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    Big-block engines

    I always found the chevy 454 to be a odd motor. Some of it could be casting or production Quality. One could be a tuff motor. the next one was a dog that died early or blew. In The 80's I have seen blocks leaking antifreeze before they were a year old. I always thought The Old's 425/455 was a...
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    Myth or truth? Revving in neutral

    those were for The Max Wedge Motors. Big block RB motors turning 6500 to 7000 rpm. I'm not sure why they said that, but I know they did. If anything I'm sure it was for the rod bearings or Maybe? the main bearings. also maybe it was heat or a oiling weakness?????????? <a...
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    A Tribute to the Pontiac Motor Division

    here is a Tribute to Mercury also (you tube): <a href="" target="_blank">mercury tribute</a> Early 60's Muscle cars: <a href="" target="_blank">You tube Super stockers</a>
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    Greece doesn't want Europe to run the checkbook?

    I see Buster's point. Maybe I drink Kool Aid too. LOL
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    Greece doesn't want Europe to run the checkbook?

    People keep thinking Germany has so much money, But they really don't. German always goes bankupt, that there about too again.
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    Thunderbird's and Camaro's

    SSGSTTBirdtoyman Which car would you prefer to take a 1000 mile long round trip in?
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    Thunderbird's and Camaro's

    my 93 Cougar 5.0 was great for towing my 2000+ pound bass boat around on long trips. It was a very durable, dependable car. It had a nice smooth ride and was rather quiet. Was it a sport car that was fast? No, But That's not what I bought it for. I wanted it for long trips. Also they were...
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    Thunderbird's and Camaro's

    Having owned 3 (92-95) Cougars, two bought new. My favorite is the 92/93 5.0 V8. I have also driven many other 90 through 96 cougars/T-Birds for a period of time (company cars that were my driver (Not shared). yes I would have two in my driveway at night. ya the 4.6 had more higher rpm power...
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    06 Dodge Charger oppinions

    on the other side, the hemi might have higher insurance cost over the V6. just depends on the driver mostly
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    Sexiest Classic American Iron?

    if you like Max Wedge mopars Check this out: <a href="" target="_blank">Max Wedge Central</a> 60 Desoto 60 Chyrsler 300 63 Plymouth Sport Fury (I always thought it was better looking than 63 Chevy Impala) 70 Plymouth Sport Fury
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    10 facts about GMC

    I friend of mine has a 2002 GMC pickup 4x4 1/2 ton, owned It since 2004. it was ok till about 115,000 miles. then everything start falling apart. note it gets light use, most miles are highway with no load. but the number one reason To NOT buy a GMC over a Chevy? in the long run that is...
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    The 100 worst cars of all time

    #69 1989 Ford Thunderbird This one doesn't belong on the list.
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    The 100 worst cars of all time

    80's Imperial: I actually wish I could have one of these in excellent condition now. If I had the money it would be upgraded with a built 360 (maybe a stroker 360) etc. it could be a sleeper almost muscle car and a luzury car at the same time. and lots of common people (younger fools) don't...
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    The Big List of Favorite Engines

    For old muscle car I like The Mopar max wedge cars. Thy help put mopar on the map as far as drag racing. There B bodies and automatic tranny helped to. The Max wedge cars changed Super stock drag racing. <a href="" target="_blank">You Tube OLD Super...
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    new chrysler trans

    8 speed automatic, Chrysler, and German Engineering. Sounds like the recipe for a tranny that goes 5,000 to 10,000 miles before R&R.
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    Your top five favorite engines!

    "Including: Rods too short for the stroke giving a sub-optimal rod angle. Rod and main bearings a little on the small side for the power. I surely agree. You can also add poor pistion/rings too on some of them too. I'm sure a few people will not like this: The above is part of the reason why...
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    Your top five favorite engines!

    Mopar 318 Poly Head Ford 4.6 The Last 5.0 Fords (pre coyote) slant 6
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    Metrodome Roof Collapsing Video... in Progress...

    I gave my snow blower a good work out this weekend. made a big trench in 3 feet deep snow on my lawn to the north west side of the driveway, as a drift stopped. the niegbhors have a snow pile about 7 feet high on the edge of there drive way on both sides. Not me I moved the snow way back. LOL...
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    Pics of some innovative Russian snowmobiles

    pretty cool, no regard to safety I notice open pulleys, chains, props, no guards
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    Old vintage road test on You Tube

    <a href="" target="_blank">Bullitt Car chase scene charger vs mustang</a> <a href="" target="_blank">Kowalski</a>