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  1. sw99

    2019 Ram 1500 drive shaft rust

    My FORD has an aluminum one so no rust. Everything else underneath has surface rust though...
  2. sw99

    Diesel 15W-40 for dirt bike

    I have run Rotella T5 10w30, Delo XLE 10w30 and Rotella T4 15w40 & T6 5w40 and never any issues.
  3. sw99

    OMG, I love it...

    Wow that is some work there.
  4. sw99

    Valve cover removed - 09 Highlander

    Good looking internals!
  5. sw99

    Super Tech Box-O-Oil Experience

    I fill empty 5 qt containers with the box/bags. I got them for very cheap so I don't mind the extra hassle.
  6. sw99

    Buying a 2002 Chevy Impala

    Yea really check the transmission. They had some pretty bad issues. My 05' had all sorts of shifting and clunking issues.
  7. sw99

    2k miles on oil in 1 year...go longer?

    I would do 2-3 years at that rate. That is good oil!
  8. sw99

    2020 Kia Rio Hatchback with CVT

    These failure rates are very low given the amount of vehicle that now have them. Bash them all you would like but these iVT's are actually really good compared to others out there.
  9. sw99

    Virgin Federated Auto Parts PG4476F Oil Filter Cut Open

    Looks well constructed. I would those all day long. Thanks for the photos and video!
  10. sw99

    2020 Kia Rio Hatchback with CVT

    The Hyundai/Kia iVT is very good.
  11. sw99

    First time motorcycle buyer

    Enjoy that Suzuki!
  12. sw99

    New bike break-in & highway riding

    It's a Yamaha. I personally would not even bother with buying an extended warranty.
  13. sw99

    Denso FTF 150-2016 - C&P 3k miles

    Good looking filter!
  14. sw99

    Carvana experience

    We sold our Subaru there also. Very simple and they gave us more than any dealer was offering.
  15. sw99

    Super tech 12 quart box

    Still have about 6 of those in the basement. Someone posted on here when they were $10 a box so I grabbed what I could find. Good oil!
  16. sw99

    Transmission flush and fill on a 2006 Corolla 94,400 miles

    Glad you got it done! I picked up my 2008 Corolla last year at 93k. Not knowing the service history I immediately did a D&F also. In fact I have done three to date and I/m at 116k now. I use ML just because it's easy to order from WM online and it's only $17 a jug. Transmission shifts fantastic...
  17. sw99

    2019 Kia - Fuel overflowing at fill up

    Thanks everyone. Yes, it happens every fill up and I have used different stations. Looks like I'll be making an appt at the dealer soon.
  18. sw99

    2019 Kia - Fuel overflowing at fill up

    Happens every time I fill up. If I set the fuel lock on the pump, when it fills up I get several ounces that spill down the side of the vehicle? What's the problem?
  19. sw99

    [Cut Open] FRAM Ultra XG7317 (6230 miles)

    Looks great! thanks for the photos.
  20. sw99

    2020 Brute Force 300 Transmission oil

    ST is a great low cost option.