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    3PMSF tests outlined

    I never said the LTX was a dedicated snow tire. I said it performed better in light/moderate snow and ice than most aggressive thread AT tires with the 3PMSF rating. I wouldn’t consider the high passes in Colorado as a place that gets “moderate” snow by any stretch of the imagination...
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    3PMSF tests outlined

    Respectfully, I disagree. However it’s not a simple yes or not as to whether it better or not. Driving style (heavier vehicle=longer stopping distances in snow **A LONG LOST CONCEPT THESE DAYS) plays the majority role here, but location and vehicle are also important factors. In my...
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    What are the worst tires you've used?

    Overall, Goodyear takes the cake. In my personal experiences the vast majority of tires I have used from them have been absolute garbage in the rain, snow, and ice. The Tripletred was a good a sedan tire in these conditions. The Duratracs were good in the snow until about 15k then performance...
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    Frame replacement

    Personally, I would walk away as soon as possible. Some things are never the same once touched and in your case OP it’s sounds like you “really” use your truck. I had a 2.5 year vehicle that had severe rust. The manufacturer/dealership really did do right by. I didn’t spend a penny on having...
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    Your Best and Worst MPG Car

    2018 Rav4: 28 (commuter) 2020 Tundra: 17 (90% highway very little short tripping)
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    Author You Would Most Like To Have A Beer With

    E. B. Sledge…he wouldn’t have to ever buy a beer in my presence.
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    Review of BF Goodrich KO2 A/T Tires (37x12.5x17)

    I have ran several generations of the KO on SUV’s and pickups (midsize only). When you get off the beaten path they are excellent. Never had a complaint in rough conditions and deep snow. However in the rain, light snow, and ice they are inaccurately rated as being good. They are NOT imho...
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    Lets see the cars!!!!

    By far my favorite Toyota…but there will always be a special place in my heart for the most original midsize 4Runner and pickup/Tacoma…
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    Bye bye Valvoline EP

    Are you guys with the 5.7 Tundras using 0W20 or 5W30…. My 5.7 has been quite noisy lately.
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    Can we trust any manufacturer about anything anymore? (Using my Toyota transmission as an example)

    My apologies but I am not quite following you… I am not saying that an aftermarket cooler will bring the transmission temperature down too much. All I was saying is that they will be lower than Toyota OEM factory installed cooler tat is on the 2018 and older Tundra’s. And I didn’t say the OEM...
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    Can we trust any manufacturer about anything anymore? (Using my Toyota transmission as an example)

    No problem, I plan to do the same or 40k fluid changes because it’s my weekend/family vehicle. Won’t hurt and doesn’t cost that much. I have a 10 year Toyota warranty that I purchased through a different dealership than my purchasing dealership. It was 65% cheaper…. So my transmission is...
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    Can we trust any manufacturer about anything anymore? (Using my Toyota transmission as an example)

    This is a hotly debated issue… I own a 2020 Tundra and have been presented ZERO evidence compelling the argument one way or the other (IN MY CASE). On a few rare occasions the temp has spiked to about 230 ish however the temps drop extremely quick so in my opinion the puck is doing something...
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    Need all season (but good for snow) tire recommendations

    I second the Cross Climate 2’s. They are becoming my favorite tire. I have them installed on a 2018 RAV4. They have been performing excellently in the rain, ice and snow. However they are noisier than the Defender LTX’s. I wish Michelin made them in a P rated 275/65R18 so I could pickup some...
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    Car owner gets sued after lube tech kills mechanic with his car at dealership

    Ahh no the legal system is not “okay” if such a ridiculous lawsuit is even being entertained. There is no culpability on the owner whatsoever PERIOD. Another employee who was incapable of driving said customer’s vehicle is clearly at fault. He/she has many questions to answer to see if the...
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    Pay off Auto Loan or Continue Making Payments?

    If you can pay it off without issue then I honestly see no reason not to… It’s one thing if you don’t have the money but paying interest no matter how small is never a good thing per se. Yes there are times in life it’s necessary but really should be avoided. There’s zero return on interest...
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    Do you own more vehicles than you really need?

    Between my wife and I we own three. However in all honesty the ONLY reason why we own three vehicles is because where I commute to everyday. My current CPO Rav4 commuter vehicle was involved in two hit and runs while parked and the driver’s side got completely keyed before I made my first...
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    Real world Michelin Cross Climate review with FWD

    I am very impressed with them so far. They are extremely predictable and ride incredibly smooth. I will say the Defender LTX is slightly quieter and smoother but the winter performance is incredible with the Cross Climate 2’s. And the LTX is by far no slouch in ice and snow. Heck their...
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    Mid-size pickup decision - Ford Ranger v. Toyota Tacoma??

    I always find it interesting how people say this or that motor sucks on X pickup truck pickup. Because it’s underpowered or mpg’s are horrible… Case in point, I drive my 2020 Tundra very conservatively, typically don’t drive above 72 and rarely let it idle. My lifetime average in 17.5 mpg’s...
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    Cross Climate 2 review

    That’s a huge drop, I only lost about 1 mpg when I made the switch on my 2018 Rav4. I have had mine for about 1k and they have been rock solid but no real snow experience with them yet either…
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    Your Opinion of best used Pick Up for Towing

    Nothing in the 1/2 ton class…