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  1. CarbonSteel

    Mother's CMX Ceramic Wash & Coat

    I typically use Mother's products inside and out on my vehicles. Recently, I tried the CMX wash and coat and I am not sure what to make of it. It does not produce much suds and it is hard to tell if it is actually cleaning. The spray finishing coat went on like a breeze and came off easily as...
  2. CarbonSteel

    Spied 2 Ford Broncos in Dillon, CO Today

    Saw 2 of them in the "camo" covers driving down Hwy 6 between Dillon and Keystone. I wanted to turn around and snap some photos, but traffic did not allow. I am guessing they were headed to one of the off-road trails in the area for some testing. Looked pretty good heading down the road.
  3. CarbonSteel

    Shell Spirax HD Gear Oil (85W-140)

    I picked up 8 quarts of this to use as break-in oil when I re-gear my JLUR to 4.88 from 4.10. It was $2.39 a quart on Pep Boys ebay site with free shipping. Curious if anyone has used it and what experiences they had with it..
  4. CarbonSteel

    10 Years Of BITOG

    I realized today that I have been on BITOG for 10 years (September 26th). It all began with buying a new 2010 Ford FX4 and searching for “the best oil” (none of us have done that have we?). Though I had a bit of knowledge, I have acquired so much more over the course of my being here. Folks like...
  5. CarbonSteel

    2019 Jeep Rubicon [1 Year and 20K Miles]

    I changed mine today with one of the Amazon Basics CF10728 (2 Pack). It has been in service 1 year and 20K miles. Fairly dirty with a few bugs. The Amazon filter fit "ok", as I suspect most of them do, of course the pleats are running in the opposite direction from the OEM filter, but it seems...
  6. CarbonSteel

    RGT VOA - 0W-20+5W-30 (60/40 mix)

    I scored 115 QTs of 0W-20 and 80 QTs of 5W-30 for the AAP RGT sale and have decided to run it in a 60/40 mix. A VOA of the mix for any who are interested from Polaris Labs. My 5K run had the TBN at 2.68 (down from 6.44). My viscosity also sheared a bit from 9.6 to 8.7, meaning it started as a...
  7. CarbonSteel

    FRAM Ultra XG11665 [10K Miles]

    From my Rubicon with two 5K OCs. The Pentastar tends to twist its filters and the FRAM is one of the shorter ones. I have tried to pre-lube both o-rings and the base to no avail, it makes no difference, they still twist a bit. I will likely run the new one for the full 20K (four 5K OCs). Enjoy!
  8. CarbonSteel

    Witnessed the worst case of "death wobble" I have ever seen...

    I am currently on a road trip to YNP and on the way, just north of Idaho Falls, there was a white late model Dodge 3/4-ton 4x4 that passed me on north highway 20 at 70ish mph. Just as he came alongside, we crossed a short bridge that had a few chuck holes in it and his axle started bouncing to...
  9. CarbonSteel

    RIP Chadwick Boseman

    2020 has not been a kind year. I absolutely loved his portrayal of "Black Panther". RIP Good Sir and thank you for the entertainment.
  10. CarbonSteel

    Highest xW-20 Viscosity @ 100°C?

    I see Red line with 9.1; is there any higher? Conversely, what is the highest viscosity @ 100°C that can still be called an xW-20? TIA!
  11. CarbonSteel

    Rubicon Suspension and Steering Upgrades

    I installed the following steering/suspension upgrades on my Rubicon yesterday and the steering is dramatically improved (Wranglers typically suffer from too little caster angle) and can suffer from “death wobble”. Though I have not had death wobble, all solid axles can suffer from it and so I...
  12. CarbonSteel

    Garage Door Mechanical Refresh

    The torsion spring on my uninsulated 7’ x 16’ garage door snapped on Monday rendering the door inoperable. In the past, I would typically call up a garage door repair shop and have them tackle the job, but this time, I elected to do it myself. My house was built in 2002 and in typical tract...
  13. CarbonSteel

    Mopar Replacement Electric Power Steering Fluid 68088485AB?

    Anyone know if this is ATF+4 or if it has a mainstream equivalent?
  14. CarbonSteel

    Ring Gear Rotation and Optimum Temperature Sensor Location

    I have a couple of Metal Cloak axle covers that I will be drilling and tapping for a temperature probe soon. The rear axle I have fully figured out and know where to install the probe for a good temperature reading while the axle is in operation. Note: these photos are for representation...
  15. CarbonSteel

    Trico Force vs. Trico NeoForm

    RA has both of these for less than $7.00 per blade and to the door for 2 fronts and 1 rear is about $35 with shipping and tax. With that said two questions: 1. Which is better Force or NeoForm? 2. I seem to recall paying over $20 per side for Bosch Icons (and these are the same design) is $35...
  16. CarbonSteel

    Jeep JL Metal Cloak Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit (New)

    Brand new in the pack. $65 shipped. PayPal F&F or add 3% for the fees.
  17. CarbonSteel

    Good/Best Dash Cam?

    We will be doing a few off-road trails soon in Colorado and I want to capture 4K video of the drive. I have a Ram-Mount Trackbar on the dash and a mount for the camera (1/4" stud). What camera is everyone using these days? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  18. CarbonSteel

    New Baja Designs Cowl Lights

    My lights and cowl brackets came in today. BD High Speed LED Spots and their mounts. Now to build the wiring harness and get them mounted!
  19. CarbonSteel

    Replacement Door Weatherstripping (Flashing)

    Looking for some ideas on what I can use to replace the copper flashing (picture attached) on one of my exterior doors. I have tried foam against the back of the door jamb, but the door will not close fully. I am trying to avoid replacing the whole door. The copper flashing is nailed to the...
  20. CarbonSteel

    Collapse Forums Functionality?

    @wwillson @Astro14 - gents can we have the functionality turned on to collapse forums? There are a number of them I never visit and I am sure that others have some as well. This would make the page easier to navigate by reducing the overall used real estate. Thanks!