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    2019 Nissan Kicks Rough Idling

    Think Top Tier requires all octane levels to have essentially the same detergency.
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    Florida Proposed Property Tax Reduction?

    There's a local St Charles County senator that's been yapping about doing away with Missouri's personal property tax for years. Who wants to pay an annual tax for their car? Bla,bla,bla. Only problem is that complex tax formulas would allow roll up of real property tax rates to voted maximum...
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    Nissan E-Power--- what should have been???

    Grand daughter needs a car. That will probably mean giving my Soul to my daughter who will pass her '16 Accent to her daughter. Happy with what I have and am looking at a few options for subcompact CUV's to buy at the end of the year. That will give her six months to save up $$$ for sales...
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    IPhone to Android

    Does your dad realize how cheap data is? I pay $20 a month for 15 gigs with Mint. Of course that's a once a year payment so if I drop dead in November, I'll be out $220. Note to self, die in October.
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    IPhone to Android

    Never had any Apple products. Running a cheap two year old Moto G Fast. Haven't used Windows since switching to Ubuntu Mate shortly after retiring more than a decade ago. Fumble around with my girlfriends Windows 11 laptop. Know it's my brain closing down on learning new things since I'm...
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    400,000 mile 2015 Accord with bullet holes

    Rented a car in Dallas, 1988. Clerk with the clipboard, "Small dent on left quarter panel, chip on bumper, four bullet holes in trunk."
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    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Great Lakes.

    Hit Duluth and Thunder Bay about five years ago. Was shocked by how far behind Duluth was in leafing out, even though it was June. Lots of flowering trees were still in bloom. Thunder Bay looked weeks ahead in weather.
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    Financial Advisor

    Must be a fiduciary, many lie about that. Flat fee only. If they even mention annuities, run as fast as you can. Most people don't need an advisor, a simple account at Schwab or Fidelity with no added services (Vanguard has great products but slipping customer service). Think VT, it's got...
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    My parents Hyundai was stolen last night

    Hyundai emphasizes that the car must be locked with the keyfob in order to arm the alarm. Any chance your parents just locked by pushing the door lock? That apparently doesn't work.
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    My parents Hyundai was stolen last night

    Gee, and I've been waiting for my letter so I can get my (so-called) security update. No repurcussions for car theft within the city limits of St. Louis as the Circuit Attorney's staff is down to two, the rest have quit in disgust. I do have a bright yellow steering wheel lock. Wonder if the...
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    Carfax is Useless

    I make .pdf's of all services, I'll probably run my '17 Soul into the ground but just in case, I go back into Carfax and manually enter missing services. Is this perfect? No way, OTOH Carfax is just a passive tool if inputs by repairing and servicing parties aren't entered.
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    Best looking motorcycle I've seen in a while. BMW

    I too have fond memories of my last bike, a Suzuki 250 Hustler. If I wasn't pushing 80, those Mutt bikes would be tempting.
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    List an oil Additive you'd use / No Comments

    Since this is seven years old, might have answered before but as listed below: Rislone High Mileage. Such a pretty blue.
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    66 Valiant

    Too bad Earl Scheib is (mostly) gone. This thing cries out for one of those great one day paint jobs, extra $ to put it in the oven.
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    Does Anyone Buy Generic Products ?

    That's what I think of when you say generics instead of store brands. Thank god those days are over. Most store brands are pretty good.
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    66 Valiant

    Had a '62 Lancer in 1968. Didn't even remember that Valiant started out as a single brand dished out to Dodge and Plymouth dealers for a year or so until they came up with the Lancer. Think I liked the front end clip of the Valiant better. Traded it for a 1969 Fiat 124 Sportcoupe. Remember...
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    Does Anyone Buy Generic Products ?

    Brand names mean nothing to me. Ninety five percent of the time, I shop strictly by cost. Aldi and Wally-world are my two go to brands. Aldi stuff is usually better than national brands.
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    Rislone High Mileage Oil Treatment - Contents ?

    I'm using this with a $25 Walmart blend oil change because it's $20-$30 more for a full syn. Five bucks for the Rislone Hi-Mi seems to lessen oil burning and make things (prolly mind over matter) run a bit quieter. Were I changing my own oil (too old and they'll throw me out of the condo), I'd...
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    Post milestone or just plain fun odometer pics!

    My granddaughter has a first gen Soul with 300,000+ miles. HyunKia engines pre GDI were fairly bulletproof.