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  1. sw99

    2019 Kia - Fuel overflowing at fill up

    Happens every time I fill up. If I set the fuel lock on the pump, when it fills up I get several ounces that spill down the side of the vehicle? What's the problem?
  2. sw99

    New 2500 6.4L Hemi - Was hoping for better...

    I was anxiously awaiting the new 8 speed transmission for the 6.4L Hemi. I was also hoping that they would adjust some parameters in the ECU to pull the hills better. Seems like Ram really missed the mark. I guess I'll keep waiting to go back to the Ram.
  3. sw99

    7.62x39 AR anyone?

    Thinking of doing a 7.62x39 AR for my next build. I was thinking of the 300 AAC but like the price and availability of the 7.62. Can I get some feedback and or thoughts on this please.
  4. sw99

    KRX 1000 anyone?

    Looks pretty awesome I must say. I'll be watching the details on this as they start to hit the ground. I saw the TQ number but no HP numbers yet. I love that these will have 32" tires stock.
  5. sw99

    2019 Kia Forte - Decent mpg...

    Wow I'm impressed. First tank of fuel and I got 41.2 mpg hand calculated. I must say I'm impressed since I have been going out of my way to get a good break in on this engine. Variable speeds and throttle, no cruise and some decent accelerations in sport mode from time to time. If I had to guess...
  6. sw99

    Premium Guard PG4615 with 9212 miles on it (Subaru 23 psi)

    I continue to love these filters for the 23 psi specification. I went 2k over on this due to a 2500 mile trip towards the end of the OCI. I figured the highway miles are pretty easy on a car so I decided to wait until I got back to change the oil out. After all was said and done, the oil and...
  7. sw99

    2008 Corolla CE

    A few yeas ago I sold my 2001 Corolla LE. I have always missed that car. I wanted another one and have been looking from some time now. I specifically wanted the 2003-2008 model year. Seems like Toyota has paint peeling issues on the 2003-2005 so I stumbled on the 2008. I took a chance on...
  8. sw99

    2019 Subaru Impreza anyone?

    Need an inexpensive commuter with awd. Anyone here have one?
  9. sw99

    Help with transaxle fluid

    I'm always looking to find an alternative to dealer items if at all possible. This is what my rear differential requires on my UTV (Textron Wildcat XX). <a...
  10. sw99

    LS G3038 shuttle shift - Traveller Premium Hydraulic fluid change

    My 2014 LS G3038 now has about 220 hours on it IIRC. Owned it new since mid 2015. At about 100 hours, I changed the trans filter and drained probably 2-3 gallons of fluid or so. Partly due to the design of where the filter is mounted and the heavy flow of fluid that drained out before I could...
  11. sw99

    Rotella T5 10w30 Ford 6.7L anyone?

    Any reason I couldn't run T5 exclusively in the new truck? I'm not towing heavy, as of now the most I'll be pulling is 7K a few times a year. I anticipate the annual mileage to be around 7K.
  12. sw99

    Go NAVY!!!

    I hope the midshipman can get back to winning this...
  13. sw99

    Ecogard X2500 - C&P - 8500 miles & 4 months

    Off the in-laws 2013 Ford Escape 3.0L. I think the filter held up just fine and had no issues with the mileage in a relatively short time frame. <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/> <img...
  14. sw99

    New Premium Guard PG4615 - 23 PSI Subaru spec'd

    The other thread was a bit off track so here is some C&P photos. This filter has the Subaru spec'd 23 psi bypass setting. At $1.68, I believe that they are a tremendous value and I would put these up against the OEM Subaru filter any day. I have been running these for 7500 miles with zero...
  15. sw99

    Yamaha snowmobile OEM oil filter mystery goo

    I have never seen this before. It's similar to the consistency of Vaseline. Is this an engine break in grease or what? This is from the break in period on a Yamaha 998 triple engine. Oil looked as it should from break in. 122 miles & 12.2 hours on the machine. <img...
  16. sw99

    Yamaha 13440-60 Denso Thailand - 12.2 hours / 122 miles

    Filter looks to be in good condition as I would expect form short use. This is the factory filter and I just complete the engine break in period. Pleats were sturdy and spacing was great. Nice silicon anti drain back disc that was soft and flexible. I assume the goo is some sort of assembly...
  17. sw99

    Another Subaru filter option - Premium Guard PG4615

    Not much info on these filters so I thought I would throw this out there... I have had great luck with the PG filters. I have cut several used and virgin filters open for inspection over the past few years and they have all looked great and had sturdy construction. For those that are heck bent...
  18. sw99

    Marlin 1895

    Looking hard at one of these hogs. Anyone have one that they can comment on? I dont have a 45-70 yet and this looks fun.
  19. sw99

    The highly debated ATF engine flush...

    On the highly debated topic of the AFT engine flush here are my primitive recent results... Anyhow, I am a big fan of these if one knows the maintenance history of the vehicle they are flushing. Here is my example; Our 2012 Honda Civic with 147k miles on it. We have owned this since new and I...
  20. sw99

    5w40 HDEO vs 20w50

    Really considering a run of Delo LE 5w40 in my 11' FLTRX. I do yearly OCI's anyway and CO gets cool at times. Most riding I do is 3500 miles in a 12 month period so I really think this will hold up fine. Anyone else here run the thinner HDEO in their v-twins?