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    Is Mobil One PAO or Group III based???

    I'd really like to know, because I'm paying nearly $6 a qt for what I believe is true PAO based synthetic. I use the 5w-30 in my car and the 15w-50 in my bike. My feeling is that if Mobil One has changed over to a Group III oil, then I'll stop buying it, and look for a less expensive oil. I...
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    Engine Break In info

    I'm just curious if there is any information on this site that provides definitive answers to the question of when to switch to a synthetic oil in a new vehicle. Yes I know some cars come from the factory with synthetic, but many do not, and I continue to hear conflicting advice on this topic...
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    Extended drain interval

    Ok, I admit it, I am still using 3K mile oil drain intervals on all my vehicles. I keep seeing manufactures increasing the oil drain intervals to what I consider ridiculous mileages. When I got my new Honda, they told me not to do the first oil change till 8K miles, but that it did not have a...
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    Mobil One Gold cap versus Silver cap

    I have been reading the labels on the Mobil One bottles trying to determine the difference between the new Silver cap and the Gold cap (extended life) that Mobil One now offers. Does anyone know if the Mobil One Silver cap (which costs significantly less) is still made from a group IV base oil...