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    1991 Crown Vic

    I have no interest in this listing - other than for the entertainment value on BITOG! <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>1-of-3-1991-ford-crown-victoria-ltd-lx-wagon/<wbr></a>
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    Best Polish for clear coat scratches?

    Here in Utah you can either leave salt on your car-or go thru a car wash. Ultimately-they cause very light scratches. I have an orbital polisher-but would like a suggestion on the best polish to take the clear coat scratches out. Is it necessary to clay bar first? Thanks in advance.
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    "Dark Night" Crown Vic

    It's the best of both worlds! A Crown Vic Gotham PD Police car. For sale on Auto Trader. (90,000 miles) $3,995.00
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    2019 Ranger Retraction

    While the written process provided to us listed the removal of a LF wheel arch access panel, held in place by nine fasteners, Ford North American product communications manager Mike Levine states only three fasteners need to be removed in order to peel back the flap to access the oil filter. The...
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    Forget about changing your own oil in new Ford Ranger

    Here are the procedures for changing the oil in a new Ford Ranger 2.3 motor-- After removing the left front wheel, a technician or owner must then remove an access panel secured by nine push-pin retainers. From there, one removes the filter with an end cap tool. To actually drain the oil...
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    New 2018 Silverado Crew Cab LTZ.

    So I was going to buy a NEW truck 12 to 18 months down the road. However-after looking at the 2019 Silverado front end-which is hideous IMHO-the Chevrolet dealer made me an offer I literally could walk away from. So-$7,250.00 in rebates coupled with a $25,000.00 trade (plus additional dealer...
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    New Camry Hybrid really "thin oil"

    The engine is a 2.5-liter inline four that has variable valve timing, runs on the Atkinson cycle, and has a near-diesel 14.0:1 compression ratio. It also uses a new super lightweight 0w16 grade oil that further reduces internal friction and losses.
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    Extended Drain Fram Filter

    So we just picked up a new Hyundai Santa Fe with the 3.3. So thinking about 5,000 mile oil changes with a conventional oil-Brand yet to be determined. I was wondering what the opinions are on the FRAM CH10855 Cartridge Oil Filter for two drain intervals-a total of 10,000 miles. Any thoughts?
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    The new "Crown Vic"

    <a href="" title="httpblogcaranddrivercomcouldchevroletboltevbecomethecrownvicofridehailingsrcsocialflowFBampmagcdbampdomfb"...
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    New to me 2012 Sierra SLT

    I found a rare truck that is 5 years old with only 23,000 miles on it. I purchased this the end of the year-finally got around to registering for a photo hosting site. I traded in a 2011 Silverado 2WD LT for this fully loaded 4WD truck. It's got leather, Bose Radio, memory seats, integrated...
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    1 Year Oil/2 year Filter Change -2011 Silverado?

    I have a 2011-Silverado 5.3 used pretty much used for towing. It's coming up on 1 year and the OLM reads 15%. The oil has 8,000 Miles on it. (Mobil One with a Fram Ultra Filter). Do I need to change the Fram Ultra-or can it go two years and approximately 15,000 miles? I rather not change it if...
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    2011 Silverado Automatic 6 speed

    I am looking to do a fluid exchange on the truck in the post title. I called an Amsoil dealer and they wanted over $13.00 a quart for their transmission fluid for my truck. I have read many good things about Valvoline being a true synthetic as well-and that can be purchased from Amazon at...
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    Dex 4 plus additive pkg makes Dex 6 ?

    So-I have a 2011-Silverado that I use for a tow vehicle. I bought everything I needed for an oil change and I couldn't get the drain plug loose. It wouldn't budge.(Last time it was changed by the dealer was back in March). So I take my oil and filter down to the local Jiffy Lube and got a whole...