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    Why are there so many AWD cars now?

    AWD is popular, it keeps the government from maintaining roads, so bad roads, AWD to the rescue. Pushes up prices of vehicles, and allows your road commissioner to be lax at road maintenance..
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    Why are there so many AWD cars now?

    It is cool to break traction in a Subaru WRX while on the on ramp to a highway... that awd kicks in and instead of skidding off, you regain traction while fully on the gas pedal!!!!
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    Which auto part stores has the best loyalty-rewards program?

    Agreed, I used to say NAPA, but the people who know stuff, are retiring.
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    Which auto part stores has the best loyalty-rewards program?

    Who has the best program, that is where I will shop?
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    Shimano Crankset Recall: DuraAce and Ultegra

    It's pretty common knowledge that the mashing of pedals is a pretty good way to invite all sorts of knee issues and pain.
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    Used vehicle prices etc.

    Agreed, if you are looking for something so specific such as Awd and white with leather seats, then you need to use a car broker.
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    Used vehicle prices etc.

    I thought the prices would fall by now! Now the UAW strike is going to keep prices elevated!!!!! This all sucks, I got my 250k miles on my POS cheap car 2014 Nissan Versa Note, and just waiting to buy new, or used.
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    Shimano Crankset Recall: DuraAce and Ultegra

    You are NOT supposed to MASH the pedals. Spin, don´t mash.
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    best ratcheting combo wrenches

    Williams makes a good set.
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    stove parts problem

    Magic Chef anything is JUNK. ....often comes preinstalled in mobile-modular homes. There HAS to be a nameplate somewhere riveted to it.
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    Farewell, Nissan Altima

    ...and THAT IS EXACLTY WHAT I EXPECT. Huge gap that wages not keeping pace with inflation, will be detrimental. There is noise on the internet that the homeless crisis will increase, as Social Security will no longer be able to pay a months rent, plus all the other stuff, and we know how many...
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    Investing Strategies. What is your move?

    My 401k is still in SHORT TERM FIXED INCOME. The markets are flat, compared to two years ago, and are not beating inflation. So I´m just maximizing my employer match, and collecting interest. I´m also loading up on savings, maximizing the high interest rates being offered. Also stacking...
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    what is the DNS hierarchy structure for DNS fowarding?

    Say my router has an option for a DNS, so does my operating system, and vpn software. Which has master control of it all? If I change my DNS in operating system, then will the router override it?
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    Which of the major brands have foil seals on their 5 quart bottles?

    Valvoline 5qt has that clear cap and a plastic rip off seal, I don´t remember if there is foil there or not.
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    Started at John Deere today

    Combines are expensive.
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    FB forums are almost all censored nowadays?

    Which is why I´m on X. Never was on FB.
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    What to run in a Yamaha Zuma 125 Scoot

    BTW, congratulations on your Zuma! The only scooter I would ride.
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    Toyota Century SUV (based on the Grand Highlander, no less)

    These better be armored and bulletproof glass.
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    ISO 4 AWG Flag Terminal

    So you are looking to put on a flag terminals WITHOUT cutting the wire. If you cut the wire you are creating a fail point. All the post so far have complete loops, you cannot get it to slip on the wire.