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  1. BeerCan

    2016 Ford 3.5EB ~9.2K miles Delo 15w40

    Well this report is a little weird. I used some really old Delo and that might be the problem. But somewhere in the back of my brain I had issues with oxidation and Delo before. I wonder if I had a bad batch or if just really hates this engine. BTW it say's premium blue but its Delo
  2. BeerCan

    Did some BBQ yesterday

    Came out really good if I do say so myself
  3. BeerCan

    2016 981GTS ~3K Edge 0w40

    Not driven easy but not tracked Say's Mobil 1 but it is Edge, M1 was sample #1
  4. BeerCan

    1994 Porsche 968 ~4K miles Motul?

    A little over 4000 miles on what I think was Motul 5w40 Car is not usually driven easy, but it is not tracked.
  5. BeerCan

    FS Solar panels PU only 250w $80

    For the BITOG folks. I have used 250 watt solar panels for pick up in the Tampa area. These are in great shape and have plenty of life. Labels have been removed so these are for off grid. $80 All have been tested and are working. For those that don't know solar panels degrade so these most...
  6. BeerCan

    gas cans, nato style

    Just replaced my gas cans with new ones. I have a lot of junky cans that spill so I decided to get some jerry cans. Supposed to be spill proof. I got yellow because they were like half the price of the red ones I kept searching until I saw a reasonable price and then I would buy. I'll spray...
  7. BeerCan

    Building a solar generator

    I am going to build a solar generator for use at my house and with my trailers. Has to be easily movable so I am using an old hand truck I have. I plan on adding some plywood to the handle part and that is where the solar controller and the power outlets will go. <img...
  8. BeerCan

    Napa Gold 1348 and Mahle OC148 C&P

    Napa 1348, made in USA, was in my 981 between 4 and 5 K Had a coil spring forgot to take a picture <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
  9. BeerCan

    Hans Mezger died

    Did not see this posted. Apologies if it's a duplicate. I did not hear about it until today myself. <a href=""...
  10. BeerCan

    2017 Ford 6.7PS ~11.8K miles Valvoline Premium Blue

    Lot's of heavy towing this round. Truck predicted almost 4% fuel dilution. Next round is going to be interesting. I got the truck stuck on a very dusty dirt road with a big grade. I had a fully loaded trailer and had to use 4wd and lockout the rear to get out. Took 2 hours and the truck was...
  11. BeerCan

    KLUBER ISOFLEX LDS 18 Special A any alternative?

    I have 2 bike hubs that use this grease. It's pretty expensive, I could bite the bullet because the hubs don't use a lot. i was just wondering if there is an alternative that may be cheaper and more readily available. KLUBER ISOFLEX LDS 18 Special A (from data sheet) Description ISOFLEX LDS...
  12. BeerCan

    2006 Subaru legacy limited questions

    86000 miles auto. Looks to be in good shape. It was given to me so I have no money in it. What are the opinions on this car? Should I make it a rally cross car?
  13. BeerCan

    Another Donaldson P502503 C&P

    This one went about 14K miles. It has a hard drive magnet on the dome. You can see there is like a oily paste where the magnet was. the magnet was also strong enough to hold the spring in there, I had to pull it out. <img...
  14. BeerCan

    What's in the Box?

    After 10 years I decided it was time to get a new bike. I wonder what it is? <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" /> I get to open it later, but I am leaving for Texas in a day or two and won't get to ride it <img...
  15. BeerCan

    Got new tires for the trailer today

    I usually use Sailun for load range G tires but they were not available timely for me. Discount tire wanted to much money for the Hartland all steel tire they carry, like close to 200 dollars a tire. The one local tire guy that I trust is a Hercules dealer and I have heard from more than one...
  16. BeerCan

    Tire failure

    Well mt favorite front has finally bit the dust. I purchased a few of these tires 10 years ago, and I think they were pretty old at that time. I didn't care as I love this tire as a front, 2.30 Resolution Pro <img src="/forums/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="frown" title="frown" height="15"...
  17. BeerCan

    small origination chuckle

    Ordered some rim tape and got this. made me chuckle <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image" style="height:auto!important;max-width:100%!important;"/>
  18. BeerCan

    The MTB is back together

    I took it apart about 2 years ago to service the shock/forks and never put it back together. ' Since my open heart surgery I've been wanting to get more active again. Here she is, this is the bike I did oramm and fools gold on. <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile"...
  19. BeerCan

    Show your indoor setup

    Show your indoor setup, if you have one. Our current situation got me motivated. Plus the fact I just had OHS, I need to exercise indoors for awhile. I mostly mountain bike, I use my road bike for fondos and other fun rides. Now it is my indoor bike. Excuse the boxes, my daughter is waiting...
  20. BeerCan

    Now that's a tube

    Was doing some inventory on my tubes today and I ran across these beasties. 845 power tubes. next to it is a 12at7 which is a common preamp tube size (12at7, 12ax7 etc) <img src=""...