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  1. Number_35

    Who makes Canadian Supertech?

    Was that an external heater like a battery blanket?
  2. Number_35

    Who makes Canadian Supertech?

    Dad's '67 Newport (383) had same. I wonder if that was a Chrysler thing?
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    Who makes Canadian Supertech?

    It's interesting to check out old torn-down engines that have lived here - you can see minimal cylinder wear closest to the immersion block heater, with wear increasing as you move away from the heater. Another interesting thing: Assuming the engine has been completely cold-soaked (let's say...
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    Who makes Canadian Supertech?

    Hey, another Winnipegger - welcome! I like the idea of oil pan heaters and dipstick heaters, but the next oil change will be on Jr's van. He often has to park on the street, so can't plug in. The Mobil 1 0W-30 should serve him well. I run a block heater and an onboard trickle charger on my...
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    Who makes Canadian Supertech?

    Good point! In fairness, the test compares 0W-30 Mobil 1 to 5W-30 SuperTech, and probably says more about 0W vs 5W than it does about Mobil 1 vs SuperTech. Unfortunately, I didn't see any 0W SuperTech oil at Walmart, and didn't find any online. I'll likely stick to Mobil 1 0W-30 for winter...
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    what is the best v6 ever made?

    The Precidia was sold here as the MX-3. A 1.8 l V6 was available as an option. It was claimed to be the smallest-displacement mass-produced V6 ever. The base engine was a 1.6 l inline-4.
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    Mazda CX5 Dipstick

    I think that the Mazda 5 would have the old Ford Duratec engine, wouldn't it? Not sure whether a '13 Mazda 6 would be running a SkyActiv engine or the same Duratec as the 5. The OP's CX-5 engine would definitely be Mazda's SkyActiv-G engine.
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    Who makes Canadian Supertech?

    I just saw some of this earlier this afternoon @ Walmart. I've been a Mobil 1 user for a long time, and have never considered Supertech seriously, but this was a great price - C$14.99 for 5 litres. (Typically I usually buy Mobil 1 on sale - typically there's a 4.4 l jug with a 1 l bonus...
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    The Bizarre Behavior of Rotating Bodies, Explained

    Very interesting video - thanks for posting! This reminded me of a weird novel I read back in the late '80s, The Hab Conspiracy, in which it's discovered that every few thousand years the weight of the polar ice caps builds up until the Earth flips 90°, putting the ice caps where the equator...
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    Do you know your blood type?

    B Positive here. Apparently I'm a 9%er.
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    A visit from Mr. Murphy.

    My Welsh boss used to refer to Sod's Law. I'd never heard the term before.
  12. Number_35

    First oil filter you ever bought

    It was a Fram for my '70 Corolla. Per Fram's online application guide, it would have been a PH2825. The oil was almost certainly Quaker State 10W-30 conventional. Later on I bought a lot of Fram PH30 filters for my Chevys.
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    Professional Family Photos

    Beautiful family! Your cat looks like a more prosperous version of one of ours. The blue eyes indicate that there's some Siamese in there. :)
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    Weird Shimano shifter mechanism spotted on a Trek bike

    Thank you! That's a very interesting system.
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    2009 Mazda 5 - brake pad slap in deteriorating weather

    Arg, I just checked the FSM (which I should have done first), and you're all correct; the minimum acceptable pad thickness is 2.0 mm. Mine were down to around 6.5 mm. I may save the old ones and swap them in again at some point in the future.
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    2009 Mazda 5 - brake pad slap in deteriorating weather

    Yikes, I'll keep an eye on it! Seasonal tire changes mean brake inspection twice a year for me. Have you found a better product?
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    2009 Mazda 5 - brake pad slap in deteriorating weather

    I was very OCD about cleaning up the caliper carrier and the pins. Used Permatex purple ceramic disc brake lube. You can see the plastic bottle of lube to the lower left of the bottom photo. I'm not rich enough to replace prematurely worn pads every three months! Based on the pad wear, the...
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    2009 Mazda 5 - brake pad slap in deteriorating weather

    Installed the winter tires a couple of days ago, and discovered that the front pads, although with lots of meat remaining, were almost through the wear groove. I thought this would be a way better job now than possibly in the winter. Might have made it through to the April, but no guarantees...
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    Weird Shimano shifter mechanism spotted on a Trek bike

    Out for a walk the other day, and spotted this bike, likely stolen and abandoned, at a bus stop. What the heck is that Shimano device near the crank? Is it an automatic shifter, or perhaps a shift-by-wire type? Trek is usually well-regarded, so I figure the shifter thing is a big step up from...