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  1. double vanos

    Thanks to the members here for their wisdom

    I posted a health question here a while ago concerning my hyperthyroid problem. The link is here: The advice to get a second opinion was spot on! I wound up going to Houston to get a total...
  2. double vanos

    Worrisome development, need medical advice

    Ok guys, I was recently diagnosed as being hyperthyroid and tests by my endocrinologist show a toxic nodule on one side of my thyroid. The endocrinologist wants me to do radioactive iodine treatment which I’m not too crazy about. Something about emitting radiation for 3-5 days, at levels high...
  3. double vanos

    AFM/DFM disabler

    Sure I'm late with this but here it is.... <a href="" title="httpsgmauthoritycomblog202005rangetechnologyoffersafmdfmdisablerforgeneralmotorsvehicles"...
  4. double vanos

    New diesel technology

    I'm more than sure this has already been posted but just on the 0.00009% chance I beat somebody to it here's the link: <a href=""...
  5. double vanos

    With most folks cooped up at home

    This is a cool website to browse. Gov't auction! It covers more stuff over more states than you can imagine. I apologize in advance if it's been covered before. Enjoy! <a href=""...
  6. double vanos

    New oil in an 50s car

    I was watching periscope films on you tube and came across an old Pontiac ad. It touted the fact that the engine would go 100,000 miles between overhauls. We're oil heads here and know that motor oil in the early 50s was primitive to say the least, but it's what was used to get that Pontiac to...
  7. double vanos

    Interesting read

    Hope I'm not replicating, but here it is: <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>en-gb/<wbr>articles/<wbr>base-stocks/<wbr></a>
  8. double vanos

    Calling all 2.7 Ecoboost owners

    Was planning to give the wife's ‘19 Lincoln Nautilus it's first oil change today (5k miles). Let the car cool off all day, busy with all kinds of projects, so when I finally got to it, the engine had cooled completely off. So what? These things take forever to drain all the oil so I got...
  9. double vanos

    Rest In Peace Jr. Johnson

    Junior Johnson passed away. Just got the news so maybe details later.
  10. double vanos

    Plant derived 0w8

    Interesting read. <a href=""...
  11. double vanos

    GF6 etc

    Just found this, I'm sure it's old news here but what the hey... <a...
  12. double vanos

    New Lincoln Nautilus

    The wife bought a ‘19 Lincoln Nautilus Select AWD with a 2.7 boost. So far it's a nice car, reminds me of a Mazdaspeed3 that's gone to finishing school, <span style="font-style: italic">a real good finishing school.</span> Its larger of course but with the 8 speed trans and AWD it's fun to...
  13. double vanos

    Interesting read

    I'm more than sure I'm late to the party with this but what the hay, here it is : new API standards, article has some serious info, more on molakules level than mine. <a href=""...
  14. double vanos

    1st use of Griots garage de-ionizer

    Sure improved this old man's life! Bought the TDS meter and de-ionizer together, a bit pricy but then Griots warranties his stuff and they handle problems directly. That's worth something to me. Found out my water tests at 243 - 250 ppm tds. According to Griots I should get around 300 gallons...
  15. double vanos

    Do you label your oil filters when installing them?

    I do. Put the date (day /month / year) and mileage. Also put a small arrow on it so when it contacts the base I can use it to finish tightening the 3/4 round. I use Motorcraft filters so the writing stands out; the arrow is because the filter on a 3.5 EB is hidden pretty well.
  16. double vanos

    Calling all gen2 3.5 Ecoboost owners

    If you've ever wondered just exactly what's going on with your G2 F150 3.5 this long web page tells all from fuel ratios to trans strategy to shutter operation and much, much more. It's long, and highly technical, but if you've ever wondered...... <a...
  17. double vanos

    0w16 t0 0w8

    <a href=""...
  18. double vanos

    New truck

    Traded in my beloved 2011 FX4 a couple of days ago. It was still going strong but at 8 years old and approaching 130k miles I let it go. I make trips from Az to Houston 4-5 times a year to visit my dad (he's 91) and there are stretches of I-10 that are very sparse and would a be terrible place...
  19. double vanos

    GM 3.6 / 2.5 small truck question

    Do the latest GM 3.6 engines still eat timing chains? Starting a search for a new small truck and was wondering about this engine (the 2.5 engine too). The Colorado / Canyon twins look ok and are priced ok, can anybody weigh in on how they're doing? If they're reliable I'd even go low rent and...
  20. double vanos

    Fords new 7.3 liter engine is a pushrod engine?

    Fords new 7.3 liter engine for their HD trucks. Doesn't look like an OHC engine to me...