older son and his family. We've been running just the one smaller van ('09 Mazda 5) since then. With the Mazda getting older now, it's laid up for the occasional repair. As well...
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    '09 Mazda 5 - Manual - suspected broken shifter cable

    The title pretty much says it - driving our 5-speed Mazda 5 yesterday, the shifting was smooth and wonderful as always, until it wasn't. The shift lever suddenly went floppy. We were able to coast off onto a side street in a seedy part of town. My wife phoned CAA for a tow, and then set off...
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    2014 Dodge Grand Caravan - rear stabilizer bar?

    I drove a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan owned by relatives, and noticed some knocking/clunking on unpaved rural roads. The van has high miles for the year (318K km, or almost 200K miles) but a lot of that is probably highway miles. The owners bought it from a rural dealership with a lot of miles...
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    2016 Dodge Grand Caravan - suspected clockspring problem

    Hello all - My friend bought a used 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan for his daughter and family a few months ago. It was high mileage for the year (c. 160K km/100K miles) but in good shape, and the price was good. I think there are still a few months of the one-year powertrain warranty (offered by...
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    2012 Sonic - flashing "D" light

    Hello wise Bitoggeratti - My friend phoned earlier today, a bit panicked. His Sonic (1.8 l, automatic) was running very poorly, the check-engine light was on (solid, not flashing), and the "D" light on the transmission gear selector was flashing. He limped over with the car (worried the car...
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    Vehicle sighting - 1969 Chevy Impala

    Here's the 2nd great car on the same garage lot - a '69 Impala. The '69 is tied with the '63 as my favourite full-size Chevy. Heresy, but as nice as this 2-dr notchback is, I prefer the 4-dr sedan or hardtop. It's equipped with the ubiquitous 350 (which was new for that year). The base V8...
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    Vehicle sighting - 1967 Chevy Nova

    Spotted a couple of fine old Chevys this morning. Here's the first, a '67 Nova:
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    Vehicle sighting - 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang

    Saw this early Mustang when I went to pick up my winter bike frame from the powder-coater's place. First thought was, 'Hey, they forgot to put the V8 decal back on'. But no, they gave me a tour, and the car is equipped with a straight-6. 170? 200? No tag under the hood with the engine info...