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    Focusing on US Sourced Supply Chain!

    +1 Yes the old my team vs your team talking points ....yawn. Meanwhile out of control money printing and inflation ala Jimmy Carter 2.0/Brandonomics where we kill domestic oil production to help lower energy prices. And flood in millions of immigrants to help more citizens get to back to work...
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    Printer Cartridges

    My inkjets used to always be problematic due to clogged nozzles from long time between printing. Online reviews for Brother printers generally good so i got one at Costco for $220 few years ago and not a single problem since. They take reasonably priced XL toner cartridges that print 3000...
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    Focusing on US Sourced Supply Chain!

    don't you watch the news? ...Oh yes some news channels dont report the news anymore. not sure there is exact numbers but ~2 million and counting from 30+ different countries this year.
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    Focusing on US Sourced Supply Chain!

    Ummm you're leaving out a critical factor of "A FREE Market" and the market is anything but. The offshore countries have been employing currency manipulation and protectionist subsidization for decades. The globalist agenda and us govt were just fine with that as long as the "Big Guy" got his...
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    Why Won't Sound Come Back On After Sleep

    HDMI - ARC is enabled on tv and amp settings? ARC should signal the amp to wake up. HDMI is encrypted link so can be a bit touchy. is the cable identical?
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    Any Professional Roofers on here?

    You may be able to lift the bottom edge of the shingles you circled and see the overlap of the next row down. the shingles may not be stuck/baked together yet.
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    Any Professional Roofers on here?

    Question to ask the vent flange ON TOP of the VERY Bottom row in the picture (Green lines) If it is then the shingles you point to are just dressing to make the roof pretty.
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    Any Professional Roofers on here?

    I was a hot tar roofer many moons ago and did a lot of flashing, That wide flange acts like a shingle and will shed water downward just like a shingle. If your vent was mounted on the wood deck and the shingles cut in all around yes water can get underneath the lower shingles along the vent...
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    New Brute Force 750

    That kawi is really nice! I had a rancher with an overbore+compression but Ouch it was a total brick compared to the Polaris's i used to ride with. I moved up to a Yammi YXZ SxS since then for old bones sake. I use M1 in all the toyz with no issues. Happy Trails!
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    Klipsch home theater Sub-10 stopped working. Looking for an upgrade or maybe repair..

    In any case take that box and donate it to goodwill. Someone like me will buy it and fix the probably bad power supply for a couple bucks and it wont go to a landfill. If you really like the sound check with music stores that do amp repairs. The newer amps even same model may not be the same as...
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    SWAG meaning?

    I never had a SWAG incident ...but plenty of SNAFU's
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    Your Opinion of best used Pick Up for Towing

    I actually had an Uncle Dave growing up :-). The differential in the modern 16+ max tow Chevy 1500 is the larger same like the HD. Adding airbags and swaybars at minimal cost gets you added stability and additional 600# load bearing. The older 6.0 gasser does not even hold a candle to the 6.2...
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    Here's a weird one. 06 Accord V6 loud pop on wide open throttle shift. Video.

    Sounds like a spit out the intake to me. Your theory about millisecond power cut during shift seems to fit. That would either be injector or ignition cutoff during on power shift. then an intake runner pop as power resumes and your CAI is not muffling it like the OEM would.
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    Missing Honda underbody plastic push rivets

    Was the car ever serviced and the panels removed? sounds like a crummy mechanic decided they were extra parts and threw them in his spare fastener box.
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    Your Opinion of best used Pick Up for Towing

    Dont assume I didn't have a WD hitch, I did and also added Eibach sway bars F/R. In that regard a WD hitch is NOT for leveling the truck. It is to move the virtual load forward into the bed only. A WD Hitch if overdone is dangerous as under braking the rear wheels can unload and jackknife. I...
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    Help a PC noob with case fans?

    4 pin has PWM and RPM aware. If both fans are the same the Y adapter only feeds one rpm signal to the board. If your board has fan control capability this would be best. The RPM signal is feedback to the controller so it can adjust speed to match thermal load. You will need to dial this in...
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    Your Opinion of best used Pick Up for Towing

    My Chevy 6.2l gas max tow is rated at 12,700lb. I pulled 12.5k bumper pull trailer cross country 5,000 miles no issue. I added some basic 600lb airbags to level it out. Mileage averaged 11-13 depending on hills and winds. Biggest complaint is the fuel capacity 22gals. A plus for diesels are...
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    CoWorker got carjacked

    Awareness should be your first defensive weapon. Pepper spay is no guarantee, may just piss him off. Unfortunately crime doesent seem as big a concern as it used to be some places. God made ppl, Colt made ppl equal.
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    Long trip: driving has changed

    Some of the odd leech driving may be due to the Almost autonomous driver aids. My honda will center in the lane, accelerate then brake based on what is happening 40ft in front or many times what is in the next lane. It is aggravating and i turn it off unless the road is not crowded. There should...
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    AGM Battery: Worth it?

    I did a lot of searches a few years back and the spiral wound didn't seem to hold up as well as vanilla sealed AGM at much less cost. If you want a battery to last longer shielding it from under hood heat can help.