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    Remington Firearms

    Hi Anyone have any knowledge as to what will happen to Remington Firearms? The other parts of the business have been sold off to the likes of Ruger and Sierra but what will become of Remington? I am hoping the new owner will restore the 700 to the quality it once was.
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    End of an era for British Airways.

    Hi British Airways retired their last two 747s today. Several years early because of C19. The airline once had a fleet of 31 of the 747-400. The last two took off from Heathrow this morning and are to be broken for spares. 'It's going to be a very emotional day," said BA captain Al Bridger...
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    2008 Grand Cherokee 3.0CRD OM642

    Hi My latest oil analysis. Only 4000 miles on this oil due to covid. Short journeys and stop start. Petronas Syntium C3 Mb229.51. Density @ 15.5°C (g/ml) 0.860 Viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) 11.8 cSt Calcium (%) 0.142 Zinc (%) 0.085 Soot (%) 0.9% Cr 1 Pb 0 Ni 0 Sn 0 B 114 Fe 27 Mo 120...
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    Help with this C3 please.

    Hi. I came across a 0w-30 oil here in UK. Looking at the specification sheet I see it has a pour point of -51c. Does this mean this oil will have a healthy dose of POA or Ester or are things more complicated than that? <a...
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    Jeep 3.0crd EcoDiesel

    Hi Lads More of an observation really. I read that the updated spec for this engine is MS10902 and American dealers are using T6 5w/40. Well UK dealers are using an A3/B4 oil, namely the Selenia Sport 5w/40. <a href=""...
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    What were the issues with the FCA 3.0 EcoDiesel?

    Hi Lads Hope this is correct section to post this. I have read that the 3.0 EcoDiesel Engine as fitted to the Grand Cherokee and Ram pickup truck has suffered from failures. Could anyone help as to what these failures were please? I read that FCA changed the Oil spec to try alleviate the...
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    Battery charging in situ

    Hi Gents. With the cooler weather approaching I am starting to think about a battery charger. I have mainly short runs and the trouble is with winter I have lights, wipers, heated seats, heated rear window all being used and the battery struggles to keep on top of things. If I get one of the...
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    MB229.5 and MB229.51

    Hi As anyone who has read my posts will have realised, my knowledge of all things on BITOG is in its infancy, but I am learning. Could anyone tell me the difference between mb229.5 and 229.51? Is the latter just an evolution of the former? I am thinking 229.51 evolved to 229.52. Many thanks...
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    OM642 Oil change procedure

    Hi lads I have read on many forums and seen a few 'you tube' vids stating that when filling the OM642 Engine, half the oil must go in via the filter housing. Some say this primes the oil pump, others say it lubes the big end bearings. Is this an urban myth that has 'grown legs' by being...
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    OM 642 Coolant. HOAT or OAT?

    Hi Gents. My Grand Cherokee has a Mercedes 3.0CRD OM642 Engine. The Handbook calls for only a HOAT Coolant to be used. My Jeep dealer informs me that they now use an OAT Coolant and it will be fine in my Engine. Is it acceptable to use the OAT Coolant in this Engine? Grateful for any...
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    Engine oil flush treatments.

    Hi Gents Did a search but found nothing much, so sincere apologies if this is 'old ground'. Engine oil, pre change flush chemicals such as, <a href=""...
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    NOACK help please

    Hi. I was reading the post about NOACK by K9JADON but did not want to hijack his thread. NOACK number is an oils ability to withstand evaporation. Lower number the better. Is this correct? The vapours from the oil bung up the pcv system along with the intercooler and inlet manifold on a turbo...
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    Coolant for 2008, OM642

    Hi Gents. Which Coolant to use for a Merc' OM642 3.0crd in a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Should I use a G05 HOAT as suggested by Jeep or a G05 as suggested by Mercedes? Does it indeed matter? At the moment my coolant is orange if that is of any relevance at all. Many thanks. Tikka.
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    Oil Analysis on Jeep 3.0crd

    Hi In another thread I said I was concerned about the many short journeys my Jeep made and its effect on the Oil so I had it tested. I sent a sample of my Oil away for analysis. My analysis was not as comprehensive as your Blackstone ones but I will type in what I can and would welcome any...
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    ATF+4 in a Mercedes Transmission! Really?

    Hi Gents. I am hoping you can clear up some confusion I have with my Grand Cherokee 3.0crd. It is fitted with a German manufactured W5J400 Transmission not an Indiana manufactured NAG1. Jeep say the correct fluid to use is ATF+4. Do I really put ATF+4 in this Mercedes unit or are did Chrysler...
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    Oil sample extraction

    Hi Sorry if this is a dumb question. What is the simplest/cheapest way to retrieve some Oil from the Engine to send for analysis please? The large extractors would do it but would be devil to clean out. What do you guys do? Many thanks.
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    Can Oil be changed too much?

    Hi Further to my thread about my OM642 I have the following question please. I travel about 6000 miles a year. A lot of that mileage is stop start and short journeys where the Engine barely gets up to operating temperature. I understand this type of driving to be hard on Oils. Generally I...
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    Merc 3.0CRD Oil advice please.

    Hi I have a 2008 Grand Cherokee with the Merc OM642 Diesel unit in it. I have no DPF fitted, Jeep only fitted them on new model in UK I believe. My oil spec is 229.51.Will I be ok using any Oil that is Merc approved to 229.51 or is it not as simple as that? I am looking for ultimate Engine and...