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    E85 Cleaning?

    I can’t really say if it is cleaning or not gut I read on here where some posters were mixing E85 with the 87 octane pure gasoline for performance benefits so I started trying it in my 6.2L. To me the engine throttle response seems smoother and more linear and the vehicle just seems sportier...
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    Best 6.7 Powerstroke Oil

    If it were mine and cost didn’t matter I’d run HPL HP 5w-40. Especially since it’s deleted. It is based on the super robust CI4+ chemistry from back before they started whittling away the AW package in most HDEOs to protect emissions equipment. I’m not sure there’s a more robust oil on the...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2015 Yukon Denali XL 6.2L Used up what I had laying around. 5 quarts Amsoil SS 5w-20 mixed with 3 quarts of HPL HP 5w-30 Purolator Boss filter Will run for 15k
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    235k mile BMW - different oil or stick with same?

    I am in the hospital for a surgery and was up all night on pain killers trying to entertain myself. Pretty sure this popped up in “similar threads” which made me think it was recent
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    235k mile BMW - different oil or stick with same?

    I mean trying new stuff is half the fun here right? Here’s my suggestion: When you dump this oil, take a high quality photo of how dark it is compared to some reference you can use later for same comparative purpose. Then run 7500 mi interval of Valvoline PB Restore to clean the old girl up a...
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    Wrapping screw on oilfilter in heatinsulation to increase warm up in cold climates?

    Sounds like Yeti should get into the oil pan and filter business.
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    Yukon Denali 6.2L, HPL HP 5w-30, 15,000 mi OCI

    Unless I’m missing something, iron ppm per mile are better than the average sample for this engine. 326 miles per ppm FE on my engine 291 miles per ppm FE on universal average As an unrelated side note, I ran one PEA fuel treatment during this OCI and a couple Italian tuneups
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    Yukon Denali 6.2L, HPL HP 5w-30, 15,000 mi OCI

    Thanks for the feedback. Wish I’d have just left it in for 20k but was starting to get nervous.
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    Oil for 2015 Yukon XL Denali 6.2

    Ended up going with HPL 5w-30 and ran it for 15k. Here are the results.
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    A Trip to High Performance Lubricants

    Wrapped up a 15k interval on the oil I got on this trip and had a UOA done. Enjoy!
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    Yukon Denali 6.2L, HPL HP 5w-30, 15,000 mi OCI

    Mixed driving, some towing, mostly long highway trips and errands. Was warm for most of this OCI but 2 months of cool-cold weather. As expected no big deal for HPL but happy to see the engine is wearing nicely as this is the first UOA I’ve done on it.
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    '88 7.3 idi resurrection

    My first vehicle was an 88 F-250 ext cab 7.3 with the 3 speed auto. Top speed was 72 mph going downhill foot to the floor with a tail wind. Had a lot of good times in that truck including a road trip to San Antonio from northern IL 3 months after I turned 16. Eventually sold it and still saw it...
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    M1 EP

    I think a search would yield all the information you seek until your eyes bleed from reading it.
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    Moving up to 5w30. How thick is too thick?

    Does the VTEC work correctly on a January morning in NoDak?
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    "Boutique" Brands

    I see both sides of it. When I was younger it was all about bang for the buck. As I got older and my income increased I got into nicer vehicles and high end golf gear and fishing equipment. The last 10% of extra performance/better tolerances usually costs dearly but I feel better knowing I've...
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    BT Oil

    I feel as though the terms bio and synthetic are completely at odds with each other.
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    2003 Cummins Extended OCI 10k? w Pics

    That 03 Cummins will last forever on decent oil and 10k changes. Personally if I planned on keeping it forever I'd run the bypass filter mentioned above and HPL 5W-40 which is based on the tremendous CI-4+ add pack and then top treated with even more anti wear additives and friction modifiers...
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    Fleet Farm Rotella T6 Sale + Shell Rebate

    Blains F&F are all over the northern half of Illinois too