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    Any 2020 Lexus RX350 ownere here?

    I have a 2020 RX350, purchased new in Dec-2019. 2020 is a mid-cycle refresh, and is an improvement - you can find details in a web search, and they are correct. I'm told the suspension improvements are mild, but really good (I have never driven a 2019 or previous). I recommend the 2020 over...
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    Sludgy 1990 F150 5.0

    Welcome to BITOG! Your comment, “It starts/runs well and seems to have decent power” is significant. Also your stated goal: slow clean. Your son has taken good first-steps, so I suggest caution & ‘do no further harm’. Your plan & oil choice are good to get you on the road soonest with lowest...
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    Squirrels in the attic

    Just like vehicles, rodents will chew house wiring. Therefore you have to get them out of the attic somehow. I agree that repellant / relocation is best. Of note: The electrical inspector for my town told me that decades ago the Romex manufacturers added a green strip on the plastic jacket -...
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    Oil Rec for Moderately Sludgy Engine?

    I know you said Dino. However, consider Mobil 1 synthetic. No additional additives. M1 gradually cleaned my old 1997 Camry with several short OCI over 6 months,documented by removing the valve cover. Gradual cleaning is key - to avoid releasing big chunks of sludge.
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    Door lock lube spray suggestions?

    Modern cars often have an electrical switch associated with the key lock. I do not know if it is embedded within the lock. If so, then graphite, being conductive, can short the contacts. I have read about this issue in various places, and stopped using graphite. Now I don’t know what to use...
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    Door Latch Lube / Grease Compatible with Plastic Parts

    Thank you for your feedback - this is valuable / timely information!
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    Door Latch Lube / Grease Compatible with Plastic Parts

    Hi! I have a 2006 Honda Accord and will be removing the door latch to replace the lock actuator. Any suggestions for maintenance lube / grease for the exposed portion of the latch -and- the 'inside-the-door' mechanisms? There are various mental & plastic / Nylon parts - what grease to use or...
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    Fully synth or just normal mineral

    My thoughts / suggestions based on your environmental conditions, driving style and stated desire for quality & robustness, with cost-not-a-factor: -> Use a full synthetic like Mobil1 or Mobil1 EP. -> I don’t know what viscosity to suggest. Maybe it does not matter that much (?) with...
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    Just how critical is changing the fuel filter?

    On the advice of my trusted Honda / Toyota mechanic, no fuel filter changes and no fuel problems on these vehicles I purchased new: -> 2000 Odyssey, owned 20 years / 210K miles, -> 1997 Camry, owned 20 years / 220K miles, -> 2006 Accord V6, owned 14 years / 96K miles. This is puzzling since...
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    The furthest you’ve driven, straight on through

    Tennessee to Vermont, 900 miles in 14 hours, in late Dec. Good travel on dry Interstate, but last 3 miles on rural, narrow 2-lane roads with elevation change of 800 ft, with last mile being packed-stone road covered in snow, steep-ish uphill grade. Dark & no Cell service on that section, but...
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    New Garage

    Congrats! I had family in Chester until mid-2019. I really enjoyed visiting & exploring that area! Spent Christmas 2018 there! As I recall, the nearest pharmacy & large grocery store are in Springfield, about 10 miles away.
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    Toilet mounting question

    Good comments! I also prefer Brass Bolts & Nuts, but only if they are solid brass. Unfortunately, these are increasingly hard to find. Packaging that claims solid brass is often cheap steel with thin brass plating -> it rusts! Next-project I need to buy the best brass bolts & nuts I can...
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    Blacked or "night" edition vehicles new fad?

    In terms of vehicle / trim / wheel color, to each his own. However, from the 60+ age safety perspective (note: I just had a comprehensive eye exam with excellent report this week, and the following eye characteristic was discussed): Older eyes simply cannot see as well at night, and perfectly...
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    Best For New Lexus ES350

    Interesting topic! Perhaps some of my comments will be useful or someone will offer further advice. I have a new Lexus (RX350) since Dec-2019, and am looking forward to first OCI soon - around 7K miles. I have a very good independent mechanic who specializes in Honda / Toyota who uses proven...
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    What Year Did you Start Using Synthetic Motor Oil?

    I converted my 1997 Camry (sludge-prone) from conventional (3-month OCI) to M1 in 2004 on the advice of members of this site. M1 performed a lot of cleaning over next several OCI. Importantly, there was an immediate improvement in starter speed on cold mornings and better performance in the...
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    Any experiences with hydrojetting a sewer line?

    I have similar issues with 2-inch branch lines merging into the 4-inch main. Mine is all cast iron, which is bad for kitchen drains due to grease clinging on rough walls of cold cast iron (buried). Lived in this house for over 30 years, and we do not to put grease / food down the drains, but...
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    Incandescent bulbs

    I used to save working incandescent bulbs as new lighting technology became common, and would also naturally reinstall them after a simple room repainting requiring wall / ceiling fixture removal. However, despite treating them carefully, over 20 years I have had 3 used incandescent bulbs...
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    TGDI, Early OCI and Fuel Dilution

    That is an honest question, Gene K. My own thinking - mainly after following the issues in the Honda 1.5T engine in the CRV (I was interested in buying one): -> I buy new vehicles for the long term, 20 years. Tennessee climate & low road salt supports this - 2 of my vehicles made...
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    Plumbing woes: laundry cleanout plugged again

    Here in Tennessee, they don't bury them deeply. In my crawl space / slab house, it is only about 6-inches down to the top of the Sewer pipe in the back yard. Surprised, since the frost line is 9-inches to 12-inches in this area.
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    Plumbing woes: laundry cleanout plugged again

    Interesting thread! I also have a 2-inch laundry line running laterally into the 4-inch main. (House built in 1961). Recently, this branch line also became a slow drain, unresolved by running a Household snake repeatedly. Puzzled, I dug it up this week. I found that the laundry branch line...