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    Walmart Pulling Guns

    My walmart that's 100' away is actually pretty good. The one that's 15 minutes away is like I just walked into the south side of chicago at 2AM.
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    Normal turbo noise?

    That's normal, all turbos have BOV/BPVs.
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    Test drove an ecoboost 2.0L I4- cannot hear the turbo. Why?

    You'll hear the turbo if you install an air filter that is more open like a cone intake (such as the ones you can buy from Autozone.) Closed box intakes like OEMs use deaden the sound significantly.
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    What's happened to Verizon Wireless?

    In all fairness, the other 2 supercarriers do the same thing where you can no longer upgrade at a reduced price. What really ticks me off is the "tier'd" plans where I just can't have a normal unlimited everything plan, including 720p+ streaming. Now I have to buy a higher tier plan. With...
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    Goodbye high dollar phone bill - Trying Mint Mobile

    I'm still on an old Unlimited everything Sprint plan from ~2014. If it wasn't $55/month including international I would have probably switched if these new plans weren't tier'd.
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    Casual Walking Shoes

    You should go to a specialized running store if you want a professional opinion. Everybody is different and prefers certain things. Me, I like 0-drop or near 0 drop shoes that are lightweight and flexible but my criteria would kill anybody's legs that aren't used to that. A lot of people like...
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    European Car Ownership

    I'd say it's responsive and easy to read but the menus are cluttered.
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    Insurance company WANTS to pay out $7200 claim?

    Subbed for this. Insurance didn't want to pay out to replace all 4 tires on the evo when I got in an accident.
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    Hyundai Motor shares dive after engine woes prompt third-quarter profit warning

    Indeed. I've found that a lot of recalls were safety measures in "could cause a fire." That seemed to be the utmost importance when issuing recalls compared to say, the Ford powershift that was a huge issue but no risk of fire.
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    Altima Cop Car

    I've never seen or heard Illinois having police copters that join in on pursuits - I thought it was just SAR but some biker buddies of mine have said they'll break out the helos if they expect that weekend to be crazy. ISP here will definitely still go on high-speed pursuit chases though. Near...
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    New PPE Helmet

    I agree it'll make you look like scuba steve, but I'm not in the medical position the OP is in. His seems pretty severe if sweeping the garage floor irritates his asthma that bad.
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    All Electric MACK Trash Truck

    Chicago's CTA is around 100 miles/day, not including the PACE bus systems that goes from the ~20-40 miles out into the city too.
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    Circle K gasoline

    I don't mind them. It seems like they're a lot more cleaner and busier than most Mobile/Exxon, and some BP and shell stations. I normally just use my local speedway. They have the most pumps, I have their loyalty card, and is usually the busiest gas station within a 10 mile radius. There's...
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    Repair shops suck

    I've only had 1 shop I've been to so far that was been good - but I've only used them once. A friend brought his evo in to a well known evo shop for ALOT of work (all drivetrain work, including clutch, built trans and transfer case, and whatever work that we couldn't do in the garage) and they...
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    Do you drive with a spare, run flats, or neither?

    I almost ran into an entire re-tread at night on I-25 in Wyoming a couple years ago. It was sitting in the middle of the left lane as I was about to move over after passing a truck. It would have destroyed my entire front bumper and everything else up ther. I can't believe these things are legal.
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    Best "normal" brake fluid......

    If you want the absolute best, Castrol SRF. It's not cheap. Motul 600 is one of the better price/performance ratio you'll come across.
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    European Car Ownership

    So he hates the cars because of the owners? Seems quite juvenile.
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    buy a 2008 ford focus with 180,000 km? or no?

    2008 has the 4-speed automatic. Overall it's a pretty reliable vehicle, assuming the one your friend is looking at looks and drives decent.
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    Tire and alignment question

    Except when the customer knows how the alignment should be. I saved so much money by buying the package in the 2 years I've had it. And if they didn't do it right on the readout, I'll take it straight back.