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    New TV

    Yes i saw these ONN at my local walmart. They had 4 pallets of them that i could see but still wrapped. in my niche forums there is talk of a TCL 55s20 for $148 at walmart for Black Friday.
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    New TV

    Coming from an older set i think you are right.. (i dont like believing everything that i read but..) supposedly the Picture quality is lesser on the 900H than the previous 900F and also lesser than the 950G and 950H. From what i gather the 900H gains the HDMI 2.1 and the new TV tuner that...
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    New TV

    Speaking of OLED.. rtings just reviewed the Vizio OLED. Personally i am good with LED. My current dilemma is the TCL 635 vs the Sony 950H. The thrifty guy in me wants the 635 but the quality guy in me wants the 950H. The 900H is the...
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    digital photo storage

    On Facebook she can make a folder and then set the settings to Private and only allow you or whomever she wants to see those photos. I think she can upload up to 1000 photos per album.
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    2009 Ford Focus 2.0 Duratec Rotella T6 15W-40 22K

    Not an expert but to me it just looks like it got thicker? Also would be curious to know if 0w40 over 20K miles would have paid for itself in fuel mileage? Great Engine! FYI- your personal details are on the UOA.
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    New TV

    I have been in the market for a new 65 inch for about 3 months. I am an avid reader of and i also go to rtings and avsforum Here is where I am with the process. Hisense- H9G- amazing picture at the cost of panel lottery and longevity. TCL R635- amazing...
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    Best CJ4 motor oil for Semi

    After owning over 25 dump trucks and tractors my advice is that engine oil is the least of your concerns. Rotella T4 or Delvac or Delo 15w40 are all within a flip of a coin of being 'Best'. Pay more attention to clean fuel and clean air and status of your coolant and liners. Unless you...
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    If corn is so bad why are we still growing so much of it?

    If corn is so bad why are we still growing so much of it? Before Christopher Columbus it fed the 'Americans' North and South for nearly 10000 years. After that it fed the world. Why are we growing so much? It does more than 'feed people' now. It feeds livestock, We use it to make Liquor...
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    Best cleaning oils for short OCIs

    I have read posts on Honda/Toyota/Saturn with the same issues and i have yet to see anyone with success. I think some guys even pulled the pistons and soaked them and the carbon remained until manual cleaning. Since the problem is ongoing i doubt that any oil will reverse the process. My...
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    Was just a quote.. from a 14 page discussion on this subject.
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    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    VW 508.00 to my understanding is to 'help' the fleet mpg. Quoting another poster here " VW508.00/509.00 is ridiculously easy spec to meet. There is NOTHING in that spec that is special except that increases mpg. "
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    Mobil delvac MX F3 15W40

    Its possible someone screwed up somewhere.. not sure what 'on sale' means but at this website its $85 for 4 gallons and its only F2 whatever that means. Looks to be industrial/commercial usage.
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    Question on piston slap/rod knock

    Have you ruled out the timing belt components? " It's more noticeable in the cold weather" " I am using she'll rotella t5 10w30" Have you tried a thinner oil? " It does consume oil" Top off with MMO see if that lessens the noise.
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    I want to drive across country with 7 comfortably. Can an Excursion 7.3 do it?

    I have had a few 7.3s. I would NOT enjoy listening to that diesel engine on a vacation. When/if things go wrong... its expensive.. The Excursion 7.3 was only sold for 3.5 yrs.. no idea how many were produced but its not alot.
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    2 year old oil looks clean in diesel

    I would like to see pics of the dipstick and the wipe cloth.. I have had about 25 80s and 90s dump trucks and tractors but they were not fresh at all. most if not all the oil was black within seconds of a fresh change. Do you or someone else do the oil changes? I have seen some old timers...
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    Basic used pickup?

    The Tundra looks to be a solid contender even though it defeats my original thoughts of 'basic' Looks like the same drive train from 2007 until current. "All 5.7-liter Tundras come equipped with a tow package which includes engine oil and transmission coolers, integrated trailer hitch...
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    Citric acid flush or not: 1980’s tractor

    I have bought alot of older dump trucks over the years and i always drain the coolant to see whats going on.. oil? rust? I usually get a couple of mason jars to see what settles or floats. I always used Cascade as a cleaner if i didnt like what i saw..
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    80w 90 vs 85w 140 for manual transmission

    85W140 is what i would use in one of my old Mack trucks rear diffs. 80w90 mineral or 75w90 will do all that you ask of it in a transmission. You have 300K on a transmission- something is likely to clank. Could be throwout bearing, clutch coming apart, or any number of bearings.. I...
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    Your top five (5) sci-fi movie spacecrafts

    Borg Cube Kylos Tie Fighter
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    Basic used pickup?

    No not reliability. 3.7 (302HP/278TQ) 3.5 (282HP/253TQ) and according to wiki.. ..." The Duratec 37 intended to power heavier or premium vehicles " and " Ford Power Products sells this engine as the CSG-637 for industrial uses" Perhaps the 2014 is heavier than the 2015 on steel vs...