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    Goodbye high dollar phone bill - Trying Mint Mobile

    My thirty bucks to Boost is $30, no additional fees. Think my granddaughters 5 gig Hello plan (T-MOBILE) is just $15 no additional fees.
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    Goodbye high dollar phone bill - Trying Mint Mobile

    Been paying Dish/Boost $30 for 4 gigs, now they're pushing a $15/4 gig bring your own phone plan. Will I have to go to one of their none too pleasant stores and get in a fight over fine print? Will they make me buy a replacement non Boost phone?
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    Goodbye high dollar phone bill - Trying Mint Mobile

    Plenty of good MVNO's out there. My grand daughter just went with Hello which is cheaper than Mint. There's also a bunch of companies that sound just like it Helio, Tello, etc. I guess my Boost plan is MVNO with TMo for the next couple of years until Dish (hopefully) builds its 5G out...
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    Off Brand Oil

    So who's the suspected blender? Without pulling out my bottle of Harvest King, it looks a bit Warren Oil-ish.
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    45 Months on a $50 Walmart Battery in Phoenix

    Shouldn't have posted cause it put a curse on my battery. I got a 26R battery which Walmart failed to install because it "didn't fit". Guess Walmart wanted to sell me the proper size for twice as much. I'm clumsy but got it in in about 45 minutes. Hopefully I can get 30 months out of it...
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    Altima Cop Car

    As far as high speed chasin'. I ran library services for the blind and physically handicapped for Georgia in the early seventies. We were in an old farmer's market with surplus popular, a training facility for disabled and a department of education film library. A weigh scale was at the...
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    Hyundai Motor shares dive after engine woes prompt third-quarter profit warning

    Four Kias and a Hyundai with no major troubles. Usually saves me a thou per car on repairs over the GM cars I've owned. It may catch up with me.
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    2016 Escape tires

    2,5 years in, I'm still liking my Wally World only General Exclaim HPX's.
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    Altima Cop Car

    Back to the original post. Since there were only four cars on the lot, I'd think that detective cars would be the best bet. Why do you need an Explorer for that?
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    Restore engine restorer

    Restore is a bit like the late great Earl Scheib $50 paint job ( and I'm old enough to remember when they were far cheaper then that)-- gives new life to a beater. A Project Farm favorite. Fond memories.
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    Altima Cop Car

    I've flown over New Mexico in late May and peaks above the timberline were snow covered.
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    Altima Cop Car

    These are new at a St Charles County dealer. Didn't even buy locally.
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    Altima Cop Car

    St Louis County has almost 100 municipalities some which exist only to grab money from poor people. Numerous post Ferguson lawsuits resulted in some police consolidation. Still too many villages where Pop is the chief of police and Mom runs a liquor store and doubles as traffic judge. Only a...
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    Altima Cop Car

    Shows what happens when American companies abandon sedans. Four of 'em ready for delivery. This is a consortium of several small St. Louis County PD's that (for good reason) combined after Ferguson. Sporty wheels for a cop car though. Thought they'd probably spec and pay extra for a...
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    Altima Cop Car

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    Experiences buying tires at

    Never had a problem with tires or installation
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    New Cars and Financial Ineptitude

    I've read more and more Robin Hood warnings. Where have I seen this before?🤪😣
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    New Cars and Financial Ineptitude

    You're making 22%?
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    USPS Drama

    That's why they have a circumcised unit on the side of their truck.