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  1. ls1mike

    2008 6.0 Vortec, low oil pressure?

    Yeah when I did the LS6 intake in the WS6 I broke the sending unit and put an aftermarket sensor in. It read low. I went and got a GM one, read what I was used to.
  2. ls1mike

    Added small rear spoiler to Caprice.

    Well lets see the 9C3. :)
  3. ls1mike

    Added small rear spoiler to Caprice.

    I have since got rid of that one and added the true Holden spoiler 300 shipped from Australia, 250 painted to match .
  4. ls1mike

    2008 6.0 Vortec, low oil pressure?

    You changed the sensor at the same time as the oil? What brand sensor? I wouldn't even mess with it. Even though my 2017 is different it has a variable displacement oil pump it will sit between 25-30 PSI at hot idle. In my LS1 I have seen a 15 psi difference between a GM sensor and an...
  5. ls1mike

    Altima Cop Car

    So I own an upfitted 9C1 Caprice. The interior is different than the civilian versions. The drive train is a plain ole L77/6L80E just like every other civilian Caprice. OIl cooler, large transmission cooler which the civilian version uses. The only difference in the suspension is the springs...
  6. ls1mike

    America's Best Bang for the Buck?

    0-60 for the current 455HP Camaro is 4.0, with reported 1/4 mile times of 12.00 to 12.60 at about 117 mph depending on options, driver. When Motortrend tested the 1998 Z28 it went 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, usually the accepted value is 5.1ish. with a 1/4 mile of 13.20 to 13.60 depending on...
  7. ls1mike

    New Cars and Financial Ineptitude

    I don't think anyone here knows how much someone makes just based off what they drive. The only things I have financed currently are the house and the truck. I am not going to judge anyone else because it is none of my business. Really I could be driving better than a Malibu and never in...
  8. ls1mike

    Repair shops suck

    If I find I can't do something I have always had luck with a couple of indy shops that will listen and know my skill level. Never been a fan of the dealer, not because of the mechanics, but because of the service writers/advisors.
  9. ls1mike

    Bought me a Kia Stinger

    Looks very nice.
  10. ls1mike

    GM 3800 carnage

    I have seen those before but that is like what I had in my 71 K5. The 3800 in the W-body had all metal parts with a small tensioner.
  11. ls1mike

    Most significant common cars of, lets call it the "Modern" period

    I am just going to go with a couple of groups. I don't think one car except for maybe the Prius or a Tesla was ground braking enough to matter. But mini vans and pickup trucks have changed what people drive and buy. The Mini Van essentially became the SUV/CUV and pickups, well I can't believe...
  12. ls1mike

    GM 3800 carnage

    The only timing chains I have ever replaced in pushrod engines were when I was doing a cam upgrade. I have never had one fail or stretch enough to matter.
  13. ls1mike

    GM 3800 carnage

    Yeah I have done few too. I think the original had a bearing that would go bad and it would clunk...loudly. I bought a replacement from Rack Doctor on line was a quality unit with all the updates.
  14. ls1mike

    "Tow Pig" build

    I am sure Clinebarger will answer you. Cline is really experienced and probably does all that on his own. For me when I do my head/cam swaps on LSx stuff I will talk to people with similar setups. There are so many groups and people who have done LSx swaps/upgrades you can bet someone has done...
  15. ls1mike

    Ever bought a car sight unseen?

    1985 Dodge Lancer Turbo 15 years ago on Ebay. It was an hour away. Winning bid was 180 dollars. I had planned to use some parts for another one I had. It turned out to be very clean and I sourced a junk yard engine for it. Ran great for 6 years. I gave it to a lady I knew who needed a car.
  16. ls1mike

    Can’t quiet down a new PS pump

    A new one is good. The Trans Am's pump failed when the pressure line failed before I put new motor mounts in...large cam, choppy idle, engine moving around, line broke. I put a rebuilt one in. So loud even over the cam and exhaust. new one has been in for 9 years. Should have went new the first...
  17. ls1mike

    Whatever happened to......

    The government used to get those, they don't even do that anymore. GSA says resale. The trucks where I work do have rubber, but have decent radios, cruise, power windows, power door looks, just plain optioned better than a work truck. My last truck was a true W/T trim. 4 door, long bed, 2wd...
  18. ls1mike

    Garage burned down to the ground! Where do I start on tools?

    I am sorry to hear it. Not sure what you do for a living or how often you your tools but I would start at good old Harbor Freight to get you going. Try some local pawn shops and Craigslist too.
  19. ls1mike

    GM 3800 carnage

    Why did they have to do the timing chain so early on? I have never done one on a 3800.
  20. ls1mike

    GM 3800 carnage

    Yeah I have done 5 or 6 different 3800 intake gasket with no issue. I have two separate ones go over 210,000 and my old Buick is with my buddy closing in on 200,000. Either someone one messed up or they just got a bad one.